Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer Module

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  • Three Analog Oscillators with a Variety of Waveforms
  • Eurorack Compatible
  • Switchable Low/High-Pass Filters
  • LFO With Depth & Rate Control

Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer Module


The Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer is a powerful desktop analog synthesizer, providing you with a huge analog sound with endless synthesis possibilities. Three punchy, thick oscillators deliver the rich, warm, and deep sound through its various waveforms, complete with octave switches, and detune control, to add thickness to your sound. The Behringer D analog synth features selectable low/high pass filters with controllable envelopes for shaping and moulding your sound.

Create everything from fat pumping basslines, screaming leads, evolving pads/textures, and FX. The LFO is flexible, featuring controls for depth, and speed, and different routing options. MIDI IN/Thru allow you to integrate your MIDI keyboard, whilst the CV jacks, allow for semi-modular flexibility.

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Sound Designers Dream

The Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer brings the raw power to your studio productions, reincarnated from famous classic analog monosynth. The Behringer D comprises of 3 punchy oscillators, each coming with a range of waveforms for sound design including sawtooth, triangle, square, pulse and more. These are ideal for creating raw sounding, deep basslines, screaming leads, evolving textures, completely mangled FX, and everything in between. The oscillators come equipped with a detune control knob, for thickening up your sounds, as well as a wide switchable octave range. You also have 3 individual rotary knobs for controlling the volume levels, allowing you to precisely mix in each oscillator. Whether you're creating sound for music, film, or games, the Behringer D is ideal, and provides you with a wide sound palette. The Behringer Model D is a powerful desktop synth that offers endless synthesis possibilities. Create everything from modern-day electronic sounds, to old-school sci-fi film sounds.

Extensive Sound Design Controls

The Behringer D Analog Synthesizer provides the essential controls for shaping and moulding your sound. Included is a voltage controlled filter, which is selectable between low-pass and high-pass. The filter features controls for cutoff as well as resonance, providing you with a deep and smooth filter. The Filter can also be modulated, allowing you to change the timbre and tone of your sound to create evolving textures, and percussive style basses. Apart from the filter, the Behringer Model D offers glide, allowing you to add slide to between notes. The Behringer D also offers a range of modulation options, allowing you to choose between LFO 3 or noise as your modulation source. Adjust the depth and LFO rate to create evolving sounds and textures. You also have control over your attack, decay, and sustain, allowing you to control the dynamics to produce a range of different tones. Additionally, there is also white and pink noise sources available, allowing you to add high frequencies to sounds to create wind FX and more.

Design & Connectivity

The Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer features a desktop design that is eurorack sized. It features a compact design, that allows it to be easily portable. On the face panel, it rocks a smooth black coating, with chunky, stable rotary control knobs. The sides are made with smooth wooden cheeks that provide a sleek aesthetic. The eurorack-type design separates each part into sections like a eurorack system, providing clear defined sections for the oscillators, mixer, modifiers, controllers, and output. It provides you with MIDI IN/Thru ports that allow you to integrate your MIDI keyboards, sequencers, and more. The Behringer D offers generous CV connectivity, allowing for semi-modular flexibility, ideal for the modular eurorack user.


  • Desktop analog synthesizer
  • 3 oscillators with variety of waveforms, detune, octave switch, and detune control
  • Ideal for bass, leads, FX, pads, and more
  • Selectable low/high-pass filters with controllable resonance
  • Envelopes (attack, decay, sustain)
  • Noise generator selectable between white and pink noise
  • CV connectivity
  • USB & MIDI IN/THRU ports for connecting external MIDI gear
  • Glide (portamento)
  • External audio input
  • LFO with routing options, depth and rate control


  • Type: Analog
  • Polyphony: Mono
  • USB: Type B
  • CV Outputs: 3.5mm jacks
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