The 7 Best Electronic Drum Amps and Monitors to Rock Out With


An electronic drum kit is a great choice for drummers looking to practise in silence with headphones, whilst maintaining the option of rocking out at full volume. To do this though, you’ll need a drum amp/monitor.

The main benefit of having a drum monitor is that they allow you to perform out loud. This means you can practise with a band or just show off your skills to your friends and family – without needing numerous headphones and a splitter.

In this article, we’ll look through the best drum amps and monitors that we have available. We’ll discuss who they’re suited to and even suggest a drum kit that goes well with the monitor.

In a hurry?

Here are our top 3 drum monitors:

Amp/MonitorUSPTarget AudienceKit Recommendation
VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard AmplifierIncredibly compact.Beginner - intermediate. VISIONDRUM Electronic Drum Kit with Stool and Headphones
Roland PM-03 Personal Drum MonitorHigh-quality stereo sound.Intermediate.Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Kit Monitoring SystemAccurate monitoring of the entire drum kit from three speakers.Intermediate - professional. Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit

Best electronic drum amps and monitors

1. VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier

VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard AmplifierPros

Detailed frequency response perfectly reproduces any electronic drum kit

Compact and easy to store

Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity

Finetune the sound of the amplifier with the two-band EQ

Great for home practice


Small speaker size wouldn’t be ideal for larger venues


What’s the deal?

If you’re looking for a compact drum amp for home practice, look no further than the VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier.

With a 50W power output, an 8’’ subwoofer, and a 2’’ tweeter, the VSIONAMP’s wide frequency range accurately conveys the sound of your electronic drum kit. This compact sizing is what makes the VISIONAMP one of the lightest drum amps ever made!

The VISIONAMP is a great choice for beginner drummers due to its simplicity. Its streamlined interface allows you to plug in and play as quickly as possible, whilst its Bluetooth connectivity enables you to drum along to your favourite tracks.

Why stop there? The VISIONAMP features a two-band EQ, allowing you to finetune the sound to your own specifications.



Power Output: 50W

Subwoofer Size: 8”

Tweeter Size: 2”

Power Input: 110-240VAC/ 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

E.Drum Input: 6.35mm Jack (Mono)

Line Inputs: 6.35mm Jack (Mono), 3.5mm Jack (Stereo)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 346mm x 352mm x 323mm

Weight: 7.12kg

Shop now | VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier

2. SubZero DR-30 Drum/Keyboard Amp

SubZero DR-30Pros

Larger speaker size provides excellent projection

Separate volume controls for each input allow for the perfect mix

Durable construction is perfect for gigging drummers

Two-band EQ gives you total control of your sound


Heavier than the VISIONAMP

Not very easy to take with you to gigs


What’s the deal?

Electronic drum kits give beginners the opportunity to learn the basics through headphones. This allows players to build confidence and nail the essential techniques.

The SubZero DR-30 Drum/Keyboard Amp is the perfect amp for those beginners looking to upgrade from their headphones.

The SubZero DR-30 features an angled cabinet with a 10’’ woofer and a 3’’ tweeter. This makes it great for both practice and live applications, providing a warm and balanced sound.

This sound can be further tailored to suit your preferences, using the two-band EQ. By adjusting the treble and bass, you can finely tune the tone of your drum performance. In addition to this, the DR-30 also features a send and return, allowing you to add external effects to further customise your sound.



Power Output: 30W RMS 1.0 THD into 8 Ohms

Speaker: 10″ Woofer 3″ Tweeter

Inputs: E-Drums, Line

Controls: 2 x Volume (one for each input), LOW, HIGH, Return level, Send Level, On/Off

Input Sensitivity: Normal 80mV, F = 1Khz.

Noise: -50dB (Gain Max)

Dimensions: 390mm (W) x 360mm (H) x 400mm (D) (15.3″ x 14.1″ x 15.7″)

Weight: 15kg

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3. sideKIK Personal Musician’s Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music

sideKIK Personal Musician's Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4musicPros

Intuitive mixer allows you to connect instruments and devices easily

Intelligent speaker design makes it suitable for various applications

Stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity

The perfect blend of power and compact practicality

Guarantees optimised sound dispertion


Heavier than the amps mentioned above

Large size could make it harder to add to a compact kit


What’s the deal?

Improve your playing and technique with the perfect blend of power and compact practicality. The sideKIK Personal Musician’s Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music features an innovative, compact design with clever speaker positioning for optimised sound dispersion. This positioning makes it a great monitor for home practice and performances alike.

The positioning of the speakers is what makes this monitor truly unique. Two 3.5’’ high-frequency tweeters are carefully angled, directing the sound straight towards your upper body. This makes it perfect as a floor monitor for any drummer.

The innovation doesn’t end there, though. The tweeters are offset away from each other to ensure maximum dispersion of the mid and high-frequency spectrum. This guarantees perfect sound quality, whether you’re right in front of the speaker or on the other side of the room.

Furthermore, by adding a 6’’ woofer to the mix and you won’t just hear the bass, you’ll feel it! This is excellent for providing you with an extended bass response to accurately reproduce low-frequency sounds, such as the bass drum.



Low-Frequency Speaker Size: 6.5” driver, 1.4” voice coil, 20oz magnet

High-Frequency Speaker Size: 2x 3” drivers, 0.5” voice coil, 2oz magnet

Max SPL: 95dB

Frequency Response: 65Hz – 20KHz

Cabinet Material: Polypropylene plastic

Grill Material: 1.0mm steel mesh

Weight: 8.05kg

Dimensions: 270mm(W) x 447mm(H) x 250mm(D)

Shop now | sideKIK Personal Musician’s Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music

4. Roland PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor

Roland PM-03 Personal Drum MonitorPros

Easy setup, small footprint

Has a power-saving auto standby mode

Provides a clear stereo sound


No Bluetooth connectivity


What’s the deal?

The Roland PM-03 is a compact drum monitor with an easy setup and a clear stereo sound. A great feature of this drum monitor is the power-saving auto standby mode, which sees the amp automatically switch itself off after a certain amount of inactivity.

From thunderous lows to sparkling highs, the PM-03 enhances your drumming sessions with full-frequency impact – perfect for home practice and live performances alike.

The PM-03 is compatible with all electronic drum kits and is the perfect choice for Roland V-Drums.



Speakers: 7.5cm (3”) x 2

Woofer: 12cm (5”)

Enclosure: Bass-reflex type

Controls: ON switch, VOLUME knob, WOOFER knob

Indicator: ON/STANDBY

Connectors: INPUT jacks – Stereo miniature phone type – 1/4″ phone type (L/MONO, R)

Power Consumption: 25 W

Shop now | Roland PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor

5. Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Kit Monitoring System

Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Kit Monitoring SystemPros

Provides accurate monitoring for your e-drums

2.1 channel system offers a realistic sound

20w subwoofer allows you to hear the power of your kick drum

Incredibly easy to set up


Takes up more room than most drum monitors


What’s the deal?

When it comes to drum amps, you don’t get much better than the Yamaha MS45DR. This monitor features a 2.1 channel system for a more realistic sound with clear mids and highs. In addition to this, you can hear and feel the power of your kick drum via the 20w subwoofer.

Ideal for gigs, practice, and studio recordings – the Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Kit Monitoring System makes sure you hear every nuance of your performance.

If you want to experience excellent audio quality from your electronic kit, the MS45DR is ideal. Helping you to be heard above your band.



Power Consumption: 24 W

Power Supply: 100 V-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Satellite speakers size: 110 × 183 × 138 mm (4 5/16″ × 7 3/16″ × 5 7/16″ ) not including holder

Subwoofer size: 221 × 351 × 343 mm (8 11/16″ × 13 13/16″ × 13 1/2″)

Satellite speakers weight: 1.0 kg (2 lb, 3 oz) × 2

Subwoofer weight: 6.5 kg (14 lb, 5 oz)

Shop now | Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Kit Monitoring System

6. Alesis Strike Amp 8 Drum Amplifier

Alesis Strike Amp 8 Drum AmplifierPros 

Thunderous low end for your kick drum

Onboard mixer allows you to add keys, vocals, or a second e-kit

Portable enough for the road

Great for home practice and performances alike


No separate speakers for panning


What’s the deal?

The Alesis Strike Amp 8 Drum Amplifier features an impressive 2000 watts of peak power, allowing you to force your way through the wall of guitars during any performance.

Ideal for teachers and students, the onboard mixer features two independently controlled XLR/jack combo inputs. This accommodates two e-kits or a kit and a vocal mic.

Expect thick, forceful bass drums and punchy, well-rounded toms right out of the box thanks to the painstakingly voiced, 8″ woofer.

Meanwhile, the Strike Amp’s super-lightweight neodymium HF driver uses state-of-the-art waveguide technology to produce sparkling cymbals and scything snare attack.

The sturdy, tilt-back casing provides perfect floor placement or use the pole mount for an extra-long throw. The Alesis Strike Amp 8 is a one-stop shop for dynamic drum amplification that’s just as at home in the practice room as it is on stage.



Output Power: 2000W Peak, 1000W RMS (640 LF, 350 HF)

Crossover Frequency: 2.5KHz

Connectors: (2) XLR/TRS 1/4” (6.35mm) combo inputs, (1) XLR link output, (1) IEC power cable input

Indicators: Power LED (rear panel), clip limiter LED

Mounting: Standard 36mm pole socket

Dimensions: 17.1” x 10.1” x 9.6”, 434 x 256 x 245mm (W x D x H)

Shop now | Alesis Strike Amp 8 Drum Amplifier

7. Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor Amplifier

Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor AmplifierPros

Angled design provides ideal sound delivery to seated players

Perfect for high-end V-Drum kits

Provides an extremely clear drum sound


No Bluetooth connectivity


What’s the deal?

There’s a reason the Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor is paired with some of the best Roland V-Drum kits. It’s specially designed and optimised to accurately reproduce Roland’s famously expressive V-Drum sound.

This amp features a rugged cabinet and a custom full-range speaker system, made up of a 10’’ speaker and a powerful 80w amplifier. It’s a combination that offers accurate reproduction with great projection and clarity.

The angled design provides an ideal sound delivery to seated players – perfect for drummers. There’s also a designated V-Drums input with a volume control knob, along with a 1/4” line input for other audio sources and for playing along to your favourite songs.



Power Output: 80W

Low-Frequency Driver: 10” Woofer

High-Frequency Driver: 2” Tweeter

Dimensions: 388mm x 407mm x 354mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 13.5kg

Power Consumption: 36W

Shop now | Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor  Amplifier

Things to consider when buying a drum amp

When looking to buy a drum amp, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using the amp for. This will help you look for several features that may differ from amp to amp such as the number and type of inputs and outputs, output power, weight, size, and driver and speaker size.

Inputs and outputs

A drummer using the VISIONAMP Drum Amplifier by Gear4musicDrum amps have various amounts and types of inputs and outputs. XLR or balanced inputs are usually best for electronic drums and keyboards, allowing you to easily plug straight in and play.

Some drum amps will have a range of different inputs and outputs, allowing you to plug in different instruments, such as an electronic drum kit and a keyboard.

Having the correct inputs is also important if you want to play along to your favourite tracks. While most are fitted with an AUX input, some drum amps also have Bluetooth compatibility. This enables you to jam along to songs without the need for any cables.

Output power (watts)

Output power is always measured in watts, and this indicates the amount of electricity required for the product to work.

Low-watt amps are great for home use, whereas higher-watt amps are ideal for live performances as they pack more power and volume.

A smaller amp is more likely to distort than a higher-watt amp. This means, when turned above a certain level of volume, the volume will become crackled and unclear. This makes larger watt amps more suited to louder applications.

Another thing you may need to be aware of is the difference between peak power and continuous power. Peak power is the amount of power that a battery can push out over a very short period of time to support the surge energy required to start a device. Continuous power is the amount of power that a battery can supply to a device after it has started.

Weight and size

When it comes to the weight and size of your drum monitor, it’s important to consider where you’ll be using it. If it’s purely for home practice, a smaller drum amp would be ideal due to its smaller footprint and how easy it is to store away. A performing drummer, however, may look for a larger drum amp for a bigger sound.

Usually, when it comes to amplifiers in general, the larger the amp, the more powerful the sound. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see a small 20w amp being pushed to its limit in a large venue!

If you’re a travelling/touring drummer, you’ll likely want something in the middle. An amp that is compact enough for ease of travel but powerful enough to command the stage.

Driver and speaker size

Similar to the above, the driver and speaker size also has a direct impact on the power and volume of the speaker. Bass amps, for example, feature a large subwoofer in order to achieve an extended bass response.

Finding a drum amp with a good-sized tweeter and woofer will provide a much more consistent and accurate drum sound.

sideKIK Personal Musician's Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music next to an electronic drum kit


How many inputs does a drum monitor/amp have?

Most drum monitors have two inputs. This includes one line-in and one mic, allowing you to plug in two electronic instruments, or an instrument and a microphone, into the amplifier.

Can you use an electronic drum kit without a drum monitor/amp?

You can use your electronic drum kit without a drum monitor/amp and use solely headphones to practise quietly. You could even use your kit without headphones or an amp as a practice pad kit.

How do I amplify electronic drums on a budget?

There are plenty of cheap electronic drum amplifiers/monitors available on the market that offer ample power your electronic drum kit needs. The VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier is a perfect choice for electronic drummers on a budget.

Final thoughts

These are just seven of the best electronic drum amps and monitors on the market, and they’re a great starting place for your own research. But there are so many more available! Check them out below and see for yourself!


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