Focusrite iTrack Studio Lightning-Compatible Recording Pack

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  • Free BIAS Amp 2 LE plug-in with 15 GBP discount off PRO version
  • Record on Lightning-compatible iPad Or Mac Or PC with The iTrack Solo
  • Scarlett Plug-in Suite and Ableton Live Lite Available Upon Registration
  • Simply Plug Your Microphone And Instrument In To Start Recording
  • Play Your Music Back Through Your Standard Home Speakers

Focusrite iTrack Studio Lightning-Compatible Recording Pack


The Focusrite iTrack Studio gives you everything you need and is the best solution to record music on your Lightening-compatible Ipad, Mac or PC. At the heart of this studio package is the Focusrite iTrack Solo 2-in, 2-out audio interface with a Focusrite mic preamp developed with over 25 years of experience and is trusted by audio professionals all over the world. Included in this package is a high-quality studio condenser microphone, monitor headphones and all the cables you need.

Special Offer - Focusrite's Plug-In Collective brings monthly plug-in deals to all registered customers of any Focusrite product.

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Special Offer - Plugin Collective

Starting from September 2016, Focusrite are giving customers a chance to obtain a FREE or heavily discounted plug-in every month. The plug-in on offer will change every month. To claim your plug-in, simply register your product with Focusrite and the plug-in will then be automatically delivered to your registered account. For more information please check the promotional offer page.

Studio Quality Condenser Microphone and Cable

The CM25 condenser microphone has been specially designed to catch the life and soul of both your vocals and acoustic instruments. Clean, smooth and sensitive, it captures every nuance. If you can hear it, you can record it. Included is a high-quality, 3m long low-noise microphone cable to connect the CM25s to the iTrack Solo.

Focusrite microphone preamps capture exceptional sound quality in recording studios around the world. It has never been easier to simply plug in your electric, electro acoustic or bass guitar and microphone and start recording your music in pristine quality.

Studio Monitoring Headphones

The HP60 studio monitoring headphones give you a clear, accurate impression of exactly how your music sounds, allowing you to get the music exactly how you want it to sound. They're designed with comfort in mind, making them great for those intensely creative sessions that last into the small hours.

Record On iPad, Mac and PC

You can now use your favourite software and apps to record songs, including GarageBand. The iTrack Solo interface now works with lightning-compatible iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad (4th Generation) and iPad Air.

The iTrack Solo Interface is powered by USB. During iPad operation, the supplied USB A-B cable must be used to connect the iTrack Solo to a USB power supply, such as the one included with iPad.

Compact and Tough

The solid aluminium case provides road-worthy protection for even the most adventurous musician.

Always Record At The Right Volume

Two lights surround the input level knobs, to let you know when you're recording at the correct level. The Halo signal indicators let you know when you have a good volume for recording meaning there's no guess work and the quality of your track isn't compromised. If the Halo turns red, the signal is clipping and the gain should be reduced. The Halo momentarily turns amber as the signal corrects itself, and then back to green letting you know everything is perfect again.

Connect Your Own Speakers

Your speakers connect directly to the outputs on the back panel, meaning you can listen to your music through your standard home speakers.

Mic Pre Masters

Focusrite are world renowned for the premium design and build quality of their microphone preamps, offering professional results for home and commercial recording. The Mic Pre Masters website provides video demonstrations and interactive audio stems which allow you to hear isolated tracks from recordings done exclusively through Focusrite preamps. The interactive demonstrations allow you to hear exactly how each preamp from the Focusrite range treats individual instrument elements to ensure you purchase the perfect interface for your desired application.

Mic Pre Masters Stems:


  • Front Panel Headphone Output
  • Switchable Phantom Power For Condenser Microphones
  • Up To 96KHz Operation At 24 Bit When Used With PC or Mac
  • Large Speaker / Headphone Level Dial and ''Direct Monitor'' Function
  • Ableton Live Lite Recording Software For Use With iTrack Solo and PC or Mac
  • Scarlett Plug-in Suite: Make Your Song Sound The Best With Professional Plug-ins For PC and Mac

What Is In The Box

  • iTrack Solo Interface
  • USB A-B Cable
  • Device Link To Lightening Cable - To Connect iTrack Solo To iPad
  • CM25 Condenser Microphone
  • HP60S Headphones
  • 3 Metre Microphone Cable

Updated Compatibility

iPad® - Lightning Compatible

  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini With Retina Display
  • iPad With Retina Display
  • iPad (4th Generation)
  • iPad Air
  • iOS 6.0 and Above


  • OS X v10.7.3 and Up Including v10.8 - Mountain Lion
  • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Port


  • Windows 7
  • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Port

Software Available Upon Registration:

  • Scarlett Plug-in Suite
  • Ableton Live Lite


  • 13.5cm x 46.5cm x 24.5cm (H x W x D)