Roland CB-BRB3 Case for Multiple Boutique Modules

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  • Carry Case for Multiple Roland Boutique Modules
  • Soft, Protective Interior
  • External Accessory Pocket with Zip
  • Simple Velcro Carry Handles
  • Essential for Touring DJs

Roland CB-BRB3 Case for Multiple Boutique Modules

The Roland CB-BRB3 Case for Multiple Boutique Modules uses a durable, protective construction to house Multiple Boutique Modules. The soft interior offers protection from bumps, scuffs, and scratches to keep your Boutique Modules in perfect condition for when you need them most. With Velcro handles and zips for convenience, the Boutique Module Case allows for easy transportation of up to 3 Roland Boutique Modules. A multi-purpose accessory pocket is also found on the front of the case to provide storage room for your essential DJ accessories, making the Roland CB-BRB3 Case perfect for travelling and touring DJs.

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Essential for Traveling DJs

The Roland CB-BRB3 Case for Multiple Boutique Modules is a durable case for up to 3 Roland Boutique Module, essential for traveling/ touring DJs and producers. The case features sturdy Velcro handles and provides quick and easy access to the main zips on the outside of the case. A convenient multi purpose accessory pouch is also located on the front of the case, allowing for storage of any cables, disks, or other accessories for your Roland Boutique Modules.

Maximum Protection

The CB-BRB3 Case also features a soft interior to provide sufficient protection to your Boutique Modules during transport and to ensure they are ready for action whenever you need them. Featuring orange accents and Roland branding, the Roland CB-BRB3 Case for a Single Boutique Module is a smart and effective way to transport your single Boutique Module. If you require a carry case solution for a single Roland Boutique Module, please see the Roland CB-BRB1 Case for Single Boutique Module.

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