Fishman Powerbridge VMV Guitar Pickup

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  • Gives Acoustic Tones To Electric Guitars
  • Piezo Replacement Bridge
  • Drop-In Pickup for Strat® with Six Screw Vintage Style Bridge

Fishman Powerbridge VMV Guitar Pickup


Used by Aerosmith and Peter Stroud, the Fishman VMW is a drop-in pickup for Strats® and is one of the world's finest acoustic pickups for your electric guitar.

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Used by many on Fender® Strat, Tele or Gibson® Les Paul® guitars this Powerbridge pickup enables you to add a range of interesting acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric sounds to your electric guitar.

The Fishman Powerchip is recommended, but not required, for all Powerbridge models and professional installation is also recommended if you are at all unsure.

To read more about the Fishman Powerbridge TSV Pickup and its installation please download the PDFs below.


  • The benefit of an acoustic pickup for electric guitar
  • Piezo replacement bridges offer the electric guitarist a palette of incredible acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric sounds
  • A Powerchip preamp is recommended, but not required
  • Professional installation recommended