Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard With Yamaha Soft Case

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  • 136 Voices Including The S6 Grand Piano
  • Complete With Official Yamaha Soft Case
  • Virtual Circuitry Modeling Technology
  • 61 Semi-Weighted Keys
  • Performance Mode

Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard With Yamaha Soft Case


The Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard is packed with extensive features for the recording musician. The interface benefits from an LCD screen to navigate between all the features, as well as buttons to instantly recall your favourite settings. Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard design provides an authentic feel similar to an acoustic piano. The MOXF6 has connectivity to both audio and MIDI devices from one USB cable, allowing you to create and produce music without cluttered wires. The lightweight, portable design means the MOXF6 is easy to take on the road, whilst the 1GB flash memory means you can be equipped with a full host of features. Additionally, the Yamaha MOXF6 comes complete with the official Yamaha soft case, allowing you to transport your synth with ease.

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Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard

MOTIF XF Sound Engine

The MOXF6 has a rich collection of instrument voices including pianos, electric pianos, strings, wind and orchestral sounds, guitars, basses and drums. There are detailed digital recreations of two Yamaha grand pianos, the CFIIIS and S6, with an authentic sound that only an experienced acoustic piano manufacturer could achieve. There are a total of 741MB of waveforms and all-new content with 136 voices including the S6, and keyboard sounds such as clavinets and organs, plus a range of diverse sounds from orchestral to hip hop.

VCM Effects

Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors and phasers at the circuit level. This technology has enabled Yamaha to improve the quality of the instruments in the MOXF by modelling the sonic texture of vintage analog compressors, EQs and stomp boxes right down to their component transistors and resistors. The MOXF also puts the high-quality effects found in Yamaha's industry-standard digital recording consoles at your fingertips, as well as the award-winning REV-X reverb found in the SPX2000. It even comes equipped with vocoder effects, allowing you to connect a microphone to the MOXF's A/D input terminal and apply effects to your voice or create stunning harmonies.

Performance Mode

Performance mode allows you to combine multiple voices together and play them on one MIDI channel, letting you play dynamic layer sounds or solos with backing tracks. There's an interactive Arp engine, playing simple chords or even single notes, giving you complete musical performances to inspire you creatively.

Integrated Sequencer & Software Suite

The integrated sequencer allows you to create complex rhythms and sequences on the fly. The powerful sequencers offers real-time recording and step recording for optimal versatility. When recording in real-time, the performance data is captured as you play it, ideal for capturing inspiration as it strikes. Step recording allows you to record particular phrases or other difficult passages that may require practice. You can even record directly to a song or pattern by pressing the REC button.

Yamaha Soft Case For MOXF6

Durable Transport Case

The Yamaha Soft Case for MOXF6 is a high-quality transport case designed to accommodate the Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard. The MOXF6 Soft Case is constructed from hardwearing material ensuring your synthesizer stays protected from superficial damage while on the move. The custom designed case is lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the backpack style straps and additional carry handles. It also includes an accessory pocket for storing things such as cables, power supplies, sheet music and more.


Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard

  • 61-Note semi-weighted synthesizer keyboard
  • 136 voices including the S6 grand piano
  • Renowned MOTIF XF sound quality and Motif XF sound engine
  • Integrated high-quality VCM effects
  • Expandable flash memory
  • Performance mode allows you to combine multiple voices together
  • Built-in sequencer with real-time recording
  • Seamless integration with your computer
  • Complete with software suite including the MOXF editor
  • Robust and lightweight design

Yamaha Soft Case for MOXF6

  • Hardwearing softcase
  • Designed to accommodate the Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer keyboard
  • Protects your synth while on the move
  • Large pocket for storing accessories
  • Backpack style straps
  • Carry handles


Yamaha MOXF6 Synthesizer Keyboard

  • Width: 1,030 mm
  • Height: 125 mm
  • Depth: 358 mm
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Feel: Semi-Weighted
  • Action: Graded Hammer Standard
  • Tone Generator: Expanded AWM2
  • Controllers
    • Wheels: Pitch Bend, Modulation
    • Assignable Knobs: 8
    • Data Dial: 1
    • Assignable Function Buttons: 2
Sounds & Effects
  • Tone Generator: AWM2
  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 Parts
  • Wave: 741MB, 3,977 Waveforms
  • Voices
    • Preset Voices: 1152
    • Preset Drum Kits: 72
    • GM Voices: 128
    • GM Drum Kits: 1
    • User Voices: 384
    • User Drum Kits: 32
  • Effects
    • Reverb: 9 Types
    • Chorus: 22 Types
    • Vocoder: 1
    • Master EQ: 5 Bands
    • Insertion Effects: 54 Types x 8 Parts
  • Note Capacity: Approx. 226,000 Notes
  • Note Resolution: 480 Parts Per Quarter Note
  • Maximum Polyphony: 124 Notes
  • Tempo: 5 - 300 BPM
  • Song Recording Type: Real Time Replace, Real Time Overdub (Except Pattern Chain), Real Time Punch In/Out, Step (Except Pattern Chain)
  • Patterns: 64 Patterns (x 16 Sections)
  • Maximum Measures: 256
  • User Phrases: 256 Per Pattern
  • Preset Arpeggio: 7,981 Types
  • User Arpeggio: 256 Types
  • Scene Memory: 6 Per Song
  • Sequence Formats: Original Format, SMF Format 0, 1
  • Master User: 128
  • Song Tracks
    • Song: 16 Sequence Tracks with Loop, Tempo Track, Scene Track
    • Pattern: 16 Phrase Tracks
    • Pattern Chain: Pattern Track, Tempo Track, Scene Track
  • Songs
    • Songs: 64
    • Mixing Voices: 16 Voices Per Song/Pattern
    • Total Voices: 256
    • Mixing Templates: 32
  • Windows Sequence Software: Cubase 7 series, Sonar X2,
  • Mac Sequence Software: Cubase 7 series, Logic Pro 9, Digital Performer 7
  • Display: 240 x 64 Dot, Backlit LCD
  • Power Supply: 13W
  • Accessories: PA-150 AC Adaptor, USB Cable, Owner's Manual, Online Manual, CD x 1, Cubase AI download information.
  • Connectors
    • Output: Stereo L/Mono, R Jacks
    • AD Input: L, R Phone Jack
    • Phones: Stereo Phone Jack
    • Footswitch: Assignable, Sustain
    • MIDI: In, Out, Thru
    • USB: To Host, To Device

Yamaha Soft Case for MOXF6

  • Dimensions: 5"x 15" x 42.5"
  • Weight: 3 lbs
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