Tama SLP 14'' x 6.5'' Black Brass Snare Drum

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  • TAMA SLP Black Brass Shell Snare Drum, 14'' x 6.5''
  • Black Nickel Plating Finish with Black Nickel Hardware
  • Steel Mighty Hoop & Starclassic Lug
  • Fat, Powerful, Open Sound with Warm Resonance
  • Most Suited to Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Progressive

Tama SLP 14'' x 6.5'' Black Brass Snare Drum


TAMA created the Sound Lab Project Series so that every drummer can find a snare drum to match their sound perfectly. With the Black Brass Shell Snare Drum with Black Nickel finish as the keystone in your kit, you can call off the search.

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The Tama SLP Black Brass Snare Drum is a great example of what the SLP Series Snare Drum concept is all about. The combination of relatively thick 1.5mm brass shell, 42-strand Carbon Steel Snappy Snares and a 2.3mm flanged Steel Mighty Hoop results in a fat, open, powerful sound that exhibits a distinct and desirable buzz. The 1.5mm brass shell with flanged 2.3mm hoops is complemented by a black nickel finish with black nickel hardware, giving the TAMA SLP snare a striking look.

Press Reviews

"Distinctive, beautifully built set of snares covering just about every musical genre."

- MusicRadar.com

TAMA's SLP Series is the result of an extensive research and development process which led to a varied offering of SLP shell materials. Thickness and specific parts were experimented with to find each shell's sonic potential.

Tama Sound Lab Project Series

Tama's Sound Lab Project series is an extremely versatile series of snare drums, designed to include a snare for every drumming situation so that you can find the perfect drum for your specific needs. Tama spent years researching what it takes to make a great snare drum, testing out a range of different components to see just what can be achieved. The SLP series includes drums of a wide range of different materials and sizes, including 4 wood drums, and 4 metal drums, all offering unique features and sounds. Tama believe that the snare drum is the keystone of any drummer's sound, which is why the SLP series was designed to help drummers enhance their own sound.

About Tama

With up to 40 years within the drum industry, Tama has developed a unique brand that prioritises both great tonal quality and outstanding aesthetics. With an eclectic list of artists on their roster, Tama has consistently delivered high-quality percussion to a multitude of musicians over the years. This extensive list includes the likes of Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka, Anthrax's Charlie Benante, ZZ Top's Frank Beard and Kendrick Lamar's Rico Nichols. Tama drums accentuate each individual's specific nuanced style of playing and give the player unparalleled tone and versatility.


  • Shell: 1.5mm, Brass Shell
  • Size: 6.5" x 14"
  • Finish: Black Nickel Plating with Black Nickel Hardware
  • Hoop: Steel Mighty Hoop
  • Lug: Starclassic Lug
  • Snares: 42 strand Carbon Steel Snappy snares