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What Gear Does Hainbach Use? 23 Recommendations You Can Buy Today


Who is Hainbach?

HainbachHainbach is a German experimental composer who’s inspired by ambient and electro-acoustic music. His YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers, and he regularly uploads videos about his music, cool ideas, and gear.

Like us, Hainbach loves gear and often uses vintage musical and indeed non-musical gear to make music. With old electronics lab equipment that was never intended for music production, he can create crazy and unique sounds, rhythms, and textures. He also loves using tape loops and exploring the vintage sounds and textures that you can produce without digital recorders or computers.

But despite this love of vintage and non-musical gear, Hainbach also records with new gear and modern devices.

We invited Hainbach to browse through our site and recommend some music-making gadgets and devices that he personally enjoys using.

One quick note, Hainbach will receive a cut of sales made if you click through the links on this blog post. So if you decide to go for any of his recommendations, you’ll be supporting him too!


Moog Subharmonicon

Moog-SubharmoniconA semi-modular synth from Moog with a highly unusual signal flow, the Subharmonicon is a source of endless melodies with experimental tunings. Not only is it a permanent solution for writer’s block, but it also acts like a traditional subtractive analogue synth with unmistakable Moog tone.

What Hainbach says: “A lovely retro-innovation, definitely not an instrument that plays it safe.”

Shop now | Moog Subharmonicon

Teenage Engineering OP-1

The ultimate portable music machine. A marvel of design, the OP-1 is unlike any other musical device, inside and out. It contains everything you need to make music, from inspiring sketches to full-blown arrangements. You can even sample and remix the airwaves via the built-in FM radio.

What Hainbach says: “A classic.”

Shop now | Teenage Engineering OP-1

Moog Etherwave Theremin

Moog-Etherwave-ThereminThe Theremin is one of the oldest and most recognisable electronic musical instruments. It allows you to perform by moving your hands in an electrical field. This takes dedication to learn, but it sounds like nothing else.

What Hainbach says: “Everyone needs a Theremin, even if it’s just to feel bad for not practising enough.

Shop now | Moog Etherwave Theremin

Erica Synths SYNTRX

A synth laboratory in a box, the SYNTRX is completely analogue with a digitally controlled patch matrix. Inspired by the legendary VCS-3, it can take you to new sonic worlds, offering a lifetime of exploration and experimentation.

What Hainbach says: “So much more than a synth. I made a whole record with it.

Shop now | Erica Synths SYNTRX

Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesiser

Novation-Summit-Hybrid-SynthesizerTwin peaks! The Summit is Novation’s double-strength polysynth, featuring high-resolution digital ‘Oxford’ oscillators and analogue filters for the best of both worlds. It sounds both icy and strange, warm and powerful, and with its layering capabilities has tremendous sound design potential.

What Hainbach says: “The arpeggiator on this is my favourite part. So playful.”

Shop now | Novation Summit

Elektron Digitone

Elektron sought to tame FM synthesis, and they succeeded. The Digitone simplifies the process so that new sounds are only a few knob-turns away. Combine this with their famous parameter locking sequencer, and you can create wild rhythmic chaos in a matter of seconds.

What Hainbach says: “The one Elektron I kept. It just sounds great.”

Shop now | Elektron Digitone

Roland JD08

The iconic Roland JD-800 was a huge hit in 1991. With a complex four-part voice made up of wavetables and virtual analogue filters, it could cover a whole spectrum of tones far beyond the domain of analogue synths. The new boutique JD08 puts the power of that massive machine into a tiny desktop form factor.

What Hainbach says: “So small yet so lush. A true surprise.

Shop now | Roland JD08

Korg Monotron Delay

Famously affordable and fun. The Monotron Delay lets you add characterful, noisy echoes to any signal you can connect to it, and makes a wonderful gift for any budding musician.

What Hainbach says: “Cheap and cheerful, yet surprisingly rewarding.

Shop now | Korg Monotron Delay

Modular gear

E-RM Polygogo

E-RM-Polygogo-Graphical-Stereo-OscillatorA stereo Eurorack Modular oscillator with gorgeous visual feedback and unique digital waveshaping capabilities, the Polygogo is unlike any other oscillator. It’s perfect for pairing with warm analogue filters.

What Hainbach says: “The most exciting Eurorack Oscillator.”

Shop now | E-RM Polygogo

Moog MAVIS Semi-Modular Analog Synth Kit

The MAVIS is a build-it-yourself semi-modular Moog. It gives you a well-chosen selection of modular capabilities for an absolute bargain price compared to buying individually. Plus, it’s both standalone and can be Euroracked – you’ll never grow out of it!

What Hainbach says: “Moog goes budget – a fun extension for the Moog semi-modular environment.”

Shop now | Moog MAVIS Semi-Modular Analog Synth Kit

Make Noise MATHS

This is the swiss-army knife of Eurorack modules, and it’s popular for a good reason. MATHS offers an unbeatable selection of endlessly useful components in one single panel – it’s an LFO, Envelope, Mixer, Attenuverter, VCA, Oscillator, Slew Limiter, and more, and many combinations thereof – simultaneously! Every system should have at least one.

What Hainbach says: “Still amazing after a decade.

Shop now | Make Noise MATHS

Make Noise Strega

A drone and noise-making behemoth. A collaboration between Make Noise’s Tony Rolando and Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini, the Strega encourages sonic experimentation and physical interaction. You could play a set with just a Strega alone!

What Hainbach says: “Alessandro and Tony did something beautiful with the Strega.”

Shop now | Make Noise Strega

Make Noise 0-Ctrl

Make-Noise-0-CTRL-Patchable,-Clockable-Controller-and-Step-SequencerThe 0-Ctrl unlocks a new level of interaction with your Eurorack gear. It’s a truly hands-on interactive sequencer which can be both programmed and performed live. Your touches can jump steps, make the sequencer ping pong, and so much more. It’s a new way to explore melodies.

What Hainbach says: “Simple yet deep, another great Make Noise instrument.

Shop now | Make Noise 0-Ctrl  

Make Noise 0-Coast

The 0-Coast distils the spirit of the ‘Buchla’ voice into a compact space that can create otherworldly, glittering tones all by itself or become part of a big analogue ensemble with its semi-modular capabilities. Featuring MIDI and a built-in arpeggiator, it’s a great alternative (or companion!) to a subtractive analogue synth voice.

What Hainbach says: “Roars nicely.”

Shop now | Make Noise 0-Coast

Korg SQ-1 2×8 Analog Step Sequencer

Korg’s ultra simple and ultra-affordable SQ-1 puts the immediacy and fun of classic analogue step sequencing into anyone’s hands. It’s a melodic sequencer, but using its CV outs, it’s also a way of modulating parameters for expressive tones – the more the merrier!

What Hainbach says: “I have three – so simple, always useful.

Shop now | Korg SQ-1 2×8 Analog Step Sequencer

Effects pedals

Strymon Timeline

Strymon-TimeLine-Delay-PedalComplex yet beautiful delays are an integral part of ambient music. Strymon are a gold standard in the field and the Timeline is a ‘greatest hits’ of delay tones. From clean to warm and wobbly, it can do it all.

What Hainbach says: “Hard to beat Strymon in the delay game.”

Shop now | StrymonTimeline

Neunaber Immerse Reverberator Mk II

Eight gorgeous stereo reverbs in one small pedal. You can’t really beat that. The Neunaber Immerse Reverberator MK II features some of the richest reverbs you’ll find on a pedal with accurate simulations of real-world classic units.

What Hainbach says:Neunaber is just lush.”

Shop now | Neunaber Immerse Reverberator Mk II

Eventide Blackhole

What’s better than one reverb for ambient music? Another reverb! The Eventide Blackhole takes one of Eventide’s most legendary effects algorithms and dedicates a whole pedal to it, with dedicated knobs vs the knob-free H9. Offering truly galactic-scale reverbs with the bizarre ‘inverse gravity’, this one will ensure lift-off commences.

What Hainbach says:All the knobs are worth having this over its more featured cousins.”

Shop now | Eventide Blackhole

Other studio gear

Shure SM7B Studio Microphone

Shure-SM7B-Dynamic-Studio-MicrophoneA legendary dynamic studio microphone, the SM7B is beloved by podcasters and singers for its warm tone and excellent ambient room rejection. You’ll sound great just about anywhere!

What Hainbach says:My preferred mic when the room is not ideal.

Shop now | Shure SM7B Dynamic Studio Microphone

RME Babyface Pro FS

RME audio interfaces are loved for their stable, reliable operation and pristine conversion. What you hear is what you get. The Babyface provides some of the lowest noise you’ll find, and with USB capability and class-compliant connectivity, you can use it on an iPad as well as Mac and PC!

What Hainbach says:Connecting this to the iPad was wonderful – very powerful setup, even for the iPad.”

Shop now | RME Babyface Pro FS

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

Blackmagic’s ATEM Mini is a video streaming production studio in one incredibly affordable little box. You can connect multiple HDMI cameras and push buttons to effortlessly switch between them in your live stream. It’s unmatched value for money.

What Hainbach says:My go-to for streaming.”

Shop now | Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

RME Fireface UFX+ Thunderbolt Interface

RME-Fireface-UFX+-Thunderbolt-InterfaceThe Fireface is a professional-grade thunderbolt interface from RME. As with the Babyface, it’s as solid as a rock and utterly pristine sounding. Its versatility allows for a huge variety of inputs, routing them wherever you wish, and growing with your needs.

What Hainbach says:RME is just perfect. Never crashes, fast drivers.”

Shop now | RME Fireface UFX+ Thunderbold Interface 

RME ARC USB Control for TotalMix FX and Fireface UFX

Since the RME Fireface UFX+ features the deep Totalmix routing engine, the ARC puts control of user-definable functions and other useful monitoring capabilities at arms reach.

What Hainbach says: “An easy way to control the RME Fireface UFX. Sits permanently on my mixing desk.”

Shop now | RME ARC USB Control for TotalMix FX and Fireface UFX

Find out more

Hopefully Hainbach’s wide range of recommendations will inspire you to compose and produce music. If you want to see more gear, check out our website for synths, Eurorack modules, pedals, and much more!




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