Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless 10-Channel Rackmount Mixer

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  • 10 Channel Mixer with Stereo Bluetooth Channel
  • Wirelessly Stream Audio via Bluetooth
  • 2 Band Shelving EQ on Every Channel
  • Front Panel Jacks for Ease of Access
  • Convenient 3U Rackmount Design

Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless 10-Channel Rackmount Mixer


The Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless is an extremely versatile 10-channel mixer housed in a convenient 3U rackmount chassis, perfect for smaller clubs and venues, houses of worship, and mobile/travelling systems. The MultiMix 10 features four mono channels and two stereo channel pairs, along with a wireless stereo input pair for streaming audio from any Bluetooth device, making it the ideal mixer for virtually any situation.

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The MultiMix 10 Wireless provides a wealth of inputs to accommodate nearly any audio input. Channels 1-4 are ideal for vocals or acoustically mic'ed instruments, direct boxes, and more. Each provides an XLR mic input with available phantom power; a balanced 1/4'' TRS line input, plus a TRS 1/4'' insert jack for incorporating additional effects or working with a second mixer. Channels 5-8 have been set as stereo pairs, offering 1/4'' left and right inputs. These channels are ideal for stereo sources such as a keyboard, electronic drum set, drum machine, external mixer, etc. Channels 7-8 also provide left and right RCA inputs.

Wireless Wonder

Stream a stereo audio signal from any Bluetooth device to Channels 9-10 of the MultiMix 10 Wireless. Single-button pairing keeps it simple. Now you can easily play music between sets, stream audio from a computer during a multimedia presentation, or even play a track from a patron's smartphone for satisfying that ''special request''. The articulating Bluetooth antenna delivers optimum reception.

Easy Access

An additional set of front panel jacks go above and beyond what most rack mixers offer to set your new MultiMix 10 Wireless mixer apart form the crowd in both convenience and functionality. No more snaking cables from front to back; no more reaching around and guessing; no more un-mounting the mixer to get at the jacks you need. To begin with, Channels 1 and 2 are equipped with XLR+1/4'' combo inputs that override the rear jacks. Simply plug in a mic for making house announcements, adding a new source, patching in a sampler, or whatever you need. The stereo 1/8'' external input allows instant access to the dedicated Bluetooth channel, providing a quick way to add in any stereo, handheld, or mobile device. Finally, the stereo 1/8'' front panel output provides the master output signal?taken before the master fader?to deliver an efficient way to capture and record a live mix.

Maximum Mixing

Using the MultiMix 10 Wireless is easy and intuitive. Each single and stereo-paired channel offers a trim knob, peak LED, and a smooth-travelling 60mm fader for attaining the best signal level. In addition, there is a two-band EQ and pan for shaping the sound and creating a great mix. There are two aux send knobs per channel for creating a separate monitor mix, using an external global effect, etc. Aux 1 is set to pre-fader and Aux 2 is post-fader for maximum versatility.

Dual multi-segment LED meters and a Master output fader allow you to easily monitor and control your levels. Left and right main outputs are equipped with balanced 1/4'' TRS jacks - ideal for extended cable runs. The left and right monitor outs provide unbalanced 1/4'' jacks. There is a separate headphone output on the front panel, with a dedicated volume control.



  • Channels 1-4 (mono):
    • Mic: XLR with switchable phantom power
    • Line: 1/4'' Mono
    • Insert: 1/4'' TRS
    • Front: XLR + 1/4'' combo jacks (Channels 1 + 2 only - overrides rear jacks)
  • Channels 5-6 (stereo pair)
    • Line: 1/4'' Left, Right
  • Channels 7-8 (stereo pair)
    • Line: 1/4'' Left, Right
    • RCA: Left, Right
  • Channels 9-10 (stereo pair)
    • Bluetooth: Stereo Streaming In
    • Ext: 1/8'' Stereo (front panel)
    • Aux Return: 1/4'' TRS Balanced Left, Right


  • Main: 1/4" TRS Balanced Left, Right
  • Monitor: 1/4" Left, Right
  • Aux Send 1: 1/4''
  • Aux Send 2: 1/4''
  • Headphones: Stereo 1/4''
  • Ext: 1/8" Stereo (front panel)


  • 3U rackmount chassis
  • Detachable power cable


  • Height: 5.25''
  • Depth: 6.25''
  • Width: 19''
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs (4 kg)


  • MultiMix 10 Wireless
  • Power Supply
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

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