Warm Audio Bring Back the Classics with the Warm Bender and RingerBringer


We may have only just entered the new year, but Warm Audio are taking us back to the ‘60s and ‘90s with another set of iconic pedal recreations.

The Warm Bender and RingerBringer deliver fantastic fuzz and ring modulation effects respectively, all whilst giving you excellent versatility in your setup and allowing you to sculpt your sound with precision.

Warm Audio Warm Bender

Warm Audio WarmBenderFirst up, Warm Audio have proudly unveiled the Warm Bender, a fuzz pedal reminiscent of the classic Tone Bender, with a design rooted in authenticity and a focus on exceptional tone.

The Warm Bender boasts three selectable circuits: NOS 76, NOS 75, and silicone. Each circuit brings a distinct tonal flavour to the table. The NOS 76 circuit is renowned for its ability to cut through the mix with precision, while the NOS 75 circuit offers a warm and inviting fuzz tone. The silicone circuit, on the other hand, delivers a contemporary sound that embodies controlled chaos.

With a user-friendly interface, the pedal ensures you can easily tailor your sound to suit your style. The “Level” knob allows you to adjust the overall volume to your liking, while the “Attack” knob gives you control over the amount of fuzz and sustain.

Notably, the Warm Bender features NOS Germanium transistors, which are instrumental in delivering an authentic and vintage tone. In fact, their unique sound characteristics are integral to achieving the classic Tone Bender sound.

There’s also a “SAG” switch that allows you to recreate the sound of a dying pedal, adding a very intriguing twist to the fuzz tone and bringing a layer of depth and versatility. It’s ideal for guitarists looking to experiment with their sound.

Hand-tested in Austin, Texas, the Warm Bender promises durability and longevity, ensuring that it can withstand the rigours of regular use.

Warm Audio RingerBringer

Warm Audio RingerBringerAnother wave of nostalgia comes in the form of the RingerBringer, a fully analog ring modulation pedal. The RingerBringer draws inspiration from the iconic ring modulation pedals of the ‘90s, breathing new life into classic sounds.

An array of controls – LFO, MOD, FREQ, and RATE – adorns the RingerBringer, giving you the tools to shape your sound. These controls govern the core characteristics of the tone, enabling a broad spectrum of effects. From the subtle charm of light Lo-Fi modulation to the audacious roar of infinity ring modulation, the RingerBringer is a haven for the audacious and the experimental.

At the heart of the RingerBringer’s sound are hand-selected transistors and op-amps. These components ensure high-quality sound and tonality, capturing the warmth and depth of true analog tone. Unlike digital emulations, the RingerBringer’s 100-percent analog signal path offers an authentic sonic experience.

Designed for multi-instrument use, the RingerBringer is not confined to guitars alone. Whether it’s a synth, bass, or any line-level signal, this pedal can handle it all. This versatility is further enhanced by CV inputs for Rate, Amount, Mix, and Frequency, opening up more avenues for control and modulation.

Plus, the boutique-style custom black panel enclosure and wooden sides make for a very attractive pedal!

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Shop the two new Warm Audio pedals via the links below, and let us know in the comments what you think of these fresh releases!


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