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Shure Wireless Systems: Quick Comparisons


Wireless systems can be a minefield. We’ll guide you through the differences between the Shure Wireless Systems and help you decide which one is right for you. 

BLX SystemsThe Shure BLX wireless system and mic in use with drums behind


  • Easy-to-use, professional wireless system  
  • Up to 90 metres of range  
  • Battery-powered transmitters that last up to 14 hrs 
  • One-touch Quickscan to easily find an open frequency
  • Comes in a range of options for any use case 
  • Runs up to 12 systems per frequency band, meaning it’s easy to run multiple systems
  • Available in dual and rack-mountable options

The Shure BLX Wireless Systems are perfect for beginners looking for an easy wireless system with high-quality audio that works straight out of the box.

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SLX-D Systems

RELIABLE, HIGH-QUALITY DIGITAL AUDIOThe Shure SLXD wireless system in a church

  • Fully digital audio, providing crystal-clear quality 
  • Stable signal for reliable performance with no dropouts or interference
  • Transmitters have up to 8 hrs of battery life from 2 AA batteries 
  • Transmitters can use Shure SB903 rechargeable accessories  
  • Up to 32 compatible systems  
  • Link multiple systems together using an ethernet port  
  • Can be used with the mobile app Wireless Workbench for remote monitoring and management without interrupting the production
  • Handheld transmitters have interchangeable capsules, allowing you to get the perfect sound for your performance
  • Easily pair transmitters to receivers with IR sync for quick setup

The Shure SLX-D Wireless Systems are perfect for touring musicians and houses of worship as they provide reliable, high-quality audio that you can depend on for every performance.  

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QLX-D Systems  The Shure QLX-D wireless system in a church


  • 24-bit digital audio to capture clear, accurate audio
  • Wide frequency response 
  • Up to 22 compatible systems  
  • Connect and manage multiple systems by linking with ethernet network cables
  • Monitor and manage the system using Wireless Workbench and Shure Plus Channels apps 
  • Handheld transmitters have interchangeable capsules, allowing you to get the perfect sound for your performance
  • Transmitters can use Shure SB903 rechargeable accessories   
  • Easily pair transmitters and receivers using IR sync  
  • QLX-D will automatically scan for a free frequency if it detects any interference and will switch to the free channel without any dropout
  • All-metal construction to withstand touring environments

The Shure QLX-D Wireless Systems are top quality when it comes to wireless microphone technology. They’re perfect for demanding environments like large venues and music festivals that need a reliable system and premium audio no matter what.  

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