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Artiphon Orba: now anyone can create music, even non-musicians…

Artiphon Orba
Artiphon Orba

Artiphon Orba: now anyone can create music, even non-musicians…

From complete novices to pro musicians, the Artiphon Orba reinvents the way we think about musical instruments. Learn more about this revolutionary device.

Artiphon Orba
By | Published 29.06.21

Looking for a new way to make music? The Artiphon Orba can be as easy or as complicated as you like - there’s no right or wrong way to play it. With a super compact design plus built-in synth and speaker, you can make music anywhere.

Make music however you like

The Artiphon Orba is a handheld synthesizer, looper, and controller. And while that description is relatively straightforward, it does absolutely no justice to what the Orba can achieve.

In the words of Mike Butera (founder and CEO of Artiphon), the Orba is designed to “reinvent the way we think about musical instruments and who gets to play them.”

With its array of buttons and gyroscopic sensors, you can tap, shake, tilt, glide, and even spin the Orba to make different sounds.

The Orba’s super compact design, built-in sounds, and speaker makes it the ideal companion for travel or a handy tool for the studio.

Artiphon Orba

Create, control

The Orba can be used standalone, or as a studio controller.

To make sounds on its own, the Orba has a built-in synth and looper. With Drum, Bass, Chord and Lead sounds, you can play individual instruments or build a complete arrangement on the go.

If you want to connect to external Apps, you can use the Orba as a MIDI controller via Bluetooth/USB MIDI. This gives you a huge range of controls to experiment with, from touch responsive buttons to controllers for shake, tilt, vibrato, move, slide, and even spin.

Artiphon Orba

Orba is compatible with the free Orba companion app, Garageband, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, and many more of your favourite DAWs.


Words don’t really do the Orba justice. Watch the following videos to get an idea of what it can achieve.

Introducing Orba - an overview

Using Orba's gestures, looper, synth, and MIDI controller functionality

Make a song in seconds with Orba

Incredible software instruments with Garageband iOS

Using Orba with Ableton Live 11

Control hardware synths with Orba

Orba's tilt gestures with synth

First impressions

Orba first impressions with Taetro

Orba first impressions with Miette Hope

Orba first impressions with The Phronetic

Orba Tutorials

Watch Artiphon's short Orba tutorials with this playlist. Learn how to use modes, gestures, and then build a song.

Find out more

Shop now | Artiphon Orba at Gear4music

Discover more | Artiphon Orba plus cases, sleeves, and the Instrument 1



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