Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer With Gator Bag

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  • Synthesizer Complete With Carry Gig Bag
  • 88-Note Graded Hammer Keybed
  • Over 1,000 MOTIF Sounds and VCM Effects
  • Built-In Audio Interface
  • 16-Part Multi Timbral and 128-Note Polyphony

Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer With Gator Bag


The Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer With Gator Bag is the ideal bundle for the travelling live keyboard/synthesizer performer. The bundle provides you with the powerful 88-key digital synthesizer and carry gig bag, allowing you to easily carry and transport the synthesizer and its accessories. The Yamaha MX88 is an 88-key digital synthesizer featuring 128 note polyphony, and over 1000 voices in total. It is a complete solution for digital musicians, ideal for both studio and live performances. The synthesizer features a realistic piano touch for fluid playability. The 1000 voices use the same waveforms from the Motif XS, ensuring a diverse and high-quality soundbank. Additionally, the MX88 features USB and MIDI connectivity, and comes complete with Steinberg Cubase AI to get you started straight away.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer, Black

88-Key Graded Hammer Weighted Keyboard

The Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer is the latest flagship model from the Yamaha MX series, featuring an 88-note, weighted keybed for fluid playability. The Yamaha MX88 Synth’s 88-key Graded Hammer standard keyboard is ideal for the modern piano player, delivering a natural and fluid feel, similar to that of a Grand Piano. The result is precise basses with clear mids and natural highs, with the lower keys more weighted, responding with a natural feel. The polyphonic configuration boasts 128-note polyphony, ideal for creating complex movements and diverse chords. The 16 part multi-timbral capability opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to combine and blend up to 16 sounds.

Diverse Voice Collection

Featuring over 1,000 voices in total, the Yamaha MX88 delivers a versatile soundbank that traverses everything from pianos and strings, to modern, cutting-edge synth sounds. The sounds are lifted from the legendary Motif series, offering a multitude of customisation options and a diverse sound palette with premium-quality sounds. In addition to the built-in voices, the MX88 also gives you access to the FM Essential iOS application, adding an FM synthesis engine with 256 voices to your synthesizer. The VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) effects are designed to emulate vintage-sounding effects by reproducing the sound of high-end studio equipment, digitally. VCM is designed to close mimic the characteristics of original circuits and component parts to achieve a sound close to the original analog circuits.

Built-In Audio Interface

Building on the success of the MX series top model, the MX88 features a built-in audio interface that transmits a stereo channel via USB to your computer or iOS device. The integrated MIDI interface allows you to use the MX88 as a master keyboard for both synths and samplers, as well as being able to trigger its synthesis engine from external MIDI sources for added versatility. You can even control the parameters of recording software with its various knobs and controls. The core-compliant advanced USB audio/MIDI integration allows you to use the MX88 with your favourite digital audio workstations. You can also play back WAV, AIFF, and SMF files from USB memory. The 4 part real-time knob controller features assignable functions for use with software and more, giving you in-depth control over every aspect of your sounds.

In-Depth Controls

In addition to the built-in audio interface, the MX88 also boasts a range of in-depth controls that allows you to edit every aspect of a sound. The four knobs on the left side of the front-panel allows you to trigger and dial in effects such as Chorus and Reverb, as well as controlling Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Decay and more. The controls are also assignable, allowing you to custom map your controls to your own requirements. The ergonomic layout also includes easy-to-use transport controls, as well as Split and Layer buttons for creating complex combinations. The right side of the panel features quick-jump buttons for different sounds ranging from Pianos, Keyboards, Organs, Pads, Percussion and Sound FX.

Design & Connectivity

The lightweight and sleek design of the MX88 makes it ideal for both music productions in the studio, and live performances. With its ergonomic layout and in-depth controls, the MX88 Synthesizer is perfect for everyone, from the modern piano player to aspiring music producers and more. The rear of the synthesizer features connections for Sustain, Foot Controller, Aux In, L/R Mono and Headphones. Additionally, there is both MIDI I/O as well as USB connection for devices and as a host. The large scroll wheel on the front, allows you to easily navigate through your soundbank, with a clear LED screen that displays the number and sound content in use. Additionally, the MX88 comes complete with a free copy of Steinberg AI DAW Software and Cubase LE for iOS, allowing you get creating straight out of the box.

Gator GKB 88 Note Keyboard Gig Bag

Protection During Transport and Storage

The Gator GKB-88 Keyboard Case is designed to accommodate 88-key keyboards. Made from 600 Denier Nylon, the Gator GKB-88 offers more protection than a traditional gig bag, while the adjustable padded straps ensure your keyboard remains secure inside. The exterior storage pocket is ideal for pedals, cables and other accessories. Complete with plenty of padding and reinforced carry handles, the Gator GKB-88 case is perfect for transporting and storing your keyboard.


Yamaha MX88 Music Production Synthesizer, Black

  • 88-key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard
  • Weighs only 13.9 kg
  • Core-compliant advanced USB audio/MIDI integration in computer music production systems and direct connection to iOS devices
  • Unlocks full version of the "FM Essential" synth app (4-operator FM synthesis)
  • Over 1,000 Voices using Waveforms from the MOTIF XS
  • 128 note polyphony, 16 part multitimbral, VCM effects
  • 4 part real-time knob controller with assignable function
  • WAV, AIFF, SMF playback from USB memory
  • Bundled with Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software for PC/Mac and Cubasis LE for iOS

Gator GKB 88 Note Keyboard Gig Bag

  • Fits 88-note keyboards
  • Heavy-duty 600-Denier nylon construction
  • Adjustable padded secure straps to hold keyboard in place during transport
  • Large zippers
  • Reinforced comfort carry handles
  • Exterior accessory pocket
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