Kawai MP7SE Stage Piano, Black

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  • Responsive Weighted Hammer Action
  • Full 88 Key Sampling Produces Dynamic Tones
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Virtual Technician App For Sound Adjustments
  • Includes F-10H Pedal Unit

Kawai MP7SE Stage Piano, Black


The Kawai MP7SE Stage Piano offers studio grade features in a performance-friendly instrument. The MP7SE features a class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard that allows you to perform with expression. The detailed tone is a result of the Harmonic Imaging XL's detailed, dynamic processing power. This model's control panel is neatly organised to maximise the ease of use when performing. The MP7SE's frame is made from heavy duty metal, whilst all controls are reinforced to ensure durability on the road. This piano includes an F-10H pedal unit.

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Virtual Technician

The Virtual Technician app featured with the Kawai MP7SE allows you to fine tune the sound and response to your exact preference. This app is available as a free download to your iOS or Android smart device. The Virtual Technician’s parameters include precise details such as damper noise and key-off effect, so that even the most discerning musician can achieve their tonal preference. The app is easy to navigate, whilst the wireless connection allows you to test each setting whilst being stood in different parts of the room. Virtual Technician allows the MP7SE to be tweaked to accommodate any style.

Harmonic Imaging XL

The Harmonic Imaging XL sound engine in the MP7SE produces a range of classic acoustic and electronic piano voices. This sound engine features samples of the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert and mid-sized SK-5 Studio grand pianos. The 40 voices include a diverse range of acoustic and electronic pianos, whilst the 256 note polyphony ensures that your decay is natural. The MP7SE also benefits from a number of amplifier simulators that add a natural resonance to your performance when playing directly through the PA system. The extensive number of effects include classic reverbs and choruses, as well as more adventurous styles.

Responsive Hammer III Keyboard

The MP7SE's Responsive Hammer III keyboard provides a fully weighted hammer action in a convenient, stage friendly size. The keys are linear weighted for a more familiar expression when performing jazz and blues. The Responsive Hammer III keyboard action also benefits from let-off simulation for a realistic response when playing. The IvoryTouch key tops absorb subtle surface moisture to assist playing control, while the natural matt finish ensures a smooth playability. The Responsive Hammer III technology is appropriate for advanced musicians not wanting to compromise their performance on stage.

Studio Playability on the Stage

The MP7SE combines a large range of functions with an easy to navigate control panel, making it suitable for the stage musician. The control interface features specific banks to quickly edit and enhance your sound. The digital screen acts as a central hub to navigate between each feature. The MP7SE’s pitch bend and modulation wheels are ideal for crafting spontaneous solos in a live performance. All buttons are backlit, whilst the neat arrangement keeps your layout organised. The MP7SE’s rear panel features all the ports needed for a modern studio or live setup.



  • Width: 1362mm
  • Depth: 339mm
  • Height: 172mm
  • Weight: 22.5KG


  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Material: Plastic
  • Key Tops: Ivory Touch
  • Action: Responsive Hammer III with Let Off Simulation
  • Weights: Counterweight


  • Sound Source: Harmonic Imaging XL
  • Piano Sampling: 88-Key
  • Maximum Polyphony: 256
  • Number of Voices
    • Piano: 32
    • E. Piano: 32
    • Drawbar: 32
    • Organ: 32
    • Strings/Vocal: 32
    • Brass/Wind: 32
    • Pad/Synth: 32
    • Bass/Guitar: 32


  • Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
  • Number of Effects: 129 Main, 22 Sub
  • Parameters Per Effect: Up to 10
  • Main Zone Modules: EFX1, EFX2
  • Sub Zone Modules: EFX
  • Amplifier Types: S. Case, M. Stack, J. Combo, F. Bass, L. Cabi
  • Parameters: Drive, Level, Amp EQ Lo, Amp EQ Mid, Amp EQ Hi, Mid Frequency, Mic Type, Mic Position, Ambience
  • Equaliser: 4-Band

Virtual Technician

  • Touch Curve Settings: Light+, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, Off
  • Touch Curve User Slots: 5
  • Piano Parameters: 11
  • E.Piano Parameters: 2
  • Drawbar Parameters: 2
  • Temperament: 7 Types
  • Tuning: 3 Types


  • Metronome: 10 Signatures, 100 Drum Patterns
  • Recorder Songs: 10
  • Recording Storage: 90,000 Note Capacity
  • File Playing: MP3/WAV
  • File Saving: MP3/WAV
  • Internal Memory Sound: 256 Memories
  • Setup: 256 Memories
  • Keyboard Modes: Full Keyboard, Upper Split, Lower Split, Zone
  • USB Load/Save: One Sound, One Setup, SMF, All Sound, All Setup, All Backup


  • Input: 1/4'’ Line In
  • Outputs: 1/4'’ Line Out, Headphones
  • MIDI: MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru
  • USB: USB to Host, USB to Device
  • Foot Control: Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
  • Power: AC In


  • LCD Display: 128 x 64 Pixels
  • Panel Controls: Pitch Bend, Modulation, SW1, SW2, Volume, Line In, Zone Mixer, Assignable Control Knobs A - D, MMC
  • Power Consumption: 20W
  • System Menu: 52 Parameters
  • Colour: Black
  • Included Accessories: F-10H Pedal Unit, Music Rest, Power Cable, Owner’s Manual

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