Martin 000-18, Natural

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  • Sitka Spruce Top Produces Bright Attack
  • Genuine Mahogany Back & Sides Provide Distinct Warmth
  • Distinctive Martin Vintage Inspired Design
  • Auditorium Body Shape Provides Comfortable Playing Experience
  • Scalloped Bracing Reinforces Guitar Body

Martin 000-18, Natural

The Martin 000-18 Auditorium Acoustic guitar is an example of spectacular craftsmanship from Martin's luthiers. The 000-18 features a stunning aging toned top in sitka spruce, blended with genuine mahogany back and sides for tones that shout bright singing highs and distinct warmth. The auditorium acoustic has a distinctive vintage-inspired design, with tortoise binding, and complemented by its polished finish. The specially designed Martin neck was created to ensure smooth and easy playability. The Martin 000-18 is perfect for any level of player, from intermediate to the advanced guitarist. The auditorium size provides a comfortable playing experience, and is perfect for those of you that want a big voice projection but with less to hold. If you're looking for great quality craftsmanship and signature Martin tone with auditorium comfort and tone, then the Martin 000-18 is the one for you.

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Martin's Mixture of Tonewoods

The Martin 000-18 is crafted from a range of carefully selected tonewoods including, a sitka spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. The spruce top will deliver a wide, very usable, dynamic tonal palette. The wood itself is quite elastic in nature, which resonates well whilst remaining strong, and provides a focused, clear sound of deep lows, warm midi-range, and bright singing highs. The spruce-top is balanced out well by the mahogany back and sides, producing a rich tone, with emphasised warmth in the mid and low ranges. Mahogany also contains distinct character of soft warmth, but is well balanced, with a bite of its own. Mahogany is used a lot in the acoustic world, because it is relatively economical, durable, attractive, easy to work with, and resonant.

Select Hardwood Neck

The select hardwood neck is topped with an ebony fingerboard that provides a bright attack, great sustain, and excellent durability. The select hardwood neck is sleek, modern, and high performance for enhanced playability. Martin have modified the way they craft their guitar necks, it has a low oval profile, with performing artist taper, and 16" string spacing for a easy playability. The Martin 000-18 neck is finished in satin for a comfortable play.

Auditorium Voicing

The Martin 000-18 features a curved auditorium body, which produces a big, crystal clear tone. The auditorium shape provides a comfortable playing experience due to its smaller waist. The shape has great tonal balance, which provides a great all-rounded tone perfectly suited for recording, writing, and performing purposes. The Martin auditorium body will project well-defined mid, low, and treble notes, perfectly suited to many playing techniques and genres.

Martin Standard X Bracing

The Martin 000-18 has an X bracing pattern which is scalloped, which prevents your guitar from collapsing under tension. Bracing is very important when it comes to your guitar's durability, it reinforces a guitar's top and back. Scalloped bracing stops your guitar from collapsing under string tension and shapes the guitar's sound. Standard X scalloped bracing allows the top to vibrate more freely yet remains incredibly stable.

Martin Pre-War Era Aesthetics

The Martin 000-18 is finished with distinctive vintage-inspired design. The 000-18 offers many features found in the pre-war era guitars to provide you with a vintage look and modernised tone and playability. The Martin Auditorium body is edged with tortoise binding, and is complemented by its tortoise pickguard and polished finish. Featuring an old style 18 multi-stripe rosette, and matching old style 18 fingerboard dot markers inlaid in abalone. Martin's design expertise provides you with a beautiful classic-vintage acoustic aesthetic.

Martin Guitar Playability - ENHANCED

For 183 years, Martin have been at the forefront of guitar innovation and premier craftsmanship, bringing consumers some of the best acoustic guitars possible. The iconic Martin tone has become an important characteristic that sets Martin guitars aside from others within the acoustic world. Martin's manufacturing processes have been perfected by their Plek machines, the Pleking process helps Martin guitars maintain their undeniable tone.

The Plek Pro has been developed for use in guitar production factories as a tool that not only does precise fingerboard dressing, but also helps with quality control. The computer controlled device scans and dresses the guitar under actual playing conditions, strung and tuned to pitch for using precise string tension emulation. This machine has been a major break through over the last decade, as its eye for detail identifies exactly what needs to be done for perfect fretwork. The Plek Pro delivers perfect results, raises the quality of the instrument, and gives you a beautifully toned, easy to play acoustic guitar.


  • Sitka spruce top provides bright attack
  • Mahogany produces distinct warmth
  • Tortoise pattern pick-guard provides pleasing vintage-inspired aesthetic
  • Nickel open gear tuners with butterbean knobs
  • Rosewood headstock features large old style Martin logo
  • Auditorium body provides comfortable playing experience
  • Special Martin select hardwood neck provides smooth playability

Body & Bridge

  • Model: 000-18
  • Body Shape: Auditorium
  • Top Material: Sitka Spruce
  • Top Design Feature: Old Style 18 Multi-Stripe
  • Brace Shape: X Brace Scalloped
  • Brace Material: Sitka Spruce
  • Back & Side Material: Genuine Mahogany
  • Binding: Tortoise
  • Nut Material: Bone
  • Top Back & Side Finish: Gloss
  • Top Colour: Aging Toner
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Pick Guard: Tortoise

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Select Hardwood
  • Construction: Dovetail Neck Joint
  • Neck Shape: Modified Low Oval
  • Fingerboard Material: Ebony
  • Neck Joins Body At: 14th Fret
  • Machine Heads: Nickel Open Gear
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Fingerboard Inlay Material: Abalone
  • Fingerboard Inlay Style: Old Style 18
  • Number of Frets: 20

Please note: Martin do not ship their guitars with the strap button installed on the bottom of the guitar. They do this to avoid any impact cracks that may occur during shipping. You can find your strap button inside the case compartment.