Roland GR55S-BK Guitar and Bass Synthesizer (No Pickup)

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  • A Fusion of Guitar Synthesis and Powerful COSM Guitar Modelling
  • Over 900 of Roland's Fully Editable PCM Sounds
  • Offers a Range of Pianos, Organs, Strings and Synths
  • Brings a New Experience to Guitar Playing
  • Delivers a Range of Onboard Effects

Roland GR55S-BK Guitar and Bass Synthesizer (No Pickup)

The Roland GR55S Guitar and Bass Synthesizer offers the ability to turn your guitar into a working synth, allowing you to produce sounds ranging from pianos, orchestral, strings, and synths. Designed to revolutionise guitar synthesis, the Rolands GR55S features an array of guitar processors that provide extra dimensions to your guitar. With its fast response and accurate delivery thanks to the pitch detection technology, the synthesiser will enhance your playing experience to a whole new level.

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Please Note: This version does NOT come with the GK Pickup

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New Sound Possibilities

The GR-55's powerful triple-core engine comprises two PCM synthesizers (with over 900 tones powered by the latest Roland synthesis technology) and COSM guitar modelling, featuring a virtual treasure trove of guitar, bass, amp, and synth models. Together, these combined technologies allow you to create unique, revolutionary sounds. The "Metal Synth Lead" preset, for example, combines two types of thick, brilliant synth textures with an overdriven solid-body/humbucking tone for incredible punch and power.

Lightning-Fast Tracking

Thanks to Roland's decades of research and dedication to guitar synthesizers and powerful new pitch detection technology, the GR-55S is far and away the fastest guitar synth ever. Furthermore, the COSM guitar-modelling engine needs zero detection time, allowing the GR-55 to respond instantly and exactly as you play. The GR-55 detects pitch, velocity, and behaviour for unprecedented response to your performance.

Instant Gratification

Get ready to rock... and fast! The GR-55S puts you instantly in touch with a huge library of amazing sounds, no editing required. The on-board line-up of ready-to-use presets (270, plus 297 user) takes the pain out of the process, with simple category buttons for finding the perfect sound fast. Choose from hundreds of great presets for pop, rock, and beyond, and kick-start your song or jam with unique, powerful sounds that will turn heads and raise fists.

Easy to Use

If you're new to the world of technology, fear not. The GR-55S is powerful yet extremely friendly. For customising sounds, the EZ Edit feature (made famous in the GT-10) and large LCD takes the guesswork out of the process. And for those who want to go deep, the GR-55 offers huge array of controllable parameters. Pros will appreciate the power of the GR-55S while beginners will love how quick and easy the unit is to operate.

USB Connectivity

The GR-55S conveniently bridges the guitarist to the desktop music production world with its two USB ports. The rear-panel port can be used one for MIDI/Audio data communication; the side-panel port is dedicated to real-time playback of audio files from a USB memory device (sold separately). The GR-55S provides foot control of USB audio playback so your hands never need to leave the guitar.


  • A Revolutionary Fusion of Guitar Synthesis and Powerful COSM Guitar Modelling
  • Up to Four Sound Sources at a Time: Two PCM Synth Tones, Plus COSM Guitar Modelling and Normal Guitar Input
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Play with Hundreds of Great, Ready-to-Use Sounds for Rock or Pop Guitarists
  • Advanced Roland Technology Provides Superb Sound Quality and Lightning-Fast Processing
  • Over 900 of Roland's Latest Fully Editable PCM Sounds, Including Pianos, Organs, Strings, Vintage Synths, and Much More
  • Two Types of Multi-Effects Engines, Plus Global Reverb, Chorus, and Delay Effects, and an On-Board Looper
  • Built-in USB Audio Player with Foot Control


Sound Generator

  • PCM: 2 Tones
  • Modelling: 1 Tone


  • PCM: 910 Types
  • Modelling: 23 Types (Guitar Mode) - 17 Types (Bass Mode)


  • Multi-Effects: 20 Types
  • Preamp: 42 Types
  • Modulation: 14 Types
  • Delay: 7 Types
  • Reverb: 5 Types
  • Chorus: 4 Types
  • EQ: 1 Type

Patch Memory

  • Guitar Mode:
    • Preset: 270
    • User: 297
  • Bass Mode:
    • Preset: 90
    • User: 297

AD Conversion

  • GK Pickup: 24 Bit
  • Normal Pickup: 24-Bit + AF Method
  • DA Conversion: 24-Bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz

Nominal Output Level

  • Output Jacks: -10dBu
  • Guitar Out Jack: -10 dBu

Output Impedance

  • Output Jacks: 2 K Ohms
  • Guitar Out Jack: 2 K Ohms


  • USB Memory Audio Player: WAV, AIFF File Formats
  • Display: Graphic LCD 240 x 64 dots
  • Connectors:
    • GK In Connector (13 Pins DIN Type)
    • Guitar Out Jack (1/4-Inch Phone Type)
    • Output L/Mono, R Jacks (1/4-Inch Phone Type)
    • Phones Jack (Stereo 1/4-Inch Phone Type)
    • MIDI Connectors (In, Out) (5-Pin DIN Type)
    • USB Computer Connector (Supports Hi-Speed USB, USB MIDI and USB Audio)
    • USB Memory Connector (supports Hi-Speed USB Flash Memory)
    • DC In jack
  • Power Supply: DC 9V
  • Current Draw: 700 mA
  • Included Accessories:
    • AC Adaptor
    • Owner's Manual


  • Width: 16" (405mm)
  • Depth: 9 5/8" (244mm)
  • Height: 3 1/8" 78mm
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