The 49 Best Metal Drummers of All Time


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Have you ever wondered who’s the pulse and power behind metal music? For this article, we’ve chosen who we think are the greatest metal drummers. We’ll dig deep into what they’re renowned for and how they’ve defined metal.

The techniques of metal drumming extend way beyond crazy volumes and speeds; they involve blast beats, sharp and snappy double-kick playing, and complex time signatures, among others. So, we’ve chosen our drummers for how masterful they are in these techniques as well as how they’ve shaped the genre. We’ve also aimed to show a variety of metal sub-genres.

Sit back and relax as we kick off our extensive list of the best metal drummers of all time!

Our top 3

1. Joey Jordison (1975 – 2021)

Well deserving of the top spot on our list, Joey Jordison was the late drummer of legendary metal band Slipknot. However, he also excelled in other bands such as Muderdolls, Scar the Martyr ,and Vimic (a band formed by himself in 2015). Joey shot to fame thanks to his incredible speed, accuracy, and articulation around huge kit setups.

2. Tomas Haake (1971 -)

Swedish drummer Tomas Haake is well known for being the drummer of the extreme metal band Meshuggah. His abilities and skills on the kit meet no bounds, and if that wasn’t enough, he even writes most of the lyrics for Meshuggah himself. With a wide range of influences, from Lars Ulrich to Gary Husband, there’s no doubt that his drumming well and truly fits in with the progressive metal and djent genre.

3. Chris Turner (1993 -)

Chris “The Robot” Turner has shocked the drumming community with his unworldly drumming abilities. Drummer of metal band Oceans Ate Alaska, his technical and speedy drumming comes in clutch to really suit the band’s overall style. Being amongst the youngest drummers on our list, this is proof that you don’t have to be a legend to be the best.

The best metal drummers

1. Joey Jordison (1975 – 2021)

First on our list and is Joey Jordison, drummer of Slipknot. He became renowned for his unique speed and articulation around some of the biggest and most complex kit setups ever seen on stage. Jordison also contributed to other bands such as Murderdolls and Vimic.

Despite his passing in 2021, Joey’s impact on the metal drumming scene continues to inspire the next generation without a shadow of a doubt.

2. Thomas Haake (1971 -)

Tomas Haake, drummer for extreme metal band Meshuggah, is world-known for his complex rhythms and enduring drumming throughout Meshuggah’s extensive career. His ability to navigate intricate time signatures made him a standout figure in the metal community. To fit the band’s vibe, Haake’s drumming is mathematical and brutally powerful – something that is felt and heard when he’s on stage!

His contributions to the band don’t stop there, however, as he also writes many of the songs’ lyrics. Haake’s influence is evident in a lot of upcoming drummers – those striving for speed and precision typically look up to him.

3. Chris Turner (1993 -)

Drummer for metal band Oceans Ate Alaska, Chris Turner is a predominant figure on the metal scene. He’s earned himself the nickname “The Robot” due to his “in-the-zone-stare” and immense speed around the kit. Turner has shown dedication to his band and solo projects, taking after his father who was also a drummer.

With odd time signatures and an expressive use of multiple cymbals, Chris certainly has a style that is extremely difficult to match (trust me, I’ve tried).

 4. John Dolmayan (1973 -)

John Dolmayan, the powerhouse behind System of a Down’s drums, has a playing style that isn’t just about speed; it’s also about precision and endurance, characteristics that have inspired countless metal drummers worldwide.

His energy and intensity in every System of a Down track are obvious and are key components of the band’s signature sound. Plus, his ability to maintain high-speed rhythms without sacrificing clarity is quite astounding – a testament to his talent and skill.

5. Gee Anzalone (1985 -)

At number five on our list is legendary drummer Gee Anzalone. Born in Torino, Italy, Anzalone began his drumming journey with the use of double-kick drums right off the bat. It’s his power and fearlessness that rocketed DragonForce to stardom in 1999.

One thing that has set Anzalone’s drumming apart from the rest is his use of UFIP cymbals which are well-known for being brash, loud, and aggressive – the same words you can use to describe DragonForce.

You’ll likely know the song “Through the Fire and Flames” – a song with extreme speed, power, and intricacy across all instruments. This is a huge highlight of what Gee is capable of on the kit, which has inspired generations after him. For a setup similar to Gee’s, consider the KitRig Double Drum Rack by Gear4music; it can be used to expand most drum kits just the way you like it.

6. Jay Weinberg (1990 -)

Also former drummer of the legendary metal band Slipknot, Jay Weinberg is a huge inspiration. To start with, Jay had a huge task of carrying on Joey Jordison’s impressive legacy in Slipknot, and he has definitely achieved this.

Of course, Jay isn’t entirely famous for his work with Slipknot; he’s also renowned for his extensive work with bands such as Hesitation Wounds and Against Me!, in which he showcased his sheer aggressive drumming.

7. Mario Duplantier (1981 -)

One of France’s finest drummers, Mario Duplantier is celebrated for his critical role in the unique metal band Gorjira. His drumming matches the band’s technical complexity and provides a strong backbone and driving force in every record. The synergy between his drumming and the band’s musical ethos has significantly contributed to their distinctive sound.

Blending elements of jazz into his mathematical style, Duplantier’s drumming is difficult to replicate for even the most advanced metal drummers.

8. Ray Luzier (1970 -)

As another renowned drummer in the metal scene, Ray Luzier has had an extensive career and is most commonly known for his drumming with the metal band Korn.

Ray’s story of joining Korn has got to be one of the most inspiring. When the band were looking for a new drummer, they asked all those auditioning to learn five songs and Luzier learned 30 – making him the perfect candidate to continue Korn’s grungy, heavy style.

Luzier’s style is very snappy and brash, with elements of fusion that give his drumming a huge amount of character and flow that stands out ferociously in the metal scene.

9. Rob Rolfe (1985 -)

Rob Rolfe, the dynamic drummer for the incredibly successful band Enter Shikari, began his journey with the band at just 17 years old. Since then, he has demonstrated a heavy, contemporary style of drumming that’s a key element to Enter Shikari’s overall sound. With the band making extensive use of electronic equipment such as synths and drum pads, Rolfe’s drumming intertwines perfectly without being too overpowering.

Rolfe’s drumming meets no bounds, with multiple albums such as Take to the Skies and The Mindsweep reaching great victory, not to mention a huge plethora of many more that have not just taken the metal scene by storm, but the electronic scene as well.

 10. George Kollias (1977 -)

Moving on to someone a little more death metal, George Kollias screams in the face of metal as the drummer of the super-heavy band Nile. His success with the band is largely attributed to his extraordinary speed and unfathomable double-pedal footwork.

In fact, he’s so well known for this footwork that the latest Pearl Demon Drive XR Pedal was made in collaboration with him. As the successor to the original Demon Drive, this pedal has everything you need for fast, snappy bass drum hits.

11. Chris Alder (1972 -)

Chris Alder, known for his pivotal role in Lamb of God and his short time with Megadeath, stands out in the metal scene for just being so distinctive. His ability to blend technicality with raw aggression has become his signature sound.

In both bands, Adler’s drumming was not just a rhythmic foundation but a true driving force that added depth and character to every song. With his drumming influencing a generation of drummers, Alder pushed the boundaries of drumming and has become one of the best metal drummers to ever exist.

12. Mike Portnoy (1967 -)

Mike Portnoy is mainly celebrated for his time with Dream Theater. His attention to detail with his drumming right from the get-go has significantly set the benchmark within the metal genre.

Over the decades, Portnoy has contributed to numerous projects such as The Neal Morse Band, Liquid Tension, and The Winery Dogs, not to mention his time in Avenged Sevenfold. With an avid endorsement from Tama drums and Sabian cymbals, Mike Portnoy has always been a metal drummer at heart and continues to motivate thousands of metal drummers worldwide.

13. Lars Ulrich (1963 -)

As the backbone of Metallica, Lars Ulrich stands as one of the very greats in metal music. With elements of both rock and metal in his drumming over the decades, Ulrich’s impact on the metal genre has been profound. His style is characterised by energy and precision around some of the most complex kits to ever exist.

With multiple successful albums behind him, such as Master of Puppets, …And Justice For All, and Ride The Lightning, Ulrich has become an immensely strong figure, not just for metal drummers, but all drummers.

14. Mike Smith (1971 -)

Mike Smith, renowned for his work with super heavy band Suffocation, is a powerhouse in the dark realm of death metal drumming. His aggression and precision have contributed to him setting the standards in the death metal genre.

Smith’s drumming isn’t just about aggression; it’s about creating a brutal yet intricate musical landscape with the ability to weave complex patterns and relentless power. His time with Suffocation marked a significant era, where his drumming contributed to the band’s success. Even after departing from Suffocation in 2012, Smith has still contributed to many projects including Misanthrope Monarch’s debut EP.

15.  II (Sleep Token) (1991 -)

Though we might not know exactly who this drummer is, the anonymous presence behind Sleep Token, known as II, is captivating – for both his insane skill and masked persona. His drumming has a stunning blend of power, emotion, and aggression, and he’s able to go between these attributes effortlessly.

II’s drumming is unmistakable, with influences from R&B, pop, and metal all wrapped up in a mysterious aesthetic and timbre. There’s no doubt that his drumming is about creating a presence, rather than just music, with his live performances grabbing attention immediately.

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 16. Roxy Petrucci (1962 -)

Roxy Petrucci, best known for her work with the all-female rock band Vixen, is a powerhouse drummer with incredible energetic style and technical skill. Her contributions to Vixen’s sound helped elevate the band to international acclaim during the 1980s and 1990s, showcasing the potent force of female musicians in a male-dominated industry.

Beyond Vixen, Petrucci’s versatility has seen her collaborate with various artists, proving her adaptability across different musical styles. Her commitment to her craft and her role as a pioneer for female drummers continue to resonate within the music community.

17. Nick Menza (1964 – 2016)

At number 17 on our list is none other than Nick Menza, the driving rhythm behind the incredible success of the world-famous band, Megadeth. His style, marked by its precision and intensity, contributed significantly to the thrash metal genre.

Even after his passing in 2016, Menza’s legacy continues to inspire many metal drummers around the world.

18. Dan Searle (1987 -)

The architect of rhythm, Dan Searle is a defining force in metalcore. Well known for his time in one of the leading bands in metal, Architects, Dan has been pivotal in shaping the band’s unique sound and versatility.

With such a passion for metal, Dan’s drumming is characterised by his speed, fluid articulation around the kit, and raw emotion, especially in some of Architects’ heavier songs – this has made Dan one of the best metal drummers of all time.

 19. John Otto (1977 -)

Defining the nu-metal genre, John Otto of Limp Bizkit is highly recognised for heavy yet sensationally groovy drumming which is less about complexity and more about a consistent, defining groove.

Otto’s drumming has seen multiple successful albums such as Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water, Significant Other and their latest album STILL SUCKS.

20. Josh Freese (1972 -)

Born in Orlando FL, Josh Freese is one of the most versatile metal drummers out there, having played with an array of top artists across various genres. His career is definitely a testament to his adaptability and outstanding skill.

Throughout his career, Freese has been a member of top bands such as the Vandals, Devo, and more recently, Foo Fighters. His contributions to metal were recognised in the band A Perfect Circle where his style was noticeably heavier.

21. Meytal Cohen (1983 -)

Meytal Cohen is arguably one of the best female metal drummers to date. Her journey began in Israel and blossomed in Los Angeles when she became known for her engaging drum covers of songs by Slipknot, Tool, and many more on YouTube.

Beyond her captivating YouTube covers, Cohen also plays in heavy metal band Meytal, which released its debut album Alchemy in 2015. With the band still going strong, as well as her YouTube stardom, Meytal Cohen pioneers as a female role model in the metal drumming community.

22. Michael Thomas (1981 -)

Renowned for his time with legendary metal band Bullet For My Valentine, Michael “Moose” Thomas has been a key drummer in shaping the metal genre. His powerful stance and use of rapid-fire double-kick playing have defined his style over the years.

Tracks with Bullet For My Valentine such as “Tears Don’t Fall” and “Your Betrayal” showcase his skill and exceptional drumming abilities which skyrocketed his and the band’s fame. Despite stepping away from the band in 2016, his drumming still reins on in Kill The Lights, his new band formed in 2019.

23. Matthew McDonough (1969 -)

From Illinois, Matthew McDonough is the powerhouse behind Mudvayne’s extortionate success. One thing that makes his drumming stand out is his ability to blend technical proficiency with expressive dynamics – something that has influenced the nu-metal and progressive metal scenes over time.

His work with Mudvayne, particularly on albums like L.D. 50 and The End of All Things to Come, showcases his talent for crafting rhythmically engaging and intellectually stimulating drum parts.

McDonough is also known for his solo work under the alias “MjDawn”, releasing his first album Frequency Response in 2008. This solo project also demonstrates his versatility as a metal drummer.

24. Brody Taylor Smith (1998 -)

Invent Animate drummer Brody Taylor Smith has a fast-paced, dynamic and emotional drumming that took the band by storm when he joined in 2021. The band’s recently released Heavener album demonstrates his intricate skills and classic Djent drumming style.

As Smith’s career evolves, his influence is set to grow, impacting the drumming community and beyond. Smith’s drumming in the band Satyr also defines his own style and versatility as a young drummer.

25. Anastasia Sereda (2001 -)

As a great inspiration to the next generation of metal drummers, Anastasia Sereda has taken internet stardom by storm. Drumming for the Russian band Invertor, Sereda has a very traditional metal drumming style with heavy drops and fast fills.

With over five million views on YouTube, she’s not only a role model for the new generation of metal drummers but for all female drummers in the industry. As well as her continuous flow of YouTube covers, Anastasia teaches drums regularly.

26. Ben Koller (1980 -)

Up next on our list is Ben Koller, renowned in the hardcore and metal scenes for his explosive and elaborate drumming style. This style has been showcased in bands like Converge, All Pigs Must Die, and Mutoid Man. His approach combines incredible speed, precision, and creativity, setting the bar high in the industry.

Starting on the drum kit at just 14 years old, Koller has developed a distinctive style that merges technical proficiency with raw energy. His work in particular with Converge has been influential, helping to sculpt the sound of modern hardcore and metal.

27. Abe Cunningham (1973 -)

Drummer of Deftones, Abe Cunningham has helped build the band’s sonic depth over the years.

Cunningham’s approach comprises innovative patterns and a keen sense of groove. His ability to switch between aggressive, ferocious drumming to quieter, more delicate drumming in an instant is a true staple of his overall sound.

Through his work with Deftones, Abe has influenced countless drummers, helping them find their own unique sound and proving individuality at the kit is still achievable to this day.

28. Eloy Casagrande (1991 -)

From Brazil, Eloy Casagrande is a prestigious talent in metal drumming, known for his incredible speed, precision and power. Joining Sepultura from a young age, he has injected fresh energy into the band’s music with his innovative techniques.

His drumming style boasts intense ferocity and technical complexity, and this has not only redefined Sepultura’s rhythmic approach but also captivated many people across the wider metal community. Casagrande’s ability to blend traditional Brazilian rhythms with metal’s aggressiveness showcases his unique flair and versatility.

29. Blake Richardson (1984 -)

Blake Richardson, the drummer for Between the Buried and Me, is praised for his technical mastery and innovative drumming style which is crucial to the band’s progressive metal sound. His complex rhythms and ability to seamlessly integrate various styles within every record are hallmark traits that have contributed to his success.

Richardson’s drumming is not just about technique; it’s a foundational element that shapes the band’s intricate compositions, adding depth and dimension.

30. Bill Ward (1948 -)

If you’re a real metalhead, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Bill Ward. As the dynamo of heavy metal band Black Sabbath, he is one of the top drummers to really make what metal has become to this day. Power and speed are paramount in records such as “Paranoid” – one of their most popular records.

Of course, with multiple solo albums and his work with Toni Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne, it’s fair to say Bill Ward has had one of the most comprehensive drumming careers in the world, certainly making him stand out on our list.

31. Paul Mazurkiewicz (1968 -)

Moving back to the death metal scene, Paul Mazurkiewicz is up there as one of the best death metal drummers around. Having been drumming since 1987, Paul is commonly known for being the driving force behind the vicious band Cannibal Corpse, one of the best well-known bands of the death metal scene. Sticking to the typical death metal style, Mazurkiewicz’s drumming is quick, sharp, and ferocious.

Endorsing ddrums, Zildjian cymbals, and Czarcie Kopyto pedals, Paul Mazurkiewicz has used only the very best to perfect his sound for over 30 years. Nowadays, he has expanded beyond death metal, forming a ’70s-style rock group in 2022.

32. Derek Roddy (1972 -)

Another machine at the drum kit, Derek Roddy, also known as “One Take” is a complex, technical drummer, prestigious in death metal, black metal, hardcore, and other similar genres. He is renowned for the unique ability to be able to sit at a kit and play virtually anything just by ear.

Roddy’s technique has set a high standard in metal drumming, influencing a wave of drummers in the genre. His ability to maintain intensity and technical accuracy at high speeds is awe-inspiring.

33.Alex Rüdinger (1991 -)

Alex Rüdinger, known for his work with bands like The Faceless and Good Tiger, is an influential figure in progressive metal drumming. Famous for having exceptionally precise timing, Rüdinger uses complex patterns and interesting dynamics.

He’s also respected for his efforts in drumming education and for sharing his extensive knowledge and passion with aspiring drummers. His impact on the progressive metal scene and drumming community as a whole is significant, making him truly one of the greats.

34. Matt Garstka (1989 -)

The wizardry behind the groove of Animals as Leaders, Matt Garstka is, without a doubt, one of the best metal drummers ever to make it big. Progressive metal is forever expanding, and so it’s harder to be unique within the genre, but Animals as Leaders stand as a pioneering force, predominantly thanks to Garstka timed-to-perfection drumming.

Tracks such as “Physical Education” and “The Woven Web” are masterpieces that showcase Gartska drumming abilities, with super complex time signatures, grooves, and fills. With appearances on many other albums and singles from various artists, Matt Garstka’s versatility as a metal drummer meets no boundaries.

35. Paul Bostaph (1964 -)

At number 35 on our list is Paul Bostaph, drummer of Slayer. He has led a huge metal drumming career since 1984, with Slayer being his main focus over the years. However, he has also led his a solo project and was formerly in the heavy band Forbidden from 1985 to 1992.

Bostaph’s drumming is renowned for its punchy and heavy tone, with influences taken from the likes of Nicko Mcbrain, Tommy Lee, and Steve Smith. With tracks such as “Raining Blood” and “Delusions of Saviour” amongst many others by Slayer being a huge success, Paul Bostaph’s drumming has inspired millions of metal drummers globally.

36. Luana Dametto (1996 -)

Luana Dametto, known for her work with bands like Nervosa and Crypta, is making waves in the metal scene with her fierce drumming style. Her powerful playing, marked by aggressive speed and precision, showcases her prowess in the genre. Dametto’s approach to drumming is both intense and technically sophisticated, allowing her to create a formidable backbone for the bands she performs with.

Her contribution to the all-female band Nervosa and her role in the formation of Crypta highlight her as a key figure in promoting female talent in metal. Not to mention that her dynamic style and dedication to her craft continue to propel her forward.

37. Bryce Butler (1992 -)

Bryce Butler is rapidly gaining recognition in the metal scene for his dynamic drumming, particularly with his work in bands like Contrarian and Scarlet Babylon. His style is a compelling mix of technical proficiency and expressive power, showcasing his versatility across various subgenres of metal. This balance is a testament to his skill and deep understanding of rhythm, making his playing truly inspiring to drummers.

38. Bobby Jarzombek (1963 -)

At number 38 on our list is former Riot, Halford, and Fates Warning drummer, Bobby Jarzombek. Renowned for the extensive range of bands he has contributed to, Bobby is certainly one of the more versatile metal drummers out there.

With a huge list of albums under his name, and even being voted the number one drummer in 2000 by the readers of Japanese Metal Magazine, his drumming is consistently coordinated, complex, and dynamic to suit varying styles.

Inspiring a generation of drummers, Bobby Jarzombek is also known for his educational contributions over the years.

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39. Dave Witte (1971 -)

Known for various styles whilst maintaining his own distinctive intensity, Dave Witte is a sought-after drummer in the realms of metal, punk, and beyond. Witte’s career spans numerous bands and genres, from thrash metal with Municipal Waste to the avant-garde sounds of Discordance Axis. His drumming is not just technically proficient but also creatively inspiring, blending speed, power, and intricate rhythms seamlessly.

Having been drumming since 1990, Witte has constantly pushed the boat out with what’s possible at the drum kit.

40. Scott Rockenfield (1963 -)

From Seattle, Washington, Scott Rockenfield is one of the top metal drummers renowned for his work with the metal band Queensrÿche. Over the years, Rockenfield’s unique style has bridged the gap between metal and progressive rock.

Famous albums Rockenfield’s drumming is showcased on are the likes of Empire and Operation: Mindcrime, perfectly complementing the classic guitar solos performed on various tracks in each album.

41. Billy Rymer (1984 -)

Former END drummer Billy Rymer has had an extensive drumming career since 2009. Well known for his complexity, attention to detail, and outright brutal drumming, Rymer has a distinctive sound formed by snappy blast beats and multiple cymbals which perfectly complement his intricate fills and breakdowns.

Working with many bands such as North Korea/NK, No Machine, and thoughtcrimes, as well as working with Glassjaw on their third album, Billy has an outstanding portfolio.

42. Kevin Kaine (1995 -)

Drummer of Knocked Loose Kevin “Pascun” Kaine is renowned for his raw, traditional metal drumming. He’s impacted the skill of breakdowns without too much complexity that would eat into progressive metal. Multiple albums such as Laugh Tracks and Knocked Loose’s latest album Blinding Faith demonstrate Kevin’s raw metal style, keeping it alive even to this day.

With a custom kit designed by SJC specifically for him, Kevin Kaine will go down as one of the greats in history.

43. Mat Nicholls (1986 -)

Up next is Bring Me The Horizon’s drummer Mat Nicholls. Since recently joining the band, Nicholls took the reins and carried the band’s distinct sound effortlessly.

With hardcore metal drumming being his main passion, he’s known for his fast-paced, impactful sound and endurance during the longer tracks.

44. Mike Mangini (1963 -)

Also former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Mangini is respected significantly within the metal community. Having drummed since 1987, Mike is predominantly known for his sheer speed; he even set five world records during his career. If that wasn’t enough to impress, he also has drummed with legendary artist Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator, and Tribe of Judah.

Solo endeavours, also defining Mike’s drumming over the years, have proven his commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal drumming, solidifying his place as a pioneering figure in the evolution of metal.

45. Zbigniew Robert Promiński (Inferno) (1978 -)

Zbigniew Robert Promiński aka, Inferno is the powerhouse behind the extreme death metal band Behemoth. Fitting in perfectly with the blackened death metal scene, Inferno’s drumming is sharp, rapid, and ear-piercing.

Since 1995, his drumming has featured on many albums such as Antichristian Phenomenon and Demigod with Behemoth and Masochistic Devil Worship with Witchmaster and Czarne zastępy with Damnation. Not to mention his session work over the years, making him one of the most versatile death metal drummers around.

46. Matt Greiner (1985 -)

Matt Greiner, co-founder and drummer of August Burns Red, is acclaimed for his intricate and powerful drumming, which has been pivotal in defining the band’s sound and the metalcore genre. His technical expertise and ability to weave complex rhythms and patterns have earned him a distinguished place in the drumming community.

Greiner’s impact on drummers and musicians is profound, inspiring a generation with his commitment to excellence and innovation. Greiner’s approach to drumming, blending skill with passion, continues to resonate within the music industry.

47. Charlie Benante (1962 -)

Well known for his drumming in Anthrax, Stormtroopers of Death, and Pantera, Charlie Benante is highly regarded as one of the best metal drummers around. His aggressive playing style is characterised by rapid double bass drumming and extremely intricate rhythms that captivate any audience he is faced with.

Benante’s influence extends beyond his jaw-dropping drumming abilities, having written many songs for his band Anthrax over the years. As he tours with Pantera currently, Charlie Benante continues to inspire thousands of drummers all over the world.

48. Miloš Meier (1984 -)

Miloš Meier stands out as a dynamic and talented drummer from the Czech Republic, famous for his powerful performance and technical skills. As the drummer for the successful Czech metal band Dymytry, Meier has an extensive discography to his name, with albums such as Pharmageddon and Revolter being two of the most popular.

As if his band’s success wasn’t enough, Miloš also organises drumming workshops under the name “Drumming Syndrome” and has also played with multiple other bands.

49. Kevin Paradis (1991 -)

Last but not least on our list is Kevin Paradis, known for his exceptional skills in extreme metal drumming. He has made a significant mark with his technical proficiency and super intense playing style. In particular, his work with bands like Benighted showcases his ability to deliver lightning-fast beats and complex rhythms with precision and power.

Paradis’s drumming goes beyond mere speed, however, as he focuses a lot on articulation around the kit with a range of emotions and dynamics – ensuring no two songs are ever the same.

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Who was the best metal drummer ever?

Many regard Joey Jordison of Slipknot as the best metal drummer due to his speed, technicality, and heavy-hitting style. However, preferences can differ based on the specific sub-genre of metal and individual tastes in music.

Who is the most technically skilled drummer?

Mike Portnoy is among some of the best drummers renowned for technical prowess. His skill, precision, and complexity at the kit have become some of the most awe-inspiring parts of metal drumming that many budding drummers try to replicate.

Who is the best prog metal drummer?

Thomas Haake is widely regarded as the best prog metal drummer for his exceptional work with Meshuggah. His ability to handle complex time signatures and polyrhythms sets him apart in the prog metal genre. Plus, Haake’s drumming is not just technically proficient but also adds a unique texture and depth to Meshuggah’s sound.

Final thoughts

In this extremely comprehensive list, we’ve looked at the best metal drummers out there, diving into their style and impact on the genre. For metal enthusiasts looking to broaden their knowledge, we hope we’ve enlightened you; for budding drummers, we hope we’ve inspired you!

Want to read about more drumming legends? Why not check out our list of the best rock drummers?


Joe is an enthusiastic drummer who has been drumming for 12 years. He plays Heavy Metal and Djent on drums and also plays some electric guitar in his spare time.



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