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With the holiday season fast approaching, there are all sorts of opportunities to host parties at home, venues, club nights, and plenty more. In fact, winter’s a great time for catching up with friends, family, neighbours, and reunions of all kinds.

So, if you’re looking at hosting a few parties during Christmas and the new year, you might be on the hunt for some products to help make things as lively and communal as possible.

How can you make sure you’ve got everything you need to throw a memorable night? This guide will give you some pointers. We’ll look at the best of our party gear, so you can host an incredible event.


Galaxy 12” Active Light Up Speaker by Gear4music

GALAXY 12” ACTIVE LIGHT UP SPEAKERKicking off this list, our own Galaxy 12-inch speaker comes from a range that encompasses a variety of party lighting and speaker solutions.

This compact PA speaker features a 12-inch woofer and a powerful 120W power output, making sure your music sounds punchy and present.

Combine this with an in-built media player for easy playback from USB devices or Bluetooth streaming, and you have an effortless solution for playing music.

Plus, its built-in LED lighting around the speaker cone reacts to the beat of the music for energetic visual effects to go with your party.

If you’re into DJing or like a live set at your events, you’ll get good use out of the XLR and line inputs.

The Galaxy speaker is a great way to inject music, energy, and lighting into your space!

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SubZero 15″ Speaker Bundle with Stage Par Bar Package

SubZero 15" Speaker Bundle with Stage Par Bar PackageAn all-in-one solution, the SubZero 15” Speaker Bundle with Stage Par Bar comprises a pair of active PA speakers and a straightforward LED par bar.

The speakers boast a large, 15-inch format for room-shaking bass and up to 600W of power, as well as a media player that offers an SD card slot, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

Better still, the LED par bar gives you four bright RGB par cans with a support bar, stand, and footswitch controller, to flood your space with light.

To increase coverage, you can even tilt each of the four par cans individually. Controllable by DMX, automatic programs, and sound-active modes, you can control things directly or let them do their thing in time with the music.

All the products in this set come with stands and carrying bags for additional portability.

Great for budding DJs who need their speakers and lights to make the stage their own or for hireable venues.

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SubZero HiCAST M1 Column System

The SubZero HiCAST M1 is a column PA system that’s great for small-to-medium-sized event venues.

Consisting of two large-format subwoofers and a column of smaller satellite speakers, column systems deliver a full sound that doesn’t lose detail over longer distances compared to standard two-way systems.

Two subwoofer units provide a loud but clear low-end for live performances.

Bluetooth connectivity lets you easily pair a second HiCast M1 unit for stereo streaming.

The HiCAST also provides independent volume controls over the subwoofers and satellite speakers, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance in your system.

What’s more, it features DSP equalisation to adjust its response, so you can tailor your sound for monitoring, DJ sets, or live bands.

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Bose S1 Pro

Bose S1 ProCompact, portable, and loaded with connectivity, the Bose S1 Pro delivers great sound in a versatile package.

The S1 Pro’s onboard mixer offers two combo jacks with adjustable reverb and bass and treble EQ controls. There’s also an aux and Bluetooth input, all with individual volume controls to get the right balance. This makes it perfect for everything, from at-home playlist streaming to karaoke and even full live bands.

The S1 Pro also offers flexible positioning, capable of being used on stages as a floor monitor, in a kick-back position for improved coverage at parties, or stand-mounted.

An Auto EQ function helps this by automatically adjusting the response to get the very best out of every setup.

Wireless app control lets you run your speaker from a phone or tablet and even wirelessly pair a second unit!

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Cluster LED Crystal Ball by Gear4music

Cluster LED Crystal Ball Light by Gear4musicWe all love simplicity, and the Cluster LED Crystal Ball is the epitome of this.

It’s a direct and easy magic ball light that projects an array of colourful beams.

Compact and bright, the Cluster Crystal Ball uses 6 LEDs through multiple optics to split its effect into a broad, attention-grabbing effect.

This crystal ball gives you control over the speed and colours of the beams. It also offers a sound-activated mode that allows you to synchronise the movement of the beams in time with the music you’re playing.

The perfect place to start for setting the ambience and mood for any good event, this is a compact and readily affordable light to get you started.

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Galaxy Mini USB Party Light Pack by Gear4music

A set of four different lighting effects, the Galaxy Mini USB party pack is a combination of our own miniature Gobo, Burst, and Scatter party lights, as well as an ultraviolet strobe bar.

All of these lights are compact, focused, and great at doing their specific job. Combining them into one kit, however, gives you a fantastic light show that can bring the atmosphere to any party.

Plus, these portable light fixtures are conveniently powered via USB for easy setup.

They can be operated in automatic or sound-active modes, launching pre-built programs or reacting to the tempo of your music.

This formidable lighting pack is rounded off with a remote control that makes it easy to operate each fixture.

Shop now | Galaxy Mini USB Party Light Pack by Gear4music

Cosmos Derby Party FX by Gear4music

The Cosmos Derby Party FX set is a light bar that includes two LED par cans and two derby units, allowing you to create bright, colourful effects.

This set covers a broad area in bright washes of light that can create unique chases or more typical standalone lighting.

Compatible with DMX control, this lighting kit lets you expand into external controllers or synchronise with other lighting fixtures.

It includes not just four par cans but also a light bar, tripod stand, and remote controller, making setup and operation instant and easy.

The Cosmos Derby’s built-in microphone provides input for its sound-active mode.

Coming with two carrying bags, this set is incredibly easy to transport and store.

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iDance Groove 119

The iDance Groove 119 is a portable party speaker that’s great for parties, karaoke performances, and small DJ sets.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides four to eight hours of battery life for long, reliable performance during events.

The Groove 119’s powerful 100-watt bass reflex speaker provides a punchy low-end and crisp, present sound.

An in-built vibrant disco light then pairs well with the sound, making the Groove 119 a full solution.

This speaker also comes with a wired karaoke microphone and a microphone input with adjustable echo and level.

Complete with a remote control, as well as Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the Groove 119 is extremely adaptable and capable.

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iDance Megabox 2000 Portable Bluetooth Sound System

iDance Megabox 2000The iDance Megabox 2000 is a powerful, large-format portable speaker with a broad range of functionality.

This dual speaker system is perfect for wireless Bluetooth streaming of your favourite party tracks. It even has an FM radio for tuning into your favourite station!

The bass-reflex design gives you huge low-end, perfect for lively nights.

Built-in disco lights give the Megabox a colourful, stylish look that’ll fit anywhere you want to put it.

This speaker also comes with a wireless microphone, making it ideal for karaoke, addressing the crowd at events, or hyping everybody up during DJ sets.

All powered by a lithium-ion battery that offers up to eight hours of use from a single charge, with a handle and wheels for easy transport, the Megabox 2000 is an excellent speaker for all kinds of parties.

Shop now | iDance Megabox 2000 Portable Bluetooth Sound System, 400w

Easy Karaoke Bluetooth System with LED Effects

Easy Karaoke Bluetooth Karaoke System with LED Effects & 1 MicrophoneThis Easy Karaoke Bluetooth System is a wireless karaoke system that offers more dedicated karaoke features.

Built-in speakers play backing tracks and readily project vocals.

While it includes one microphone and an input with adjustable volume and echo control, this karaoke machine also provides a second microphone input for duet performances.

Plus, there are colourful LED lights to help add character to your performance. And thanks to a line input and Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream backing tracks from your phone or tablet, whilst the stand on top displays lyrics as you perform.

A disc tray lets you play CDGs without having to worry about connecting external devices.

Rounded off with AV connectivity, you can connect this karaoke device to displays like televisions, projectors, or computer monitors.

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Easy Karaoke Bluetooth Karaoke System with Speaker Pedestal

Easy Karaoke Bluetooth Karaoke System with Speaker PedestalA new pedestal system from Easy Karaoke, with improved sound output, makes our list too. This karaoke machine comes with a large-format speaker pedestal, which makes it great for larger spaces.

Two microphones are included, for an instant duet-ready setup.

The pedestal features a powerful 40-watt six-speaker array for clarity and power that ensures backing tracks and vocals come through clearly.

The array of speakers on this pedestal provides a hugely customisable sound, offering full adjustment over echo, balance, and automatic ducking of each of the speakers for a highly tweaked, great-sounding result.

This system is also compatible with Bluetooth and CDGs, letting you stream backing tracks or play discs with lyrics through external monitors.

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Find out more

While we have covered a range of excellent starter pieces, from lighting to speakers and karaoke systems, there’s always more out there that might be better suited to your needs. Why not explore our party gear selection and see if anything else grabs you?

But most importantly, make the most of the holiday season and enjoy your parties!


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