Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer and SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer

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  • Endless Creative Possibilities, Perfect for Modern Musicians
  • Replicates Original MS-20 Engineering
  • Envelope Generators and Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • 8 Selectable Sequencer Modes
  • Selectable Sync In/Out and Gate Polarity

Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer and SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer


The Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer is a reincarnation of the legendary MS 20 Analog Synth which was used by artists such as The Prodigy, Daft Punk and Portishead. The Korg SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer is the perfect companion to the MS-20 Mini, providing a wealth of connections and a variety of modes for endless creative possibilities.

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View Full Description

When the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer appeared in 1978, it had a trusted partner in the SQ-10 step sequencer. Now, after thirty years, the MS-20 has been reborn as the MS-20 mini, and the SQ-10 has evolved into the more modern SQ-1.

SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer

Extensive Connections and Seamless Integration

Rather than the commonly used V/Oct standard, the CV design of the MS-20 always used the Hz/V standard that provides excellent pitch stability limiting the step sequencers that are able to correctly control the MS-20. As a descendant of the SQ-10, the SQ-1 supports the Hz/V standard, enabling it to perfectly control the MS-20 Mini. It goes without saying the V/Oct standard is also supported, and the voltage level of the CV output (V/Oct supported for 1V, 2V, and 5V; Hz/V supported for 8V) and polarity of the GATE output can be specified as appropriate for the device you've connected. This versatility will enable you to control a wide variety of other synthesizers as well as the MS-20 Mini.

As a connector, the SQ-1 provides two CV/GATE OUT channels, the standard MIDI OUT and USB MIDI, littleBits out (to connect to the littleBits synth kit by littleBits Electronics Inc.), plus the SYNC IN/OUT channel that allows you to connect to the volca series and monotribe. Compact and complete with all the functions you need, the SQ-1 is the ideal hardware sequencer.

Multiple Sequencer Modes

The SQ-1 provides two channels (A and B) of 8-step sequencer that can operate consecutively, or be used in a variety of other modes. For example, you can run A and B following each other to function as a 16-step sequencer, ignore the order and make the steps play randomly, or use A and B to control different parameters as they run in parallel. From simple sequences to complex changes, you can choose from a variety of modes to suit your needs.

MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer

Historically Accurate Analog Circuitry

Developed by a team that was led by the original engineers themselves, the MS-20 Mini features circuitary that is identical to the original Korg MS-20 in order to faithfully reproduce the original sound and characteristics of the MS-20.

External Signal Processors

The ESP allows you to use the pitch or volume of an external audio source to control the synthesizer. For example, you can input an electric guitar and use the MS-20 mini as a guitar synth, or input a mic and use it as a vocal synthesizer. The MS-20 mini truly carries on the experimental spirit of the original.

Extremely Flexible Patching

The patching system lets you create complex sounds by plugging in cables to change the connections between the various units, the only limit is your imagination. Different combinations of the modulation I/O and trigger, sample, hold and noise generator can produce an incredible variety of sounds. Thanks to the MS-20 flow chart, even a beginner can start to take advantage of the possibilities right away.


SQ-1 Sequencer

  • Sequencer Modes: 8 Selectable Modes
    • Alternate
    • Order
    • Parallel Turn
    • Parallel Order
    • CV/Duty
    • CV/Slide
    • CV/Duty Random
    • Random
  • Step Mode: 4 Selectable Modes
    • Gate On/Off
    • Active Step
    • Slide
    • Step Jump
  • Sequence Step Resolution:
    • Quarter Notes
    • Eighth Notes
    • Sixteenth Notes
  • CV Out Pitch:
    • Linear
    • Minor
    • Major
    • Chromatic
  • CV Out Voltage:
    • 1V
    • 2V
    • 5V (Oct)
    • 8V (Hz/V)
  • Gate Polarity: Positive Polarity/Negative Polarity
  • Sync In/Out Polarity: Rise/Fall
  • Connectors:
    • LittleBits Out Jack: Mini Monaural Phone Jack
    • MIDI Out: Mini Stereo Phone Jack
    • CV - A Out - Gate: Mini Monaural Phone Jack
    • CV - B Out - Gate: Mini Monaural Phone Jack
    • In - Sync - Out: Mini Monaural Phone Jack
    • USB: Type B, USB MIDI
  • Power Supply: Two AA Batteries or USB Power
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5 Hours (When Using Alkaline Batteries)
  • Dimensions: 193mm x 84mm x 63mm / 7.60'' x 3.31'' x 2.48'' (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 641g / 1.41lbs
  • Included Accessories: Two AA Batteries and Mini Plug DIN Cable

MS-20 Synthesizer

Control Section

  • 1. Keyboard: C - C: 37-Notes (3 octaves), Mini Keyboard Designed Specifically for the MS-20 Mini
  • 2. Voltage Controlled Oscillator 1 (VCO 1):
    • Scale (32', 16', 8', 4') (6 Octaves, +Cent, -Cent)
    • Wave Form (Triangle, Sawtooth, PW-Square, White Noise) (4 Modes)
    • Pulse width adjust 1:1 - 1:infinity
  • 3. Voltage Controlled Oscillator 2 (VCO 2):
    • Scale (16', 8', 4', 2') (6 octaves, +cent, -cent)
    • Wave form (Sawtooth, Square, Pulse, Ring modulator) (4 modes)
    • Pitch (± 1 octave)
  • 4. VCO Master control:
    • Master tune (± 100cent)
    • Portamento (max. 10sec)
    • FFrequency modulation intensity by MG/T.EXT (-5V - +5V)
    • Frequency modulation intensity by EG1/EXT (-5V - 0V)
  • 5. VCO Mixer:
    • VCO 1 Level
    • VCO 2 Level
  • 6. Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter (VCF HPF):
    • Cutoff frequency (50Hz - 15,000Hz)
    • Peak (flat - self OSC)
    • Cutoff frequency modulation intensity by MG/T.EXT (-5V - +5V)
    • Cutoff frequency modulation intensity by EG2/EXT (-5V - +5V)
  • 7. Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF LPF):
    • Cutoff frequency (50Hz - 15,000Hz)
    • Peak (flat - self OSC)
    • Cutoff frequency modulation intensity by MG/T.EXT (-5V - +5V)
    • Cutoff frequency modulation intensity by EG2/EXT (-5V - +5V)
  • 8. Envelope Generator 1:
    • Delay time (10sec)
    • Attack time (10sec)
    • Release time (10sec)
  • 9. Envelope Generator 2:
    • Hold time (20sec)
    • Attack time (10sec)
    • Decay time (10sec)
    • Sustain level (0V - 5V)
    • Release time (10sec)
  • 10. Modulation Generator (LFO):
    • Wave form (Positive Sawtooth - Triangle - Negative Sawtooth, Wide Pulse - Square - Narrow Pulse)
    • Frequency (0.1Hz 20Hz)
  • 11. Manual controller:
    • Cntrol wheel (center click)
    • Momentary switch -->GND
  • 12. Power switch and Volume:
    • Volume
  • 13. Indicator: LED (KBD trigger, Modulation Generator rate, Power ON)

External Signal Processor

  • 1. Control section:
    • Input signal level
    • Low cut frequency (50Hz - 2,500Hz)
    • High cut frequency (100Hz - 5,000Hz)
    • CV adjust
    • Threshold level
  • 2. Input and Output:
    • Signal In
    • Amplifier Out
    • Band pass filter Out
    • CV Out (0 - +8.4V)
    • ENV Out (0 - +5V)
    • Trig Out (+5V-->GND)
  • 3. Indicator (LED):
    • Peak indicator
    • Trigger indicator


  • Power Consumption: 9W
  • Power Supply: DC9V
  • Dimensions: 493mm x 257mm x 208mm / 19.41'' x 10.12'' x 8.19'' (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 4.8 kg / 10.58lbs
  • Accessories: AC adaptor (9V/1.7A), Patch Cord x 10

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