Yamaha CS850 Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stand

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  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Double Braced Legs Offer Increased Durability
  • Height Adjustable from 73cm - 154cm
  • Unique Design Gives Optimum Securing of the Cymbal

Yamaha CS850 Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stand


Yamaha CS850 Cymbal Stand

Product Ref: 9831

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Full Description

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The new infinite adjustment cymbal tilter allows virtually any angle adjustment, placing your cymbals right where you want them. Plastic plugs in the vertical tubes prevent them from rattling, which can be picked up by microphones in the recording studio.

Small Wing Nut, Tilter Sleeve and Felt

A polycarbonate tilter sleeve covers just enough of the head bolt to provide optimum securing of the cymbal. Utilization of a wing nut lets you play the cymbal bell wtihout getting in the way of the stick.

Offset Tilter

The offset tilter folds parallel with the pipe when stored to prevent damage during transport.

Tight and Secure

Specially designed by Yamaha, the nylon bushing holds the pipe firmly in place even when lightly tightened. Since the wing bolt is tightened through a steel nut, the durability of the bolt is increased.


  • Double-braced, offset tilter.
  • Available Height Range: 73 154 cm
  • 3 Double Braced Legs