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How Much Does a Drum Set Cost? What to Expect in Each Price Range


If you’re considering getting into drumming, you’ve probably asked the question, How much does a drum set cost?”

The price of a drum set can vary based on factors such as shell quality, any included hardware, custom builds, craftsmanship, brand reputation, and the number of shells. Typically, beginner or intermediate drum sets range from £100 to £1500. In this article, we dive into the price ranges you can expect for all ability levels, as well as the various costs and key things to consider when purchasing a drum set.

In a hurry?

At a glance, here’s how much a drum set will typically cost for the type of kit you’re after.

KitPrice RangeOur Recommendation
Junior£70-£500Junior 3-Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music
Beginner £200-£1000BDK-22 Rock Drum Kit by Gear4music
Intermediate£300 - £1,200Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20'' 5pc Shell Pack
Professional£1,200+Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 22'' 4pc Shell Pack
Electronic£200+Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit

How much does a drum set cost?


Junior 3 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music, GreenWhen it comes to kids’ drum sets, there are various price options available to suit different budgets. Prices can range from £70 for basic sets to £500 or more for higher-quality options.

You should consider the brand, materials, and additional features when choosing the right one for you, and sometimes it’s a balancing act when you’re looking for a more budget-friendly kit! For some specific recommendations, we’ve listed our top recommendations in our article here.

Kids’ drum sets are designed to be small and comfortable for children to play. Essentially, they’re scaled-down versions of adult drum sets, with smaller drum shells and hardware. This allows young drummers to reach all the drums and cymbals with ease.

A typical kids’ drum set includes a bass drum, snare drum, tom-toms, hi-hat cymbals, a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal, drumsticks, and hardware like stands and pedals. Some sets may also include a drum throne (small stool).

We recommend: Junior 3 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music


  • Includes all components for a full drum sound
  • Scaled-down size to suit drummers aged 5-10 comfortably


  • Cymbals may need replacing with time and extensive use
  • Due to its smaller size, expansion and customisation is limited

The Junior 3 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music is a perfect choice for younger beginners aged 5-10 who want to explore the world of drumming. This kit includes a snare drum, bass drum, tom drum, and crash cymbal, providing a basic three-piece configuration for entry-level percussionists.


BDK-22 Expanded Rock Drum Kit by Gear4music, Silver SparkleThe price of beginner drum sets can vary based on different factors. On average, they typically range from £70 to £1000.

A good beginner drum set includes all the necessary components to start playing. It usually consists of a bass drum, snare drum, tom-toms, hi-hat cymbals, a ride cymbal, drumsticks, and hardware such as stands and pedals.

These sets are designed to provide beginners with everything they need to begin their drumming journey.

One important aspect to look for in a beginner set is how easy it is to tune and play. For example, you’ll want something with simple-to-use hardware and cymbals as these contribute to a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

As beginners progress and gain more experience, they have the option to upgrade their hardware and cymbals if desired.

We recommend: BDK-22 Rock Drum Kit by Gear4music


  • A comprehensive package, making it a perfect platform for learning drums
  • Offers a bright and articulate tone with increased lows


  • Only available in solid colours – this may not appeal to individuals who prefer a wider range of options
  • Some drummers may prefer larger bass drums for enhanced volume projection

The BDK-22 Rock Drum Kit by Gear4music is a comprehensive package for beginner rock drummers. The kit includes hardware, a cymbal, hi-hats, drumsticks, and a stool. Constructed from poplar wood, the BDK-22 offers a bright and articulate tone with increased lows, ideal for different genres, especially rock.


Yamaha Stage Custom BirchThe cost of intermediate drum kits ranges from £200 to £1,200, with some kits exceeding that. This price range offers a higher quality drum set compared to beginner kits, while still being affordable.

One of the factors that contribute to this higher price is the use of better quality wood. These drum sets are often constructed using high-grade materials such as maple, birch, or mahogany, which enhance the sound and durability of the drums.

The choice of wood can greatly impact the overall tone and resonance of the drums.

Intermediate drum kits are suitable for both live gigs and recording studios due to their superior construction and sound capabilities. They offer improved tonal range, sensitivity, and projection, which are highly desired by drummers who have advanced from the beginner stage.

We recommend: Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20″ 5pc Shell Pack


  • Known for its remarkable sturdiness, with class-leading shell hardware
  • Suitable for drummers of all levels, making it ideal for intermediate drummers


  • Shell pack only – additional hardware may need to be purchased separately
  • May be on the pricier side compared to other entry-level options

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20” 5pc Shell Pack is a versatile drum set suitable for drummers of all abilities. It includes a 20″ kick drum, 10″ and 12″ rack toms, a 14″ floor tom, and a matching 14″ snare drum. The shells are made from 100% birch wood, a traditional material used by Yamaha drums.


Tama StarclassicProfessional drum kits vary in price pretty extensively! You can expect to pay anywhere from £1,200 to £10,000 for a high-end professional kit, giving you plenty of scope to choose one that fits your requirements – whether that’s in the studio or on stage.

These kits are often crafted with high-quality woods such as maple or birch, with extra plies added to the snare drums and toms to offer superior resonance and a larger sound. The shells are meticulously constructed, ensuring a solid and consistent sound across all drum sizes.

Professional drum kits are also known for their versatility and durability. They’re built to withstand the demands of live performances and intensive use, making them well worth the investment.

Additionally, these kits often come with a wide range of customisation options, along with the use of exotic woods and finishes as well as expert quality sound control.

We recommend: Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 22″ 4pc Shell Pack


  • Made with a combination of walnut and birch, resulting in a durable construction
  • Produces a balanced and versatile sound suitable for various music genres


  • Priced at a higher range, which may not be affordable for all drummers
  • Walnut and birch blend make this drum set relatively heavier compared to other options

The Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 22” 4pc Shell Pack is a renowned drum set known for its exceptional sound quality and versatility. It features a 22-inch kick drum, 10 and 12-inch toms, and a 16-inch floor tom.

The shells are crafted with a blend of walnut and birch, resulting in a distinct combination of warmth, punchy attack, and excellent resonance. This construction provides a focused and balanced sound suitable for different musical genres.

Electronic Kits

Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum KitElectronic drum kits are available in a wide price range, catering to different abilities and budgets.

Beginners can find entry-level kits priced from £200 to £700, offering basic features suitable for novices. Intermediate kits, ranging from £700 to £1500, provide improved sound quality, realistic drum pads, and customisation options.

For experienced drummers or professionals, high-end kits start from £1500, offering enhanced sensitivity, advanced sound modules, and extensive customisation possibilities, some exceeding £5000.

To find out more about electronic kits, why not check out our best electronic kits article here?

We recommend: Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit


  • Compact and versatile with excellent portability
  • Realistic feel and response from the textured silicon pads


  • Single-zone tom pads only support one level of sensitivity
  • Complex-to-use sound module for beginners

The Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit is a compact and versatile drum kit designed for intermediate-level drummers. It features a single-zone configuration for the tom drums and three zones for the crash and ride cymbals, providing an expressive playing experience.

You might need some hardware

Finding reliable and affordable drum kit hardware is key. The price range for drum kit hardware can vary depending on the brand and quality, but generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from £200 to £800 for a decent set of hardware.

To create a solid foundation for your drum kit, you’ll need a few essential pieces. Firstly, a reliable and smooth kick pedal is crucial for delivering powerful bass drum hits. Look for one with a sturdy build to ensure it can withstand heavy use.

A strong hi-hat stand is also essential for controlling your cymbals. Opt for one that offers smooth and responsive control (often found in chain-driven hi-hat stands).

Cymbal stands are necessary to securely support your cymbals. Choose stands that are sturdy and adjustable to accommodate different cymbal sizes and positions.

Lastly, a comfortable and stable drum throne/stool is essential for long hours of drumming. Look for one with good padding and adjustable height to suit your preference.

If you’re just starting out, it might be more convenient and cost-effective to buy a full set of drum kit hardware. Additionally, some drum kits come with hardware included, making it easier to start drumming right away.

…and cymbals!

When it comes to cymbals, there are a range of options to choose from. Their price ranges can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and craftsmanship. A single cymbal can cost anywhere from £50 to £500. However, high-quality, hand-hammered cymbals can be even more expensive, reaching close to £1000.

Many drummers prefer to buy cymbals in sets, which often offer a more affordable option compared to purchasing individual cymbals. Cymbal sets typically include a combination of hi-hats, crashes, and rides, providing a versatile setup for different musical genres. Prices for cymbal sets can range from around £200 for entry-level options to over £1000 for professional-grade sets.

Istanbul Agop XIST Brilliant Cymbal Set with Free 18 Crash and Bag


What is the average price for a drum set?

The average price for a drum set ranges from £300 to £1000, with variations depending on factors such as shell quality, hardware inclusion, custom builds, and beginner vs. professional sets. Beginner drum sets can be found for as low as £200, while intermediate kits typically range from £700 to £1,400. Professional drum kits can range from £1,500 to £10,000.

Are cheap drums any good?

Some people believe that cheap drums can be a good starting point for beginners or those on a tight budget, while others argue that investing in higher-quality drums is essential for a better playing experience. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and drumming experience to decipher which kit is for you.

What should a beginner drummer buy?

As a beginner drummer, there are several essential items you should consider purchasing to get started.

  1. Drumsticks: The right pair of drumsticks are essential for drummers to have a healthy, enjoyable and optimum drumming experience. Check out our drumsticks article to find the right drumstick for you.
  2. Drum Set: With plenty of specific beginner drum kits available on the market today, it’s never been easier to find the right beginning drumkit for your career. Including scaled-down sizes for juniors, basic shell packs and more, beginner drum kits tick all the boxes for boosting individual drumming journeys.
  3. Drum Throne: Being comfortable while you drum is arguably the most important thing when it comes to drumming longevity. Choosing the right drum throne may be difficult for beginners; check out our drum throne article for more information.

Final thoughts

With drumming technology ever expanding, finding a drum kit at the right price for you gets easier and easier. It’s imperative to consider the fundamentals of basic drumming first (such as a drum set, drumsticks, stool etc.) before diving into the world of additional accessories, cymbals and drums to complete your ideal setup.

By now, hopefully, you are more clued up on how much a typical drum set costs, so why not find a kit in your budget today?


Joe is an enthusiastic drummer who has been drumming for 12 years. He plays Heavy Metal and Djent on drums and also plays some electric guitar in his spare time.



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