Behringer PMP550M Eurocom Mixer Amplifier

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  • Compact 500-Watt Mixer With 5 Channels
  • Revolutionary Class-D Amplifier Provides Superb Sonic Performance
  • Feedback Detection System Makes Feedback Removal Easy
  • Musical 2-Band EQ Available On All Channels
  • KLARK TEKNIK FX Processor Offers 25 Presets With Varying Effects

Behringer PMP550M Eurocom Mixer Amplifier

The Behringer PMP550M Eurocom Mixer Amplifier is an incredibly powerful mixer within lightweight housing. The powered mixer offers impressive 2 x 250-watts and class-D amplifier technology for an incredible sonic performance. The PMP550M features 5 separate channels, each with high-quality mic preamps and a 1/8-inch input for playing music from smart devices. With an integrated KLARK TEKNIK 24-bit processor, the mixer offers 25 presets including reverbs, delays and many more effects as well as a 7-band stereo graphic EQ.

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Revolutionary Class-D Amplifier

With class-D amplifier technology, the PMP550M delivers a pure, sonic performance all within lightweight housing. The innovative technology brings a brilliant amount of power to the mixer without sacrificing the easy-to-transport construction.

Smooth, Intuitive Performance

The PMP550M integrates legendary KLARK TEKNIK effects to provide users with 100 unrivaled presets including reverb, chorus, flange, delay and many more. Behringer have also developed a revolutionary feedback detection system so engineers can focus more on their sound. The detection system lights up an LED on the associated EQ fader, where users simply lower the fader to reduce the feedback levels.

Create an Affordable Wireless Microphone System

Another unique and innovative feature of the PMP550M is the wireless-ready design. This allows you to easily connect the mixer to Behringer's digital wireless microphones (not included). The USB connector on the front of the mixer is designed to accommodate the 2.4GHz wireless receiver dongle that comes supplied with Behringer's ULTRALINK wireless microphones.

Eliminate the need for excess cables. Simply purchase the ULM300USB or ULM202USB and create the perfect single or dual wireless handheld microphone system for an affordable price.


  • Compact housing
  • Revolutionary class-D amplifier technology
  • High quality KLARK TEKNIK FX processor
  • Revolutionary FBQ feedback detection system
  • 5-channel mixer section with 5 mic/line channels
  • 5 high-quality mic preamps with switchable pad and clip LEDs
  • Musical 2-band EQ on all channels
  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • 2 speaker outputs on 1/4'' jack connectors
  • Internal switch-mode power supply
  • Includes rack mount brackets


  • Microphone Inputs: XLR, Electronically Balanced
  • Mic EIN (20Hz - 20kHz)
    • @ 0Ω Source Resistance: 122 dB / -125 dB A-Weighted
    • @ 50Ω Source Resistance: 122 dB / -125 dB A-Weighted
    • @ 150Ω Source Resistance: 121 dB / -124 dB A-Weighted
    • Gain: +29 dB, +9 dB With Pad
    • Max Input Level: +12 dBu @ +10 dB Gain
    • Impedance: 2.0kΩ Balanced / 1.0kΩ Unbalanced
    • Phantom Power: +15V
  • Mono Line Inputs
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS Connector
    • Impedance: 20kΩ Balanced, 10kΩ Unbalanced
    • Max Input Level: +21 dBu
  • Equalizer
    • Low: 80Hz / ± 15 dB
    • High: 12kHz / ± 15 dB
  • Noise
    • Main Mix, Channel Fader: -106 dB / -110 dB A-Weighted
    • Main Mix @ 0 dB, Channel Fader: -87 dB / -90 dB A-Weighted
    • Main Mix @ 0 dB, Channel Fader @ 0 dB: -80 dB / -82 dB A-Weighted
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Max Output Power: 250W + 250W
  • Loudspeaker Output: 1/4'' TS Connector
  • Load Impedance: 4-8Ω
  • Converter: 24-Bit Sigma-Delta
  • Sampling Rate: 40kHz
  • Wireless System: USB Socket Accepts Signals From 2 Independent Behringer ULM Mics
  • Display: 2-Digit, 7-Segment LED
  • Power Supply: 100-120 V (UL, JP, CA), 220-240 V (EU, AU, UK, CN)
  • Power Consumption: 90W
  • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 117 mm
    • Width: 450 mm
    • Depth: 185 mm
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