G4M’s New Studio Range – What’s the Deal?


A new player in the studio world, G4M is a brand you should become familiar with. In the line-up, you’ll find studio microphones, 500-series modules, and acoustic foam treatment. Designed to meet the needs of professional producers, musicians, and engineers who are serious about studio audio, these essential tools feature high-quality craftsmanship and deliver premium-quality performance.

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The new G4M studio range comprises:

Microphones: Suitable for any scenario in the studio, there are four microphones in the range. A dynamic vocal microphone, a small-diaphragm condenser, and two large-diaphragm condensers, one of which has USB connectivity.

Acoustic Foam: Level up your studio treatment with flat, corner-mounted, wood-faced, and frequency-specific acoustic foam, in a range of pattern designs and colours.

Outboard: An essential range of studio processors, namely EQ, compressor, and preamp in the popular 500-series format with 3 and 8-slot chassis options.


G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone

G4M Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneA studio staple, the G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone offers all the performance and audio quality to become your new go-to microphone.

Specifically tuned for vocals, it features a hypercardioid polar pattern to effectively reject any off-axis interference and noise. This pairs with a wind-resistant design to keep your vocals undisturbed by outside noise.

Slightly biased in the upper frequencies with a full-range response from 50-20kHz, it delivers exceptional articulation.

Though purpose-designed for vocals, the G4M dynamic mic is incredibly flexible thanks to its exceptional performance.

The high-quality capsule and components deliver high sensitivity for a dynamic microphone of -55dB +/-3dB, which is matched with an ultra-high max SPL of 150dB, making it perfect for recording extremely loud or dynamic instruments such as guitar cabinets and drums.

Consistent with the full G4M range, the Dynamic Vocal Microphone is built to last and features a full metal chassis and grille to withstand any environment. You could even use this live onstage

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G4M Pencil Condenser Microphone with Capsule Set

A unique microphone, the Pencil Condenser Microphone stands out due to its interchangeable capsule system, a premium feature that offers three distinct polar patterns – cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and omnidirectional. This variety allows you to tailor your recording requirements based on specific needs, making it a no-brainer for multiple recording options in one device.

No matter what capsule you have on, you’ll achieve professional-quality sound. Capturing the nuances and subtleties of any instrument, such as vocals, guitars, and pianos, its full-range frequency response from 20Hz – 20kHz ensures every detail of your performance is reproduced with incredible accuracy.

No additional purchase is needed, the Pencil Condenser Microphone comes with its own range of accessories including a wind sock, suspension mount, and hard-wearing plastic carry case to complete the package.

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G4M Dynamic/USB Broadcast Microphone

G4M Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with USBIdeal for online streaming, podcasting, and content creation, the G4M Dynamic Broadcast Microphone strikes the perfect balance between versatility and high-quality audio capture. Offering both XLR and USB connectivity, it can seamlessly integrate into any studio setup.

The high-quality XLR connectivity is compatible with audio interfaces, mixers, and other professional equipment, whilst USB-C connectivity offers easy plug-in-and-play functionality to any computer or laptop.

Producing true-to-life audio quality, the front-facing capsule features a tuned frequency response from 50Hz – 15kHz, ensuring every detail is captured.

Audio conversion through the USB-C connectivity is crystal clear, recording up to 96kHz in 24-bit quality and monitoring your recordings is as simple as connecting a pair of headphones to the onboard headphone output.

Wrapped in a stylish, sleek, and timeless design that doesn’t just look good but is built to last, the all-metal construction protects your microphone from any accidental bumps or impact.

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G4M Studio Condenser Microphone

At the heart of the G4M Studio Condenser Microphone lies a 34mm gold-sputtered diaphragm capsule that captures every nuance of sound with unrivalled precision and fidelity. Capable of accurately capturing the full frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz, everything from the sub-bass of a guitar to the shimmer of a cymbal is within its capability.

This versatility is amplified by onboard switches, offering a 100 or 200Hz low-cut filter and -12dB pad to eliminate unwanted low-frequency rumbling and record high sound pressure levels without distortion respectively. This amount of control makes it incredibly easy to record any instrument that comes into your studio.

Utilising a cardioid polar pattern, the microphone delivers superior sound isolation by capturing sound directly in front of the mic while minimising background noise, making it a useful tool for studio, stage, podcasting, or even streaming.

The package includes a wind sock, flight case, and shock mount – the complete solution for all your recording needs

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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics – Trianglewave, Sawtooth, Squarewaves, Sinewaves

G4M Acoustics Trianglewave Max 60 x 60 x 14cm Foam Panel, PairLightweight, stylish, and highly effective, the Acoustics range of foam treatment panels offers premium sound diffusion for your studio. The premium-grade foam material minimises resonances through absorption while the unique design pattern helps to improve sound diffusion of midrange frequencies.

Measuring 60 x 60 cm with a depth of 14cm, the Acoustics Foam panels balance the tone of your listening environment and add visual interest to the aesthetic of your studio.

Constructed from a high NRS (Noise Reduction Coefficient) performing foam, the Trianglewave works from 200Hz to 5kHz, targeting important midrange information, enabling you to mix with more accuracy and confidence.

Available in a variety of shapes including the Trianglewave, Sawtooth, Squarewaves, and Sinewaves designs with simple installation, the Acoustics foam offers something to fit every aesthetic in your studio.

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Acoustics Curves Panels

Adding a touch of class to your acoustic treatment, the Acoustics Curves Panels feature a beautiful wood fascia mounted on premium-quality acoustic foam. The custom curve pattern design is etched into the wood, aiding the dispersion properties of your treatment.

Effectively absorbing frequencies from 150Hz to 4kHz, the 8cm thick design and high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating help target upper midrange frequencies to the upper bass register, helping to eliminate resonances and flatten the frequency response of your listening environment.

Knowing your mixing or mastering room is so vital. We’d recommend stacking multiple panels together in problem areas of your room to address key frequencies, ensuring your music translates on other listening systems.

Choose between a raw poplar finish, black, white, or walnut effect and find the perfect look to complement the excellent acoustic properties and level up your studio.

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Acoustics Waves Panels

G4M Acoustics Waves 60 x 60cm Panel, PoplarJust like the Curves panels, the Waves panels offer a visually-pleasing solution to acoustic treatment for your studio.

Built from the exact same high NRC performance foam to the same specifications and dimensions, the Waves Panels feature a flowing design to add elegance to your studio.

Available in the same range of colours from the raw wood finish, black, white and walnut effect, sounding good doesn’t have to look boring with the Acoustics Waves Panels.

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Stylish and extremely functional, the G4M Acoustics Wideband panels are high-quality acoustic treatment which performs over a large frequency range.

Improve the audio clarity of your studio between the range of 200Hz to 5kHz thanks to the high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Polyester Foam design, velvet fabric top, and full 12cm thickness design.

Easy to install, the Wideband Panels can be mounted to walls without complicated tools or equipment. All that’s needed is adhesive, providing flexibility for the placement to eliminate unwanted resonances and flatten the frequency response of your studio.

The custom design adds a touch of elegance to any space and is available in timeless black or white colours to fit any studio aesthetic.

Shop now | G4M Acoustics Wideband 60 x 60 x 12cm Panel, White


G4M Acoustics Hiband 60 x 60 x 7cm Panel, OakPerformance and style combine with the Hiband panel. An excellent all-around solution for acoustic treatment in a studio, the Hiband boasts a range from 250Hz to 5kHz, covering upper bass frequencies to upper midrange frequencies, optimising the frequency response of your studio.

It’s crafted with a beautiful oak veneer frame which mounts on velvet-coated NRC Polyester acoustic foam to produce high-performance acoustic properties.

Reducing echoes, absorption, and dispersion in one panel, the Hiband is flexible in functionality and installation. Specialist mounting brackets can be found on the rear of the panel to attach it to any wall with ease – no specialist tools required.

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Focused on mid to high frequencies, the Brightband panels are constructed from specialist materials to yield excellent absorption performance.

Improve the audio quality of your studio and monitor your audio more accurately with specialist high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) foam, optimising the range between 300Hz to 4kHz.

There’s no complicated setup necessary here, the 60 x 60 panels are 6cm deep and can be mounted to any wall or surface using adhesive or tape, making them flexible enough to be positioned wherever you need in your studio.

Add a touch of elegance to your studio and fit any aesthetic with a choice between timeless black and white panels.

Shop now | G4M Acoustics Brightband 60 x 60 x 6cm Panel, White, 3 Pack

Acoustics Curves Corner

G4M Acoustics Curves 60 x 42cm Corner Panel, Poplar, PairA corner version of G4M’s Curves panels, these excel at trapping the omnidirectional waves of bass frequencies.

Built to fit any corner space with simple installation, utilising the Acoustics Curves Corner Panels will efficiently absorb frequencies from 60Hz to 500Hz, flattening the essential low end of your mixing or mastering productions.

Crafted from the same premium high NRC performance foam, the fire-resistant Polyester Foam delivers exceptional acoustic performance, all while looking stunning with the custom curve wooden fascia design.

Measuring at a full 22cm thickness, installation to any corner in your studio is made easy. Using adhesive or tape, you can effortlessly mount them on walls without the need for complicated tools or equipment.

Available in the raw wood finish, black, white, and walnut effect, find the right look to complement your studio.

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Acoustics Waves Corner

Rounding off the collection available, the G4M Acoustics Waves Corner Panels feature the same attention to detail, quality, and design as the Waves Panels, only in a corner bass trap format for low frequencies.

Tame the low-end of your mixing or mastering room with high-quality absorption performance from 60 to 500Hz.

Lightweight and easy to install, you can use adhesive or even tape to effortlessly mount to your corner spots, without any complicated tools or equipment.

As with the Panels, you can choose between the raw wood finish, white, black, and walnut effect to find the perfect aesthetic match for your premium acoustic treatment.

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G4M 500 Series Preamp

G4M 500 Series PreampThe high-calibre G4M 500 Series Preamp offers an impressive gain range of up to 70dB, ensuring precise amplification and crystal-clear clarity. Its versatile functionality, facilitated by Mic/Line input switches, caters to diverse recording scenarios, enhancing workflow efficiency.

The innovative Polarity/Air switch and adjustable impedance options between 300 and 1200 Ohms provide superior sound control, guaranteeing optimal signal integrity, regardless of whatever microphone you’re plugging in.

The compact design allows seamless integration into any compatible rack system, underscoring its professional-grade quality.

With front-mounted D.I. input, you can connect instruments or microphones directly to the front of the unit and with the pad function for attenuation control, connecting and alternating between instruments is effortless, preventing clipping or distortion.

For professionals seeking unparalleled performance and versatility, the G4M 500 Series Preamp is the ultimate choice.

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G4M 500 Series Compressor

A perfect solution for dynamic control. The G4M 500 Series Compressor simplifies compression whilst delivering immaculate audio quality. Featuring set-and-forget attack and release times with control over the ratio and threshold, you can take complete control over your audio envelope.

With a ratio which stretches anywhere from 1:1 to 25:1, subtle dynamics taming of a vocal performance to complete dynamic reduction and limiting of a bass guitar is possible. Controlling the low-end dynamics of bass guitars is also easy with the included 100Hz high-pass filter, ensuring any excessive low-energy audio does not interfere with your compression settings.

Visual feedback is essential for dynamic control and is provided with three simple LEDs, two for the threshold level dictating whether it’s ‘Above’ or ‘Below’ the level with a third LED for clipping indication.

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G4M 500 Series EQ

G4M 500 Series EQWith a vintage-style EQ, you are provided with a plethora of sonic sculpting possibilities. The G4M 500 Series EQ features three bands with a generous range of -15dB to +15dB gain, providing precise control over specific frequencies.

From boosting shimmering highs, enhancing the warmth of the mids, or tightening up the low-end punch, this EQ empowers you to effortlessly shape your sound with surgical precision.

Crafted with the utmost care, the G4M EQ ensures transparent and pristine audio quality. Its high-quality components and state-of-the-art circuitry deliver exceptional sonic transparency and minimal noise, preserving the integrity and dynamics of your source material.

You can rest assured that your sound will be faithfully represented, without any unwanted coloration or distortion.

Take advantage of the integrated high-pass filter, adjustable up to 300Hz, to eliminate undesirable low-frequency content. This powerful feature effectively removes rumble and interference, allowing for cleaner and more focused sound reproduction, resulting in a polished and professional mix.

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G4M 500 Series 8 Slot Rack Case

Your 500 Series modules need somewhere to be housed and with the G4M 500 Series Rack Case, you have eight slots of power with intelligent distribution for clean and reliable power delivery.

Extremely robust and durable, you can be sure that your studio modules will remain safe and protected against everyday use in the studio or on stage. Coupled with a user-friendly design with easy module access ensures effortless customisation and protection.

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G4M 500 Series Rack Case – 3 Slot

Like the 8 Slot Rack Case, but smaller. The 3 Slot Rack Case lets you house your 1U modules in one place for ultimate protection and flexibility.

Built from the same rugged and durable materials with intelligent power distribution, your modules will be secure with optimal performance. Coming with an included power supply to minimise noise and interference, everything you need to house your G4M modules is included!

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Final thoughts

Covering a selection of essential equipment for studios, the G4M range should be a serious contender if you’re looking to upgrade your home or professional studio.


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