Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer

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  • Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer With Dual BPM Counter & VCA Control
  • Smooth Ultraglide Faders Provide Precise Level Settings
  • Crossfader Ensures Smooth Audio & Reliable Performance
  • Manual Talkover Function Allows Vocals To Cut Through
  • 3-Band Kill EQ With 15dB Cut Or Boost Per Channel

Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer

The Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer is a 3-channel mixer engineered to deliver a smooth performance with optimal controls. An intuitive dual BPM counter helps users sync tracks together for a seamless transition between one track and the next. Ultraglide faders offer up to 500,000 cycles and provide precise level settings whilst the VCA-controlled crossfader ensures reliability. With a dedicated mic input and talkover function, the vocals within your sound are given priority as they rise above the volume of the music. A 3-band EQ lets users sculpt their sound with 15 dB of cut or boost at low, mid and high frequency centres.

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Smooth Control Settings

The Ultraglide channel faders on the DX626 mixer allow for incredibly precise level settings and are designed for heavy use (500,000 cycles) whilst a VCA crossfader ensures a reliable performance.

Focused Vocal Performance

The DX626 features a dedicated mic input and an integrated talkover function, allowing users to lower the volume of their music so vocals can take centre stage. Vocals are adjustable via the on-board 3-band EQ, giving 15 dB of boost or cut at low, mid and high frequencies.

Simple Track Syncing

With built-in dual auto BPM counters, syncing up tracks becomes incredibly easy. The counters provide a smooth track transition with a digital display showing channel tracking and the tempo of the music (beats per minute). Users can manually enter the tempo via the 'beat assist' button and receive a readout of the tempo difference between the tracks, and confirmation of when they are in sync.


  • Professional 3-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps
  • Intelligent, dual BPM counter
  • Super smooth, long-life Ultraglide faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
  • VCA-controlled crossfader for utmost reliability & smooth audio performance
  • 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) & gain control per channel
  • Manual talkover function
  • Microphone input with studio-grade ULN technology
  • Monitor function with master/PFL mix option
  • Precise peak-hold level metre with dedicated PFL bar graph
  • BNC gooseneck lamp socket
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors for highest signal integrity


  • Inputs
    • Mic: 40 dB Gain, Electronically Balanced Input
    • Phono 1, 2 and 3: 40 dB Gain @ 1kHz, Unbalanced Inputs
    • Line 1, 2 and 3: 0 dB Gain, Unbalanced Inputs
  • Outputs
    • Master: Max. +21 dBu @ +10 dB (Line In)
    • Booth: Max. +21 dBu @ +10 dB (Line In)
    • Tape: Type 0 dBu
    • Phones: Type 125 mΩ @ 1 Percent THD
  • Equaliser (+/- 8dB)
    • Stereo Low: +12 dB / -32 dB @ 50Hz
    • Stereo Mid: +12 dB / -32 dB @ 1.2kHz
    • Stereo High: +12 dB / -32 dB @ 10kHz
    • Mic Low: + 12 dB / -32 dB @ 50Hz
    • Mic Mid: +12 dB / -32 dB @ 1.2kHz
    • Mic High: + 12 dB / -32 dB @ 10kHz
  • Talkover Button (Mic): -16 dB
  • Lamp (BNC): 12 V/400 mA
  • General
    • Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N): > 87 dB
    • Crosstalk: > 70 dB (Line)
    • Distortion (THD): >0.05 Percent
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Gain Control Range: -16 dB- + 6 dB
  • Power Supply
    • USA/Canada: 120V, 60Hz
    • UK/Australia: 240V, 50Hz
    • Europe: 230V, 50Hz
    • General Export Model: 100-120V, 200-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: Max 15W
  • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 91 mm
    • Width: 254 mm
    • Depth: 305 mm
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