Behringer X-MADI Expansion Card for X32

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  • Behringer X-MADI Expansion Card
  • Flexible and Expandable Connectivity
  • Select 32 of the Possible 64 MADI Channels
  • BNC and Fibre Optic Connectivity
  • Professional Recording and Broadcast Applications

Behringer X-MADI Expansion Card for X32


The Behringer X-MADI Expansion Card fits into the X32's expansion slot and provides flexible and expandable connectivity for many different applications. With the X-MADI inserted into the X32, you will be ready to integrate with MADI networks, with 32-channels of bidirectional audio.

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Total Control

With the X-MADI, your X32 console will let you select a block of 32 out of the possible 64 MADI channels available. Both of the 56-channel and 63-channel MADI streams are supported for maximum compatibility. Additionally, the BNC and fibre optic connectivity can also be used simultaneously to create a reliable network with fibre optic installations.


  • 32-channel, bi-directional audio interface via MADI (AES10)
  • Optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) to connect with fibre optic MADI devices
  • Multimode fibre optic cable length of up to 2 km supported
  • Dual BNC terminals for transmission via standard 75-Ohm coaxial cable of up to 100 m length
  • BNC connectivity can be used as a redundancy network with fibre optic installations
  • Console allows selecting a block of 32 out of up to 64 MADI channels
  • Both MADI formats 56-channel (AES10-1991) and 64-channel (AES10-2003) supported


  • Channels Of Input/Output To X32, max.: 32/32
  • Channels Of Input/Output To MADI (AES10-2003): 64/64
  • Sample Rates: 44.1kHZ/48kHz
  • Sample Word Length: 24-bit
  • Clock Synchronisation Selectable: Internal/local or BNC clock input or fibre optic input
  • Round-Trip Latency: < 150 µs