Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer/Recorder for iPad

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  • Multi Channel iPad Mixer and Audio Interface
  • Transforms Your iPad into a Portable Studio
  • Four Combo XLR-1/4'' Input Channels
  • Built-In Phantom Power
  • Works with Virtually Any Core Audio App

Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer/Recorder for iPad

The Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer/Recorder is a highly versatile mixer and recording device that gives you the ability turn your iPad into a portable studio. The Alesis iO Mix allows you to record up to four channels at once, individually or as a stereo mix. The 4 mixer channels include pan and level controls, as well as High and Low EQ. The multi-touch colour iPad display provides extensive control, with a range of 4 XLR and 1/4'' combo inputs with individual low-cut filters and gain controls. The Alesis iO Mix also includes built-in Phantom Power for recording with condenser microphones, ideal for capturing vocals. The compact and highly portable design makes it ideal for musicians on the move.

Please Note: This product is not compatible iOS 10 devices.

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With the iO Mix's four-channel capability, you finally have everything you need for mixing and recording on your iPad, all in one device. Your iPad is seamlessly integrated into a compact mixing console that will be immediately familiar and easy to use. When you close iO Mix's hinged door, your iPad is completely enclosed and secure - you'll hardly be able to tell that they're separate devices.

Versatile Connectivity

The iO Mix allows you to connect virtually any piece of recording gear to your iPad including microphones, instruments, speakers, headphones and more. Four combo XLR-1/4" input channels are exactly where you need them on the rear of the unit. Each has trim, channel gain, pan, and low & high EQ controls located right in front of you. Push-button High Pass Filters are also available on each channel to eliminate low-frequency interference in live mixing and recording situations.

Compact, Portable Studio

With its compact design, the iO Mix is the perfect portable studio that can easily fit into your bag. Switchable 48V phantom power allows you to use studio condenser microphones, while the iO Mix's guitar-direct switch makes guitar recording easy. When it comes to recording instruments, simply connect your guitar or bass, flip the switch and use your iPad to add effects like reverb and delay. Balanced, stereo 1/4" outputs and 1/4" headphone output are also onboard, along with a switchable limiter for clip-free recordings.

Wireless Whenever

The iO Mix is Core Audio-compliant, allowing you to use it with virtually any app in the App Store. Plus, your iPad's WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and 3G connectivity, allow you to tailor your sound at a moment's notice or playback audio through compatible wireless speakers. Download new effects or filters to deal with unexpected live sound needs, or download songs, videos or entirely new applications to keep your audience entertained during a gig or the band's creative energy flowing during a recording session.


  • The world's first mixer/multi-channel interface for iPad
  • Mix and record up to four channels, or a stereo mix into your iPad
  • Works with mics, instruments, speakers and headphones
  • Four combo XLR-1/4" input channels, each with trim, channel gain, pan, and low & high EQ
  • Switchable 48V phantom power for use with studio condenser microphones
  • Guitar-direct (DI) switch for guitar recording without an amp
  • Balanced stereo 1/4" outputs and 1/4" headphone output with separate volume controls
  • Direct Monitor switch for latency-free input monitoring while recording
  • Switchable limiter for clip-free recordings
  • Hinged door completely encloses and secures your iPad
  • Core Audio-compliant: works with virtually any app in the App Store
  • Mountable to a mic stand using the Alesis Module Mount (sold separately)
  • Complete routing and signal-management controls
  • Power supply also charges your iPad



  • XLR-1/4'' Combo jacks (x4)
  • Gain knobs (x4)
  • 75 Hz Low-Cut Filter (x4)
  • Phantom Power switch (x2 - Channels 1-2; Channels 3-4)
  • Guitar Direct level switch (x1 - Channel 1)
  • Power Supply Input


  • Main (Left, Right): 1/4'' TRS balanced
  • Headphone: 1/4" TRS stereo


  • iO Mix
  • Power supply
  • Apple 30-pin dock connector
  • Apple Lightning dock connector
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

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