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What to Look for When Buying a Drum Throne


When searching for a drum throne – or stool – you need to consider the shape of the seat, the material, and the height-adjustment mechanism, amongst other things. These all contribute to how comfortable you’ll be when drumming, so a drum stool needs to be stable and allow for a full range of movement.

Manufacturers have developed drum stools over the years to provide maximum comfort and durability, as well as alignment to your kit. Here we’ll dig deep into the world of drum stools and explore the latest and greatest for your drum arrangement.


Before we dive in, let’s get some things cleared up…The Gear4music DD400

1. What is a drum stool called?

Drum stools are often called “drum thrones”. This simply means a stool without arms that can usually be adjusted and folded away easily. They come in a variety of forms and designs to suit drummers of different ages, abilities, and styles.

2. Do you need a drum stool?

A drum stool is essential for drumming as you need to be comfortable whilst using your arms and legs to drum. They’re designed specifically for drummers, allowing them the full range of motion behind the kit and supporting their back and legs.

3. How do you sit on a drum stool properly?

It may seem as simple as just sitting down, but in order to avoid injury or any aches and pains, a good posture is required. This involves being at the correct distance away from the kit – meaning you can reach all drums and cymbals – and keeping a straight back.

Most stools come with a height adjuster, which is important as your legs will need to be bent slightly more than 90 degrees.

4. What are the important things to look for in a drum stool?

Ultimately, comfort comes first – you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on your drum stool! If you’re a touring drummer, a stool that folds up easily is essential for stress-free transportation. A height-adjustable design will then let you level your kit and stool, even on uneven ground, whilst ensuring you can reach every part of the kit comfortably.

If you’re a highly energetic drummer, a double-brace stand should be your go-to as it provides the most stability.

Seat styles

The place of contact. The seat of your drum throne needs to be comfortable and well-suited to you. That’s why there’s a range of styles to choose from!


DW 5000 Series Round Top ThroneA simple, classic style, round stools typically come with a spindle height adjuster. They’re best suited to beginners who are just discovering their comfortable position as they allow for the most movement.

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Saddle-style stools are also known as “motorcycle-style stools”. They get this name from Harley Davidson motorcycles seats which feature two grooves for each leg, allowing you to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

This style of seat is specifically designed for prolonged use, so it’s a go-to for touring and gigging drummers all over the world.

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Another shape of stool seats is square. Although this shape is not so common, the square design provides great back and side support. This is ideal for a drummer looking for a more chair-like feel from their drum stool. While square seats have only just become popular this year, they’re a great option for functionality and comfort.

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Drum stool bases

Pearl Roadster Drum Throne, Round Seat w/Red Gas Lift BaseAn important thing to look for in drum stools is stability. Most stools have three double-braced legs with rubber feet for stability. This is particularly important when reaching your cymbals.

But it’s not just 3-leg bases that offer good stability, there are also 4-leg bases out there.

Bases also have two main types of height adjustment: spindle and hydraulic.


The spindle style provides the very best durability due to its solid steel design with no complex mechanisms.

However, it does take some time to adjust to the right height – which is done by spinning the seat. This may come as a problem if multiple people are using the drum kit in frequent turns, i.e during drum tuition or live performances.


Hydraulic styles of adjustment are exactly like your standard office chair. They’re quick and easy to adjust via a lever located on the underside of the seat. Although this design is simple to use in comparison to the spindle design, it can be slightly ‘’jumpier’’ due to the nature of the rod.

There are more out there…

As well as these two types of adjustments, they are a few other types which are worth looking at. More affordable drum stools typically features a keyway rod with multiple holes on the stool’s shaft. This design is incredibly sturdy and user-friendly. However, as the heights are preset, it can be more restrictive.


Roc N Soc Hugger Seat, BlackDrum stools come in a variety of materials. Leather, cloth, and vinyl are some of the main materials you’ll find on drum stool seats as they offer the best protection from wear and tear.

Cloth and leather

Cloth reduces sweating and slipping while you play. Leather, on the other hand, is the most durable, making it ideal for taking on the tough demands of touring and gigging. In fact, leather is the most common material because of this.

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Mixed materials

Of course, there are seats made with a mix of leather and cloth or cloth and vinyl, amongst other combinations. These are desired by drummers looking for the best of both worlds in terms of durability, functionality, and comfort.

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Padding is also something to consider when searching for the best drum stool for you. You’ll want a seat which is soft but firm as this will provide the right support for your back. High-density foam offers the best of both worlds, giving you the back support needed for a healthy drumming position. With all drum seats, comfort and support should be your main priority.

Thinking outside the box

Porter & Davies BC Gigster Monitoring System, Saddle Top BlackManufacturers are constantly developing new and innovative designs of drum stools to cater to every requirement.

One awesome and ingenious drum stool is the Porter & Davies BC Gigster Monitoring System. It features a tactile monitor which provides haptic, tactile feedback directly to the seat.

Ideal for feeling the rhythm even more during your performances, it’s also commonly used by cello players to hear and feel their instrument amongst the vast arrangement of the orchestra.

Pearl have a similar product, the Pearl THMP-1 Throne Thumper, which links the beat of your kick drum to your existing stool.

This product is perfect for helping you feel and respond to your drumming.

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7 best drum stools

So, now you know what to look out for, you might be wondering which drum thrones are the best. Worry not, our favourite drum stools are listed here:

DW 5000 Series Round Top Throne

The DW 5000 Series Round Top Throne boasts incredible durability at an affordable price. Its user-friendly spindle height adjuster allows you to find your ultimate height effortlessly, and with three double-braced legs with rubber feet, it optimises stability for all drummers.

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Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne with Base

A close up of the seat of the Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne with Base, RedAhead’s Spinal G Drum Throne with Base offers great comfort thanks to its saddle-style seat. With a mix of leather and valour, this throne is exceptionally durable. And stood on four double-braced legs, it provides maximum stability.

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Pearl Roadster D-3500BR Multi-Core Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest

A great stool from Pearl is the Pearl Roadster D-3500BR Multi-Core Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest. This stool gives you more of a “chair-style” feel with a sturdy backrest held up by two stainless steel rods. It’s ideal for prolonged playing as it will support your back the whole time.

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Mapex T675 Saddle Seat Drum Throne

Drum stools summed up

The most important things to look for in a drum stool are comfort, durability, and height adjustment. All of these need to suit your requirements! It’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on the stool perfecting and shaping your drumming, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect!

Why not check out our range of drum thrones and find the right one for you?


Joe is an enthusiastic drummer who has been drumming for 12 years. He plays Heavy Metal and Djent on drums and also plays some electric guitar in his spare time.



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