Godin xtSA, Dark Translucent Red

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  • Godin HSH Pickup Configuration For Versatile Tones
  • RMC Electronics With Roland GR Series & Axon Guitar Synths
  • Silver Leaf Maple Centre With Poplar Wings Offer Bright Sound
  • Topped With Flamed Maple Veneer For Stunning Aesthetics
  • Dark Translucent Red Finish Over Attractive Wood Grain

Godin xtSA, Dark Translucent Red

The Godin xtSA, Dark Translucent Red is a beautifully crafted guitar that provides players with three distinct voices. The Godin xtSA Guitar is loaded with versatile electronics, including a Godin HSH pickup configuration, a tremolo bridge with RMC transducers and a custom pre-amp with 3-band EQ, as well as direct access to Roland GR-Series guitar synths. The xtSA Guitar is crafted with an array of stunning tonewoods, with a Silver Leaf maple centre, poplar wings and a flamed maple veneer top. This combination of tonewoods offers bright, sparkling highs, with a balanced and responsive midrange, and excellent levels of sustain. The neck is also made from mahogany and is paired with a richlite fingerboard, which adds enhanced richness and warmth to the overall tone. The Godin xtSA Guitar features a Dark Translucent Red finish over the natural wood grain of the flamed maple, for a unique appearance.

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Loaded With Custom Godin Electronics

The xtSA guitar is equipped with an array of Custom Godin Electronics which offer excellent versatility to suit different styles. There is a Godin HSH pickup configuration consisting of a vintage-voiced GHN1 at the neck, a powerful and rocky GHB1 at the bridge and a balanced GS1 in the middle. There are also Volume and Tone controls on-board to shape the pickup's tone, as well as a MIDI volume, 5-way pickup switch and a 3-way mode switch to select the blend between magnetic and piezo. There are RMC Transducer saddles, which help with the acoustic voice's projection, as well as the on-board preamp which can be sculpted by using the 3-band EQ controls. Finally, with the Godin classic built-in 13 pin connector, players can have direct access to Roland GR Series synths and other 13-pin devices.

Combination of Beautiful Tonewoods

The Godin xtSA features an array of different tonewoods to create the perfect combination. The body's centre is made from Silver Leaf maple, which offers bright and tight tonal characteristics, alongside ringing projection. The body's wings are made from poplar for a well-balanced tone with a nice resonance; and the xtSA is topped with a flame maple veneer which enhances the overall tone with clean and punchy highs with good bite.

Mahogany Neck Paired With Richlite Fingerboard

The Godin xtSA Electric Guitar features a sturdy mahogany neck that yields rich and warm tones; whilst the Richlite fingerboard offers smooth and fluid playability. Richlite is a more sustainable material that was originally designed as an alternative to Ebony and Rosewood fingerboards. Constructed from recycled paper and phenolic resin, Richlite has quickly become popular with many guitar manufacturers as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fingerboard woods, due to its fantastic playability.


  • Silver Leaf maple centre delivers bright and tight sound
  • Poplar wings enhance tone with good levels of resonance
  • Topped with flame maple veneer adds to both tone and appearance
  • Mahogany neck offers rich and warm tonality
  • Richlite fingerboard provides smooth playability
  • Tremolo bridge allows for vigorous pitch bending
  • On-board preamp & RMC saddle transducers amplify acoustic sound
  • Godin HSH pickup configuration produce an array of versatile tones
  • Built-in 13-pin connector offers direct access to range of Roland GR Series Guitar synths
  • 3 different outputs including Electric, Acoustic/Mix and a 13-pin connector
  • Dark Translucent Red High Gloss finish over the unique wood grain of the flame maple


Body & Bridge

  • Body Centre Material: Silver Leaf Maple
  • Sides Material: Poplar
  • Top Material: Flame Maple Veneer
  • Finish: Dark Translucent Red
  • Bridge: Tremolo W/RMC Transducers

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Richlite
  • Scale Length: 25.5"

Hardware & Electronics

  • Bridge Pickup: Godin Humbucker
  • >Middle Pickup: Godin Single Coil
  • >Neck Pickup: Godin Humbucker
  • >Pickup Switching: 5-Way Switch
  • Electronics: Custom RMC With 13-Pin Connector/Roland GR Series & Axon AX100 Guitar Synths