Yamaha MONTAGE 7 with Headphones and Stand

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  • Best Hardware Instrument at MusicTech Gear of the Year Awards
  • AKG K52 Closed Back Headphones & Double Braced Keyboard Stand
  • 76-Key Synth With 128-Note Polyphony
  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine (AWM2 and FM-X)
  • 7'' TFT Colour Touch Screen

Yamaha MONTAGE 7 with Headphones and Stand

The Yamaha MONTAGE 7 with Headphones and Stand is a special bundle featuring the Yamaha MONTAGE 7 Synthesizer with a pair of AKG K52 closed-back studio headphones and an X-Frame Double Braced Keyboard Stand. The Yamaha MONTAGE-7 Synthesizer is a 76 key synthesizer featuring a 7'' colour Wide-VGA touchscreen, 128-note polyphony, FM-X Tone generator and Motion Control Synthesis. Additionally the synth features a Performance Mode and Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) technology for added performance value. The MONTAGE series is a new collection of synthesizers by Yamaha, renowned for their beautiful style and unparalleled sound.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Yamaha MONTAGE 7 Synthesizer

7'' TFT Colour Touch Screen

One of the most unique features of the MONTAGE is the 7'' colour wide-VGA touchscreen that displays all the information about your voices, parameters and controls in a handy touchable screen. The touch screen feature makes it easier for you navigate between different settings and parameters, visually displaying all the controls so you can touch and affect them as you please.

Live Set And Performance Modes

Yamaha have incorporated two new modes into the MONTAGE synth for making live performance and organising sounds easier than ever before. The 'Live Set Organiser' gives you the ability to arrange your sounds and controls in a uniformed fashion so you can easily recall them later and in the order you set them in. This is ideal for live performances as it saves a lot of time switching between parameters, letting you streamline your performance and seamlessly switch between sounds and controls at the touch of a button.

The 'Performance Mode' gives you optimal control over your voices and sounds allowing you to combine, split or layer multiple voices to make a more complex and personalised sound. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to performances and arranging sounds as it gives you the option to sculpt your tones. You can also 'Split' sounds, so you can play one sound on the bottom half of the scale and another at the top half, allowing you to combine sounds to create a duet like effect.

Motion Control Synthesis Engine

The two sound engines incorporated into the MONTAGE are AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory) and FM-X. The AWM2 Engine was found previously in the Motif collection and is a powerful PCM based sound engine that features 128-note polyphony. This sound engine has been integrated to deliver the exceptional tones and sounds found as presets, along with generating and sculpting your own sounds. With the integrated flash memory of 1.7GB you can create, sculpt and combine your own tones and save them as presets to be instantly recalled at a later time.

The FM-X sound engine works in conjunction with the AWM2 to deliver the premium quality sounds and response that the MONTAGE delivers, these two engines can be freely zoned or layered across all parts in a Multi-Part Montage Performance. These powerful and expansive sound engines are what drive the Yamaha MONTAGE, delivering the rich and articulate sounds that it produces.

Envelope Follower

This brand new intuitive feature has been incorporated to deliver more expansive playing possibilities when it comes to audio. An envelope follower allows you to convert external audio into a module source, with a variety of DSP effects allowing you to mould your sound.

Introducing The MONTAGE

Welcome to the new era in synthesizers from the company that brought you the industry-changing DX and the infamous MOTIF. Building on the legacy of these iconic keyboard, the Yamaha MONTAGE sets the next milestone for synthesizers with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity.

AKG K52 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Professional Drivers

The K52 Closed Back Headphones feature 40mm drivers to produce a detailed output with extended frequency response to accurately reproduce every nuance of your music. The K52’s also feature a low-impedance design for compatibility with a broad range of playback devices such as professional studio gear and portable music players. Designed with both functionality and versatility in mind AKG’s engineers leveraged their extensive expertise to optimize every single component - delivering a great set of headphones without compromise.

Closed Back Headphone Design

Whether you’re practising or tracking, you need to focus and perform at your best. The K52 headphones’ closed-back design eliminates audio leakage and delivers sound to your ears only. This exceptional level of audio isolation is due to a new acoustic chamber, which sits between the ear cup and the hinge that connects to the headband. This innovative design gives you the freedom to move your head in any direction, without letting sound in or out. With the K52, you’ll enjoy a private workspace, no matter where you choose to create.

Robust and Durable Build Quality

AKG is known for making professional-grade gear that can stand the test of time, and the K52 headphones are no exception. AKG have put them through extreme testing and abuse to ensure they’ll handle anything you throw at them: The vigorous regimen of drop-tests simulates exaggerated falls. 80,000 cable bend cycles at both end points ensure the cable won’t break or underperform. And intensive driver testing - a prolonged series of 3W bursts each half second - means that the drivers won’t fail when you really need them.

Since ear pads are often the first components to show wear, AKG have designed the K52 headphones with replaceable pads to protect your investment over time. With exceptional performance and elegant design to match, the K52 are built for pros.

X-Frame Double Braced Keyboard Stand by Gear4music

This X-frame Keyboard Stand is fitted with rubber coverings on all contact points protecting your instrument from scratches and slips. The rectangle section steel braces and round tube section feet and support arms are all durable and strong for secure positioning. With double braced upright supports, this stand offers a more durable, more stable support than a single braced stand.


Yamaha MONTAGE 6 Synthesizer

  • AWM2 Engine with 128-note polyphony (Stereo)
  • FM-X Engine: 128-note polyphony, 8-Operators, 88-Algorithms, 7-Spectral Forms
  • Super Knob Control / Direct Control Assignment
  • Motion Sequences and Scenes
  • NEW Envelope Follower & Side Chain FX turn A/D input into control signal for live situations
  • Dual Insert FX on all 16 Parts
  • 7” TFT Colour Touch Screen
  • Live Set Organiser
  • Seamless Sound Switching (SSS)
  • Integrated Flash Memory: 1.75GB
  • Balanced Outputs

AKG K52 Closed Back Studio Headphones

  • Precisely balanced response provides reference monitor accuracy
  • Large 40mm drivers for wide 18 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
  • Self adjusting headband ensures perfect fit
  • Over ear design and lightweight construction for maximised comfort
  • Closed back design for sound isolation
  • Robust and sleek construction
  • Includes 1/4 Inch screw on adapter

X-Frame Double Braced Keyboard Stand by Gear4music

  • Double Braced for better support
  • Rubber coverings on all contact points
  • Height adjustable
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Black finish
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