Fishman Prefix Plus-T Onboard Preamp, With Narrow Pickup

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  • Fishman Prefix Plus-T Onboard Preamp
  • Narrow Pickup 3/32" (2.3mm) Width
  • Digital Chromatic Tuner
  • Feedback Fighting Notch & Phase Switch
  • Brilliance Slider

Fishman Prefix Plus-T Onboard Preamp, With Narrow Pickup


The Prefix Plus-T has ultra quiet electronics and Volume with Bass and Treble semi parametric Contour controls. This is the narrow pickup version of the Prefix Plus-T and also includes a handy digital chromatic tuner.

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The Prefix Plus-T Preamp has all the key controls within easy reach. Boost the Bass to add depth and weight to your guitar sound or use the Middle knob to create a smooth scooped out or bite to the sound. Boost the treble to cut through the mix or cut it to mellow and subdue the sound. The Brilliance slider can add shimmer and sparkle to your sound or reduce finger noise and fret buzz. The Notch filter can also remove low-end feedback.

The handy chromatic tuner accommodates all standard and alternate tunings and mutes the output when engaged, perfect for mid-gig tune ups! It can also be activated without an instrument cable connected.

For more information on the Fishman Prefix Plus-T Onboard Preamp please download the user guide below.

To read more on the installation of the Fishman Prefix Plus-T Onboard Preamp take a look at the installation guide and template below.


  • Fishman quality, reliability and performance
  • Volume control as well as bass, treble, brilliance control, and a wide-range semi-parametric EQ to isolate certain frequencies and boost or cut them as needed
  • Feedback-fighting notch filter and phase switch
  • Onboard chromatic tuner can be used without plugging in the guitar
  • Brilliance slider
  • Low battery indicator
  • Unique pivot design for instant 9-Volt battery access
  • System includes an Acoustic Matrix Undersaddle Pickup and Switchjack Stereo Endpin Jack
  • Pickup available in wide, narrow or split formats
  • Professional installation is recommended

  • Dimensions: 2.46" (62.5mm) W x 4.02" (102.25mm) H
  • Narrow Format: 3/32" (2.3mm) width
  • Battery: 9-Volt
  • Battery Life: 150 hours