Samson LIVE! 612M Active 2-Way Monitor

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  • Samson LIVE! 612M - ACTIVE 2-WAY MONITOR
  • 300 Watts RMS of Power
  • 12 Inch Low/Mid Frequency Driver
  • 1 Inch High Frequency Compression Driver Horn
  • All Plywood Construction

Samson LIVE! 612M Active 2-Way Monitor


The Samson LIVE! 612M is a full range active PA floor monitor featuring 1 x 12" low/mid frequency driver and a 1" titanium compression driver high frequency horn offering 300 Watts RMS of power - all built into a gig hardy fully plywood cabinet.

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If looking for a great sound, road ready PA floor monitor suitable for portable or club installation applications, the Samson Live! 612M offers great sound and professional looks. An all-plywood construction ensures maximum durability, whilst custom designed high power-handling speaker components and an advanced amplifier design delivers an impressive sonic performance. Separate speaker processing for both highs and lows combined with dedicated EQ sections allows the 612M to deliver audio with total efficiency and clarity. The Live! 612M delivers 250 watts to the 12-inch low frequency driver and 50 watts to the high frequency compression driver for articulate sound reproduction and excellent room coverage.

Ideal for house of worship, club installation or live music applications, the Live! 612M from Samson offers serious audio quality alongside volume and reliability.


  • Two-way bi-amped active stage monitor
  • 300 watts RMS total power (LF 250 watts + HF 50 watts)
  • Custom designed, heavy-duty, 12-inch low frequency driver with 3-inch voice coil
  • 34 mm titanium compression driver with 1-inch exit
  • Dual limiter speaker processing
  • All plywood construction
  • XLR input with two-band EQ and level control
  • XLR extension jack with Mix/Thru switch
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