Roland Cube 60-XL Bass Amp

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  • Compact 60-watt bass amp with 10-inch speaker
  • Eight COSM amp models
  • Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE
  • Built-in chromatic bass tuner
  • Onboard Phrase Looper

Roland Cube 60-XL Bass Amp


The mid-size CUBE-60XL BASS provides 60 watts of power in a portable cabinet that's great for rehearsals and gigs alike. It has a Solo channel with memory, eight COSM amp models, 3-band EQ, on-board effects, and a world's first, built-in Looper for constructing stacks of sound in real-time.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Just as the CUBE guitar-amp family received an XL upgrade, now it's time for the CUBE BASS line to reach XL status. The new CUBE XL BASS amplifiers remain portable and travel friendly, a CUBE tradition, but they benefit from new-generation XL performance enhancements.

Click on the link below to view a detailed Brochure on the Roland CUBE-XL BASS.

These new amps deliver a knock-out punch with custom FFP and COSM technology. FFP is one of Roland's core technologies in which each component - amp, cabinet, and speaker - achieves maximum efficiency and performance for incredible power from a compact body.


  • Compact 60-watt bass amp with custom-designed 10-inch coaxial speaker
  • Dual custom-designed Air Flow Port for deep bass and punchy sound
  • Eight COSM amp models, including the new SUPER LOW amp
  • Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE
  • SOLO function with memory for use as a second channel
  • POWER SQUEEZER for big, rich sound at low volumes
  • Phrase Looper onboard for sound-on-sound recording with unlimited overdubs
  • Three-band EQ for fine-tuning your sound
  • Built-in chromatic bass tuner with drop tuning support

Further Specs:

  • Rated Power Output: 60W
  • Nominal Input Level:

                        - Bass Input: -10dBu / M ohm

                        - Aux In: -10 dBu

  • Speaker: 25cm (10") + Tweeter (Coaxial, 2-way)
  • Power Consumption: 25w
  • Included Accessory: Owner's Manual
  • Controls:

                        - POWER Switch, TUNER Switch, POWER SQUEEZER Switch

                        - COMP/DRIVE Knob (COMP, DRIVE)

                        - TYPE Switch (SUPER FLAT, FLIP TOP, B MAN, T.E, BASS360, SESSION, CONCERT 810, SUPER LOW)

                        - SHAPE Switch

                        - GAIN Knob

                        - VOLUME Knob

                        - ON/OFF, MEMORY Switch

                        - VOLUME Knob

                        - BASS Knob

                        - MIDDLE Knob

                        - TREBLE Knob

                        - EFX Knob (CHORUS, POLY OCTAVE)

                        - REVERB Knob (ROOM, PLATE)

                        - REC/PLAY/DUB Switch

                        - TAP/STOP Switch

                        - DELAY/LOOPER Knob (DELAY, LOOPER)

                        - [DI OUT] GND LIFT Switch (OFF, ON)

  • Indicators:

                        - POWER

                        - COMP/DRIVE

                        - TUNER

                        - SHAPE

                        - SOLO

                        - EFX

                        - DELAY/LOOPER

                        - REC/PLAY/DUB

                        - REVERB

                        - POWER SQUEEZER

  • Connectors:

                        - BASS INPUT Jack (1/4" phone type)

                        - AUX IN Jack (Stereo miniature phone type)

                        - LINE OUT Jack (1/4" phone type)

                        - DI OUT Jack (XLR type)

                        - RECORDING OUT/PHONES Jack (Stereo 1/4" phone type)

                        - FOOT SW Jack (TIP:SOLO, RING:COMP/DRIVE) (1/4" TRS phone type)

                        - FOOT SW Jack (TIP:EFX, RING:REVERB) (1/4" TRS phone type)

                        - FOOT SW Jack (TIP:DELAY/REC/PLAY/DUB, RING:TAP/STOP) (1/4" TRS phone type)

  • Dimensions:

                        - Width: 421mm (16-5/8")

                        - Depth: 325mm (12-13/16")

                        - Height: 479mm (18-7/8")

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