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Best Digital Pianos for 2022


The world of digital pianos is ever-changing, constantly improving as technology advances. Somewhat ironically, the aim of the digital piano is to sound and feel as similar to its acoustic counterparts as possible.

But rather than just buying an acoustic piano, get with the times! Digital is where it’s at.

From a range of connectivity options to various instrumental sounds for you to try, digital pianos offer excellent potential to budding players and professionals alike.

So, where to start? With the mind-boggling scope of pianos out there on the current market, even the most seasoned of players would have a job finding the best fit for them. Worry not. We have scoured the vast array of pianos presented by manufacturing experts and formed a list of what we believe are the best digital pianos for 2022.

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

Of course, our first recommendation is an offering from digital piano giant Yamaha. The P45 Digital Piano teams affordability with unbeatable craftsmanship, granting high-quality design to budding pianists.

Approved by piano teachers, the graded hammer standard keyboard provides a natural playing feel, replicating the hammer action you would find in an acoustic piano. This means that new learners can practise proper technique and experience authentic-feeling resistance as the keys are pressed. Plus, a sustain pedal is included.

The P45 isn’t just designed for practice purposes – it’s built for performance, too. With advanced wave memory technology – a meticulous sampling system that creates precise sound for each key – and two discreet 6W speakers, this digital piano produces excellent sound that faithfully responds to your playing dynamics.

Whether it’s the standard grand piano tone, electric piano, vibraphone, or any other of the 10 voices installed in the instrument, you’ll be able to achieve a polished, strikingly realistic performance.

Along with an authentic-feeling keyboard and sparkling sound, Yamaha have equipped the P45 with everything a beginner needs to get going. This includes the Duo Function, which splits the keyboard in half and allows student and teacher to duet, and a 3-month subscription to the piano tutorial app, Flowkey Premium.


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Yamaha CLP 735 Digital Piano

Yamaha CLP-735

Another from the experts, the CLP 735 Digital Piano takes things up a notch, housing two of Yamaha’s flagship pianos – the CFX concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial. These models have prestigious history, making them esteemed in the piano world.

In fact, the CFX is recognised as one of the greatest concert grands of all time, whilst the Bösendorfer Imperial is deemed the only piano capable of withstanding the energetic playing of Franz Liszt. Scrupulously recorded with the use of binaural sampling and Yamaha’s Stereophonic Optimiser, the sound is multi-dimensional, even with headphones on.

Grand Expression Modelling recreates the way in which the hammers, dampers, and strings interact with each other, resulting in a tone that is as close to a grand piano as possible. The keys respond to the intensity in which you play, as well as the speed and depth in which they’re pressed. And thanks to a GrandTouch-S keyboard, your playing experience will feel just like that of an acoustic piano.

In addition to a three-month subscription to Flowkey Premium, this piano can be connected to the Smart Pianist app.


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Kawai CN29 Digital Piano

Kawai CN29

Known for their thorough attention to detail, the specialists at Kawai understand the importance of a natural-feeling piano. And so, the CN29 doesn’t disappoint.

Its responsive Hammer III keyboard action keeps key wobble to a minimum, whilst counterweights within each key add a versatile feel. These counterweights allow the keys to feel lighter during more gentle passages and heavier during powerful passages. To put it simply, they respond to your playing style for a smoother, more comfortable experience.

And to top it off, Kawai have also installed let-off simulations, which imitate that slight, subtle notch you feel when playing a grand piano.

High-fidelity sound is probably something on your checklist when shopping for a digital piano. But what about high-fidelity sound taken from two prestigious concert grand pianos? Now you’re really pushing the boat out. The SK-EX and EX pianos – Shigeru Kawai instruments often chosen by professional pianists for their tonal clarity and dynamic range – have been meticulously recorded, note by note, to retain incredible harmonic character.

This Kawai masterpiece also boasts an Onkyo sound system for crystal-clear audio, a Lesson function for practise songs you can play along to, and connectivity to the Virtual Technician and PiaBookPlayer apps.


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Casio PX 870 Digital Piano

Casio PX-870

Boasting a slimline design and powerful sound projection, the PX 870 is part of Casio’s Privia ultra-compact series. With a depth of just 299mm, it’s perfect for smaller spaces and will slot into most rooms with ease.

Don’t be fooled by such a sleek construction, though. Casio’s Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) enables the sound of the concert grand piano to be stored with exceptional detail – even the string resonance and key action noise have been captured. The result? Mesmerising, incredibly realistic tones that let you perform with full, unhindered expression.

Team such painstakingly recorded sound with Casio’s Hall Simulator and two-way speakers, and you’ll feel like you’re performing to a hushed, captivated audience at the Sydney Opera House.

The keyboard of the PX 870 has been crafted with Tri-Sensor II Hammer Action, a piece of Casio innovation that creates a precise, authentic-feeling experience. Synthetic ebony and ivory keytops then provide the finishing touches.

Designed for players wanting to advance their skills, as well as seasoned pianists who want the added benefits of a digital instrument, the PX 870 delivers high-quality components without an extortionately high price tag. And for those who do plan to continue their piano education, this Casio piano comes with free access to the Casio Music Academy, which provides videos, articles, and ten interactive lessons.

You’ll also have the Chordana Play for Piano app, allowing you to tweak your settings and tone with incredible precision.

And if a bit of home recording is your style, USB connectivity is there to accommodate.


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Korg G1 Air Digital Piano

Breathtaking in looks and even better in sound, the Korg G1 Air proves that versatility is key when it comes to piano playing. Every pianist requires something different, whether that be richer dynamics, lighter trebles, or warmer sound, and this can’t be achieved with just one piano. . .  which is why Korg have installed three.

The G1 Air boasts samples of a German piano for shining highs and powerful bass, a Japanese piano for luscious dynamics that thrive with both classical and pop, and an Austrian piano for a soulful, more colourful, classical sound.

It goes without saying that with a Korg creation, you can expect authentic-feeling playability. Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) resembles the response of mechanisms found in acoustic keybeds, feeling heavier in the bass and lighter in the treble. It’s the kind of graded action that makes every performance a dream.

The G1 Air also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone and tablet and use the piano as a speaker system.


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Kawai Novus NV5S Hybrid Digital Piano

Kawai Novus NV5S

Okay, this piano is something else entirely. The Kawai Novus NV5S Hybrid Digital Piano displays pioneering craftsmanship that is enough to draw even the most professional of players in. And you won’t be disappointed.

The beauty of this hybrid piano lies in both its electronic workings and the authentic, acoustic feel produced by Kawai’s Millennium III hybrid action. Extended spruce key sticks are teamed with individually weighted ABS-carbon components for strength, stability, and a supremely light feel, whilst optical sensors capture the movements of the hammers.

Even with the most powerful and forceful of playing, such a quality hybrid build offers exceptional stability. And when you’re playing more delicate passages or quick repetitions, you’ll have a precise response from the Integrated Hammer Sensing System (HSS).

Sparkling amplification stems from the Onkyo sound system. With an output power of 130 watts, the NV5S projects incredibly rich sound.

In fact, the speakers have been carefully located for optimum projection, with the lower facing speakers delivering bass tones and the top speakers producing the highs. Better still, DIDRC filter technology is there to produce a superbly clear, natural sound. It does this by removing unnecessary high frequencies and static noise usually associated with digital instruments.

You know a piano’s fancy when it has a screen taking the place of a control panel. Well, feast your eyes on the NV5S’ 5″ LCD touchscreen. Along with Virtual Technician, this allows you to sculpt the tones and resonance depth of your sound.


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Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano

Kawai KDP120

Another one from the Japanese piano manufacturer, the KDP120 is a little less eye-watering in price.

It’s still got some truly premium features, though, for an addictive playing experience. For example, there’s the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, granting realistic resistance as you touch the keys. And thanks to additional features such as damper resonance, reverb, and hammer delay, you can achieve the fine nuances of sound and feel that you would expect with an acoustic.

Samples of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand have been expertly installed in the KDP120. This prestigious piano has been used by professionals at esteemed events such as the Chopin international piano competition. And to provide you with an accurate recreation of its sound, Kawai has employed their patented Harmonic Imaging technology.

Of course, as with most digital pianos, there is a range of other instrument voices for you to explore. Dual mode then allows you to layer these voices. And for those quieter practise sessions, Low Volume Balance enables you to play with reduced volume without compromising sound quality.

Connectivity is hugely important when it comes to digital instruments, and with the KDP120 you’ll be able to connect to your computer or smartphone/tablet via either USB MIDI or Bluetooth MIDI. The piano can also be used in conjunction with Kawai’s PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, granting you a variety of sounds, settings, and lessons.


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Yamaha YDP 145 Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP 145

Part of Yamaha’s Arius series, the YDP 145 presents the kind of resonance that comes from the strings of an acoustic piano. It does this through Virtual Resonance Modelling Lite, Yamaha’s technology that simulates the interaction between string and soundboard resonance.

As expected, the samples used for this piano have been taken from Yamaha’s renowned CFX concert grand, resulting in an instrument that not only feels the part, but sounds it too. Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) then promises detailed bass and treble even at low volumes, whilst the Stereophonic Optimiser enables expansive, immersive sound with headphones.

The YDP 145 also features four types of reverb and duo and dual functions for more effective learning.

Effortless external device connection is available with this Yamaha piano, allowing you to connect to the Smart Pianist app for easy control over your performance.

Plus, a three-month subscription to Flowkey Premium is something that will benefit beginners and advanced players alike. With a variety of courses, an eclectic library, sheet music, and instant feedback, you’ll have excellent resources available to you with this well-known piano learning app.


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Casio GP510 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

Casio GP510The product of a masterful collaboration, Casio’s GP510 Grand Hybrid houses three truly premium pianos. And it does so with the kind of craftsmanship that allows for full expression and authentic playability.

It has been created with C. Bechstein, one of the most world-renowned grand and upright acoustic piano builders. As soon as your fingers touch the keys, such quality design is obvious, and it’s all thanks to the full grand piano action mechanism. Unlike digital pianos, these keys aren’t made to simulate the mechanisms of an acoustic, but they employ true, authentic graded hammer action.

Using the Grand Acoustic Sound System, the GP510 possesses piano sounds from Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. Each with their own unique qualities, these three pianos allow you to achieve the tone that best fits your style, whether that be classical, pop, or anything in between.

Not only have they been scrupulously sampled, but they also shine with the built-in Hall Simulator, a feature that recreates the atmosphere and reverberations from venues such as concert halls and cathedrals. Every tonal detail has been considered during Casio’s careful and intense analysis of the shape and sound of these spaces.

A bespoke speaker system enables the sparkling sonic qualities of the pianos to reach their full potential. There are six speakers in total, granting a full, immersive sound projection that can be altered via the lid simulator.

By adjusting the lid, you also change the position of the top two speakers, which therefore manipulates the sound direction. The lid simulator then acknowledges the lid position and alters the sound to reflect the true sound projection of an acoustic grand piano. This isn’t the kind of innovative technology you get on any old piano!

Sometimes, solo piano just doesn’t cut it. If you’re after a full orchestra, you needn’t move further than the comfort of your home. Concert Play gives you the choice of 15 classical melodies alongside a symphony orchestra. You can also access the Casio Music Academy for interactive lessons and create high-quality recordings by inserting a USB memory stick.


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Roland DP603 Digital Piano

Roland DP603

A traditional-feeling and sounding piano with a modern twist. The Roland DP603 is slightly slimmer than standard digital pianos – it has a depth of 311mm – and serves as the ideal instrument for musicians who are a bit tight for space or don’t want a piano taking up the whole room.

Its SuperNATURAL sound engine delivers premium grand piano sounds whilst responding to your touch and playing style. These magnificent tones can be sculpted via the intuitive Piano Designer feature. Whether it’s hammer noise, cabinet resonance, or single note character, the finest nuances of sound can be shaped to suit you.

Plus, the keys bear an ebony and ivory feel. It’s these detailed finishing touches that make for a smooth, natural playing experience.

It’s not just exceptional sound and playability that this Roland masterpiece presents, but also some very handy extra features.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play along to your favourite tracks and even use the DP603 as a wireless speaker system, whilst USB connectivity means you can link up to music production software. A USB memory slot then enables you to store recorded performances directly.

Beginners will also benefit from Twin Piano mode, which allows students and teachers to sit together and play in the same octave. And if that’s not enough, the DP603 offers access to educational apps such as Roland’s Piano Partner 2.


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Which is right for me?

Digital pianos just keep getting better and better, making it increasingly difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. To start off with, you’ll need to assess your skill level, the amount of space you’ve got for the piano, and the kind of features you want.

If you’re a beginner, say goodbye to the days of needing an acoustic piano to feel natural keyboard action. Even with a lower budget, you can experience an authentic feeling keyboard that supports proper technique. Something like the Yamaha P45 or Casio PX 870 are brilliant examples of this.

Seasoned pianists or professionals will love a hybrid piano, as it combines the handy features of a digital instrument with truly authentic keyboard action. And it probably comes as no surprise that models with a higher price point usually boast more powerful speaker systems, making those performances more dynamic and expressive.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, all the pianos on our list have functions and/or app connectivity to promote skill development. These kinds of educational tools benefit everyone, whatever your ability level.

Why not take a look at our range of digital pianos? You’re sure to find the best fit for you.


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