Boss FS-5U Unlatched Footswitch

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  • Momentary Unlatched Footswitch For Variety of Uses
  • Polarity Switch Ensures Compatibility With Most Equipment
  • Activated When Long Pressure Is Applied
  • Can Be Used As Sustain Pedal For Most Keyboards
  • Trigger Various Functions On Effects Pedals

Boss FS-5U Unlatched Footswitch

The Boss FS-5U Unlatched Footswitch is a momentary unlatched footswitch that can be used in conjunction with a variety of equipment thanks to its polarity switch. Players can benefit from adding sustain, changing channels or engaging effects with this pedal. Its compact size means the F5-5U will easily fit on most pedal boards, and its affordable price makes it the perfect choice for any musician wanting a hands-free performance.

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A Versatile Pedal

The FS-5U engages a function while you hold down the switch, and is perfect for adding sustain, switching channels or simply changing effects. This versatile pedal can be used in conjunction with keyboards, guitars, basses and many more thanks to the polarity switch.


  • Momentary unlatched footswitch for a variety of different uses
  • Can be used as a sustain pedal for most keyboards
  • Can be used to trigger various functions on effects pedals
  • Compact design will fit most pedalboards
  • Activated when long pressure is applied
  • Polarity switch ensures compatibility with most equipment


  • Connectors: 1/4" phone type
  • Width: 96 mm
  • Depth: 90 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Weight: 240 g