Roland VR-3EX 4 Channel Video Switcher/Mixer

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  • 4-Channel SD Performance Audio Video Mixer
  • HDMI Inputs/Outputs
  • USB Streaming, HDCP Support
  • Built-In Touch Multi-Viewer
  • Compact, Portable Unit

Roland VR-3EX 4 Channel Video Switcher/Mixer

The Roland VR-3EX 4 Channel Video Switcher/Mixer is the next generation 4-channel SD performance audio video mixer, designed to be a live production switcher, allowing you to output up to 1080p HD video and audio quality. It has everything you need for a variety of applications from speeches, seminars, and symposiums to live events and performances, the VR3EX simplifies setup and production for every application that requires video and sound.

Product Ref: 60412

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Full Description

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All-In-One Solution

The Roland VR-3EX 4 Channel Video Switcher/Mixer is an all-in-one solution for any application, made possible by a wealth of features and a full range of practical digital-processing power. Connecting the VR-3EX to a computer via USB enables it to record video and audio using the dedicated Video Capture for VR recording software or QuickTime. The recorded files can then be edited and/or uploaded to the net. Live streaming software examples include USTREAM, Livestream, Stickam,,,, and other streaming services along with video conferencing type solutions such as Skype and gotomeeting. See the current VR-3EX Streaming Software Compatibility list for more information on streaming software compatibility.

Full Digital Processing for Audio and Video

The buttons and knobs let the operator easily accomplish all the common tasks while the touch-screen monitor displays more-advanced settings and adjustments in a visual layout that's clear and easy to understand. The VR-3EX is expressly designed for real-time operations. It makes video switching and audio mixing accessible by users with no specialized knowledge. Despite its compact size, the VR-3EX delivers full digital processing for video and audio, supporting on-site operations with clear picture and sound. It offers built-in digital effects for both video and audio, bringing new levels of audiovisual expression to any venue and streaming broadcast.


  • HDMI & Composite Inputs
  • Standard Definition 16:9 Mixing Engine
  • Scaled Output up to 1080p
  • Advanced 18 Channel Audio Mixer
  • USB 2.0 for 480i Streaming
  • 2.5" Multiview Touchscreen Monitor
  • Picture-in-Picture, Keyer and Video Effects

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