Korg KR mini Korg Rhythm Compact Drum Machine

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  • Simple, Compact Rhythm Machine
  • Chain Function to Arrange Patterns into Complete Songs
  • 16 Pads for Finger-Drumming or Recording
  • Built-In Speaker with 2W Output
  • AC Adaptor or 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries

Korg KR mini Korg Rhythm Compact Drum Machine


A great practice tool, the Korg KR mini is a simple, compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional battery power to allow you to play anywhere. It includes 60 diverse rhythm patterns which can be chained together into complete songs, or you can use the 16 velocity-sensitive pads to make up your own patterns.

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The KR mini eliminates all complex functions to make playing a rhythm pattern easy and intuitive, meaing it's perfect for casual jamming or practising new styles. The compact size makes it easy to transport to jam sessions and gigs, but there's no compromise on the great sound you expect from Korg products.

Easy-to-Play Rhythm Patterns

The 60 built-in rhythm patterns cover a variety of genres, including 8-beat, 16-beat, rock and pop, and are easy to select by simply turning a knob to the style you want and hitting a button to start a rhythm playing. There are eight song patterns with drum parts that are several measures in length, and you can use the Chain function to connect rhythm patterns and fill-ins into complete songs. Playback is through the built-in speaker, or through headphones or an external speaker, giving you ultimate flexibility in where and when you play.

Velocity-Sensitive Pads for Finger-Drumming

The KR mini has 16 pads that are assigned to play drum sounds including bass drum, hi-hat and cymbals. They are velocity-sensitive, so the force as you strike the pad is reflected in the sound for even more realism. The take-anywhere nature makes it perfect for any finger drummer, freeing you from the constraints of working with a PC-based system with samplers and MIDI controllers.


  • Easy and simple design
  • Chain function to arrange rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs
  • Optional foot switches to control fill-in/start/stop hands-free (compatible switches include PS1 and PS3)
  • 16 pads for finger-drumming or recording performances
  • Built-in speaker with 2W output
  • Headphone/speaker jack for quiet practice or external monitoring
  • AC adaptor (not included) or 3 x AA alkaline batteries

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