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Zildjian Z Custom Cymbals Review – They’re Back After 15 Years


No, this is not a mirage, the Z Custom series is back after 15 years! We got our hands on some, and in this Zildjian Z Custom Cymbals review, we dissect these newly reintroduced icons and how they’ve been revitalised.

Crafted with a distinct alloy, these cymbals come in a range of weights and sizes tailored to diverse musical needs. Plus, they boast a striking aesthetic with star imprints on the surface.

We’ll explore specific models, like the heavy-hitting 18-inch crash and the sharp 14-inch hi-hats, providing a thorough first impression of their performance.

In a hurry? Here’s the verdict

With huge expectations to match, we’re thoroughly impressed by how Zildjian have managed to revive the Z Custom series.

The star hammer pattern might be the first thing that stands out, but there’s so much more to these cymbals. They offer brilliant, bright tones and sheer yet controlled volume. Covering a range of sizes and styles, the new Z custom series certainly carries the legacy of the previous series.

Fantastic, durable constructionLack of versatility; whilst they're designed for rock and metal, they may not excel in other genres
Bright, powerful sound that cuts through dense mixesHigh price point
Great for heavy-hitting genres like rock and metal

What’s on offer?

Here’s the full range of new Z Customs you can get your hands on:

Zildjian Z Custom 16'' CrashCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 17" CrashCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 18" CrashCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 18" ChinaCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 19" CrashCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 20" CrashCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 20" RideCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 20" ChinaCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 21" Mega Bell RideCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 22" RideCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 14" Hi HatsCheck the current price
Zildjian Z Custom 15" Hi HatsCheck the current price

Zildjian Z Custom Cymbals review

Initial thoughts

Z CUSTOM CRASHESThe new lineup of Z Custom cymbals doesn’t disappoint. Available in various sizes, the cymbals are heavy, have a robust build, and are tailored specifically to genres that demand high volume and intense power such as metal and rock.

In terms of sound, the first thing that hits you is their brightness and loudness – superb for heavy-hitting drummers. Plus, it’s clear that they’re durable and strong enough to withstand vigorous playing.

What’s more, the fact that iconic drummers such as Art Cruz, Abe Cunningham and Lionel Robinson put their names behind the range goes to show how elite the latest Z Custom cymbals truly are.

Material and finish

Sticking with Zildjian’s style, the Z Customs are crafted from a special bronze alloy which emits a brilliant finish as well as great volume that is unmatched by any other cymbal brand. Each cymbal in the Z Custom series brings its own unique character thanks to Zildjian’s updated computerised hammering process that enhances both durability and sound quality.

Something innovative the latest Z Custom series brings to the table is the star-hammered surface some of the cymbals feature – not only does this deliver an awesome aesthetic, but also controls the bright, articulate tones and volume of the cymbal.

The quality of the build is evident in the cymbals’ robustness and fine-tuned performance capabilities, designed to withstand the rigours of heavy playing while maintaining their musical integrity.

Size and weight

The Zildjian Z Custom cymbals are considerably thick, which directly contributes to their weight and the powerful sound they produce. The bulk of these cymbals not only ensures great sound projection but also sustains the resonance and clarity of each note.

Available in a range of sizes, from the compact 14-inch hi-hats to the expansive 22-inch rides, the Z Custom line offers versatility. The larger the cymbal, the deeper the sound, which allows you to tailor your setup to your specific needs.

The most important thing… sound

The sound of the Zildjian Z Custom cymbals is incredibly explosive. You can tell they’re designed to stand out on stage and in recordings. They’re bright and piercing, great for those who like heavy metal, punk, and hard rock.

One thing that stood out was how every strike resonated with clarity. Designed to handle the demands of powerful, energetic drumming, these cymbals deliver a sound that is both vibrant and commanding. And let’s be honest, what drummer doesn’t like to be heard?

The Z Custom cymbals cut through any mix, so your drumming sound won’t get lost in a wall of distorted guitar tones.

Zildjian logo

Who are the Z Custom cymbals suited to?

Z Custom cymbals are suited to drummers who specialise in rock, punk, and metal. These genres demand cymbals that can deliver high volume, bright tonality, and a robust presence to cut through loud, dense mixes.

The durability and power of the Z Custom range make them a perfect match for energetic and forceful playing styles. They have that amazing explosive sound – if you’re after some with a bit of oomph, these are for you.


Are Zildjian cymbals good?

Zildjian cymbals are renowned for their quality and performance. Crafted with expertise and tradition, they deliver exceptional sound that can meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their durability and tonal richness make them a preferred choice in the music industry.

Are Zildjian cymbals better than Sabian?

Zildjian and Sabian cymbals each have their unique strengths. Zildjian are known for their rich history and classic sound, while Sabian offer innovative designs and a wide variety of tones. The choice between them comes down to personal preference and your specific musical needs.

Why is Zildjian so popular?

Zildjian’s popularity stems from their long-standing reputation and consistent quality. Founded in the 17th century, the company have long been producing cymbals with a deep, resonant sound that has become a staple in all music genres. This historic prestige and commitment to quality contribute to its widespread acclaim.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, the latest Zildjian Z Custom cymbals launch in a nutshell. After a hiatus of 15 years, it’s great to have the Z Customs back and the new range.

With a detailed yet consistent manufacturing process, each cymbal offers a distinct blend of tonal characteristics and high-quality construction that showcase what Zildjian are all about.

If you’re wondering whether to get some for yourself, we hope our Zildjian Z Custom Cymbals review has helped!


Joe is an enthusiastic drummer who has been drumming for 12 years. He plays Heavy Metal and Djent on drums and also plays some electric guitar in his spare time.



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