Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine

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  • Over 500 Drum and Percussion Sounds + 50 Bass Sounds
  • Tap Tempo Function for Instant and In-Time Beats
  • Built-in Effects Including Reverb, EQ and Compression
  • Two Footswitch Inputs for Improved Auxiliary Control
  • Create and Save Customised Patterns and Songs

Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine

The Alesis SR-18 drum machine is the ideal choice for songwriters, live performers and remix engineers, with advanced functionality and added bass sounds, the SR-18 is more versatile than it's popular predecessor the SR-16. The SR18 features over 500 realistic drum and percussion sounds that are available in both dry and sampled form with Alesis digital reverbs, the SR-18 also includes effects such as EQ and compression. Alesis aims and achieves realistic performances by exploiting the dynamic articulation feature that the SR-18 offers, this technology modifies sample sounds so they change as you play them to give a more dynamic and realistic sound and feel.

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Versatile Functionality and Realistic Patterns

The next-generation SR18 is loaded with cutting-edge drumsets, electronic drums, one-shot hits, and modern percussion sounds for any cutting-edge musician?s performances and compositions. The SR-18 features 100 preset patterns that were actually played in by top studio drummers, not just programmed and quantized. You'll find enough built-in rhythmic variations (with A, B and two Fill sections) for composing complete arrangements, and you can create and save your own customised patterns and songs. Plus, the SR-18 also provides complete MIDI implementation, a footswitch input, flexible programming and editing features and velocity-sensitive pad buttons. Any momentary non-latching footswitch, best known as a keyboard sustain pedal can be used with the SR18. Plug in the footswitch first and then power on your drum machine so that it is properly calibrated.

Users of the SR-18 can plug in an instrument, such as a guitar, and play along for setup simplicity. You can play in bass parts using the pads on SR18 or connect a MIDI keyboard for fast, musical low end.

A World Standard Drum Machine

The Alesis SR-18 is user friendly and easy to set up, the quick start guide included with the SR-18 (available as a PDF at the top of this page) provides all the information you need to get up and running within minutes. Whether you need a songwriting partner or an accompanist for live performance, the SR-18 is a world standard drum machine that will meet a variety of needs.


  • Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth
  • Over 500 drum and percussion sounds and 50 bass sounds
  • Built-in Alesis effects: reverbs, EQs, and compression
  • Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from the pads directly
  • Programmable Drum Roll function
  • 'Mute/Solo Function: mute drums, bass, and percussion
  • Flexible wall (adapter included) and battery powering (six AA, not included)
  • Backlit LCD
  • 100 preset patterns, 100 user locations
  • 12 velocity sensitive pads
  • Tap tempo for instant beats exactly as you want them


  • Audio Outputs: 4
  • Pads: 12 velocity sensitive (with Dynamic Articulation™)
  • Sample/DAC Bit Resolution: 16/18
  • Sounds: 50 drum, 50 bass
  • Polyphony: 24 voice
  • Kits: 100 user, 175 preset
  • Built-in Effects: Reverb, EQ, Compression
  • Footswitch Jacks/Functions: 2; start/stop, count/A/B/Fill
  • Other Features: Sound stacking, step editing, stereo samples with reverb and ambience
  • Power Supply: Included

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