NAMM 2024: The Yamaha PSR E283 Keyboard is Here


The new Yamaha PSR E283 Portable Keyboard, announced at NAMM 2024, replaces the E273, bringing beginners a more fun and creative experience at the keys.

It has a greater number of voices to explore as well as a wider variety of songs to help with practice. However, many features are the same as its predecessor, keeping the original entry-level features that gave the keyboard its charm.

An overview of the Yamaha PSR E283

Yamaha PSR E283 Portable Keyboard, BlackStill with 61 keys and the same dimensions (940 mm (W) x 317 mm (D) x 104 mm (H)) as the E273, the E283 looks like a fun beginner-friendly keyboard.

It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in an entry-level instrument: an easy user interface, battery power for portability, and Duo Mode for duets or mirroring your teacher’s playing in the same range.

There’s also the Smart Chord function, something we’ve seen on the E283. This allows you to play chords with just one finger – giving you a full, textured sound even whilst you’re learning the basics.

This is further aided by the wide variety of styles available (there are 150 presets!) that automatically find the right musical accompaniment for your chord, including rhythm and bass.

The Lesson function is a big learning tool for beginners, offering a three-step process that guides you through those initial stages of your journey.

A few nifty upgrades take the newer keyboard one step further than the E273. On top of the broader array of styles, there are also 410 voices installed on the keyboard (nine more than the original model) and 122 preset songs (the E273 had 112).

Having such an extensive range of sounds, songs, and features in one affordable instrument is a winner for newcomers to the piano – it’s also great for teachers wanting to bring the instrument into the classroom!

What’s more, to make your learning process even easier and more enjoyable, the piano comes with three-month access to flowkey and two free online lessons with a Yamaha Music School teacher – a fantastic bonus for beginners!

Find out more

Released for NAMM 2024, the E283 is a great upgrade from the much-loved E283, and it’s still extremely accessible. If you’re a novice looking to learn the basics of piano, or you’re buying for a child or student, this is a great place to start.

Discover more about the keyboard via the link below.


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