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If you’re looking to learn a new skill, chances are you’ve thought about picking up a musical instrument. Whether you’re a musician wanting to try something different or you’re totally new to this world, having an easy-to-play instrument that you can instantly get to grips with is invaluable.

VISION, a new series of beginner instruments by Gear4music, cater to budding musicians of all ages, from children right up to adults, offering a wide range of strings, keys, and drums that allow you to thoroughly build your skillset. They’re enjoyable to play, too – which is a win; this will keep you motivated to learn more.

It’s not just the instruments that VISION offer, but also full, comprehensive packages that include all the accessories you need to get started right out of the box.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the instruments and their bundles. We’ve selected these particular models for their playability, affordability, and the features they offer that can really help you on your musical journey.

At a glance…

In a rush? Don’t fret, here’s a list of our top picks for VISION’s string, key, and drum categories.

StringsVISIONSTRING Electric Guitar Pack, Red Check the current price
VISIONSTRING Bass Guitar Pack, SunburstCheck the current price
KeysVISIONKEY-1 37 Key Portable Mini Keyboard with Headphones, OrangeCheck the current price
VISIONKEY-100 Digital Keyboard Piano with Bluetooth, Stand PackCheck the current price
VISIONKEY-200 Digital Piano, Complete PackCheck the current price
DrumsVISIONPAD-6 Electronic Drum Pad by Gear4music, GreenCheck the current price
VISIONDRUM+ Electronic Drum Kit with Stool and HeadphonesCheck the current price
VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit Amp PackCheck the current price

What we love about VISION

The main benefit of VISION instrument packs is that they’re all instrument-focused. What do we mean? Well, each bundle is designed specifically around the instrument – that’s the heart of the package. The other accessories are there to enhance and make your playing experience that much easier. For example, you won’t find a top-notch bass amp with a sub-par bass, the same way you won’t find an outstanding drum kit with weak, brittle sticks.

Each pack centres around a solid-quality instrument that’s ideal for taking your first steps, and the accessories have been chosen for their equally great and durable construction that will assist you in your learning.

Of course, there’s the convenience of these packs too. When you’re first starting out, it can be daunting to hunt for everything you need. It’s not just the keyboard, it’s the stool, the pedal, and the headphones too. These carefully curated bundles put all the necessities in one place, making it 10x easier for you.

So, let’s dive into our favourites.


VISIONSTRING Electric Guitar Pack, Red

VISIONSTRING Electric Guitar Pack, RedKey Features:

  • High-quality construction for longevity
  • User-friendly design for all skill levels
  • Includes essential accessories for immediate play

The VISIONSTRING Electric Guitar Pack includes a dynamic red electric guitar that’s striking in both looks and sound. This package has been curated with players of all ages in mind, ensuring you have everything needed to kickstart your musical journey.

A standout feature of this pack is undoubtedly the exceptional construction of the guitar. Crafted with precision, the paulownia body, maple neck, and single-coil pickup promise durability that can handle regular playing, whilst the lightweight design ensures it’s effortless to pick up and start strumming.

And to make life even easier when you’re starting out, the single-coil pickup and volume control are perfect for getting to grips with your sound. You won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary controls, you’ll be able to develop your skills and have that rich, electrifying tone at your fingertips.

The pack comes loaded with a variety of accessories: a guitar strap, picks, a handy gig bag, an amplifier, a tuner, and more. Everything you need is in one place, setting you up for successful performances.

VISIONSTRING Bass Guitar Pack, Sunburst

VISIONSTRING Bass Guitar Pack, SunburstKey Features:

  • Lightweight body that’s easy to play
  • Stunning sunburst finish
  • Dual-cutaway body and C-shaped neck

Learning the bass is made enjoyable and seamless with the VISIONSTRING Bass Guitar Pack. This all-in-one package provides everything needed to delve straight into the world of bass guitar.

With an attractive sunburst finish, this is a classic and sophisticated-looking bass. But it’s more than just pleasing to the eye; the design extends to practicality. Its modern dual cutaway, lightweight design, and sleek, C-shaped neck ensure the instrument is easy to handle.

In addition, the pack comprises an amplifier and other necessary accessories, meaning there’s no need for any extra purchases.

Despite being designed for beginners, there’s no compromise on sound quality here. The bass guitar emits a rich and robust sound that can inspire any budding musician. This blend of user-friendly design and high-quality sound makes the VISIONSTRING Bass Guitar Pack a superb choice for anyone starting their musical journey.


VISIONKEY-1 37-Key Portable Mini Keyboard with Headphones, Orange

VISIONKEY-1 37 Key Portable Mini Keyboard with Headphones, OrangeKey Features:

  • Versatile sound palette
  • Expressive and realistic 32-note polyphony
  • Weighs just 0.95kg and is powered by AA batteries

The VISIONKEY-1 isn’t just a portable keyboard, it’s a creative hub for aspiring musicians, boasting 100 sounds, 100 rhythms, and 30 songs. Its 3.5 octaves of 37 keys accommodate beginners, from kids to adults, without compromising functionality.

Crafted for comfort, the mini keys are perfect for learning melodies and effortlessly forming chords. The keyboard’s compact size also makes it suitable for any space, fitting into backpacks or suitcases for musical adventures on the go.

Powering up is a breeze, too, with options for AA batteries or a USB-C cable, ensuring eight hours of continuous play. What’s more, there’s an automatic shut-off feature, which preserves battery life and makes the keyboard as energy-efficient as possible.

If you want to integrate the VISIONKEY-1 into your creative process, the keyboard is designed for you, too. Its multi-purpose design allows easy connection to recording interfaces, whilst a 3.5mm jack to stereo 1/4” jack cable enables further manipulation in your DAW.

VISIONKEY-100 Digital Keyboard Piano with Bluetooth, Stand Pack

VISIONKEY-100 Digital Keyboard Piano, with Bluetooth, Stand PackKey Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for playing along to your favourite songs
  • Extensive library of 129 sounds
  • Includes a sustain pedal, music rest, keyboard stand, bench, headphones, and more

The VISIONKEY-100 Digital Keyboard Piano combines versatility, convenience, and a comprehensive accessory package.

It boasts Bluetooth connectivity, elevating your playing experience by allowing you to seamlessly integrate the keyboard with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You can then jam along to your favourite tunes or use backing tracks for more enjoyable practice sessions.

Perfect for newcomers to the keyboard, the VISION-100 mimics the layout of an acoustic piano, with 88 velocity-sensitive keys covering over seven octaves. It’s an excellent choice for those aiming to transition to an acoustic piano but don’t want to splash out on one just yet!

With 129 sounds, including traditional and unique instruments, the VISIONKEY-100 opens up a world of musical exploration. Paired with 128 rhythms, you have the tools to create the perfect accompaniment for your playing.

The keyboard’s connectivity options are pretty extensive too, with 3.5mm jack points for microphone, sustain pedal, headphones, and line-in. This versatility allows for live performances and private practice with headphones, so you don’t disturb your neighbours

The comprehensive package includes a sustain pedal, music rest, power adapter, USB-C cable, a keyboard stand, bench, and headphones.

VISIONKEY-200 Digital Piano, Complete Pack

VISIONKEY-200 Digital Piano, Complete PackKey Features:

  • 128-note polyphony
  • Split and Dual modes turn the keyboard into a valuable creative tool
  • Instant backing tracks with 83 built-in rhythms

As part of a complete pack, the VISIONKEY-200 Digital Piano gives budding pianists an enhanced, creative, and expressive playing experience.

Not only is there Bluetooth connectivity for playing songs and backing tracks but there’s also an auto-accompaniment feature with 83 built-in rhythms for instant backing tracks, making complex arrangements a breeze. You can then capture your musical ideas effortlessly with the intuitive recorder, perfect for recording and layering your performances.

With 128-note polyphony, the VISIONKEY-200 ensures every note is heard clearly. The extensive sound library of 128 diverse voices then lets you delve into a variety of different genres, so you can easily discover your style.

What’s more, you can get creative with the way you play thanks to Split and Dual modes. Split mode divides the keyboard into two, letting you play one sound in the bass and one in the treble. Dual, on the other hand, lets you layer sounds.

There are also versatile connectivity options, including USB MIDI and headphone outputs, making the keyboard adaptable to various setups and preferences.

The dedicated keyboard stand, designed for easy assembly and stability, includes an integrated three-pedal system. This system replicates the feel of an acoustic piano, adding authenticity to your playing experience.


VISIONPAD-6 Electronic Drum Pad, Green

VISIONPAD-6 Electronic Drum Pad by Gear4music, GreenKey Features:

  • On-board games make learning fun
  • Adjustable backing track and drum kit volumes
  • Velocity sensor for real-time feedback

The VISIONPAD-6 Electronic Drum Pad in vibrant green works as both a drum kit and an interactive and educational tool.

One of its main features is the on-board game system, which turns learning into a fun experience. With songs ranging from classical to pop, each game offers a four-beat count-in, notes trickling down the screen, and instant feedback on accuracy.

You can adjust volumes and BPM and even see your name on the high score list for a fully customisable gaming experience.

Featuring 163 sounds, including acoustic drum kits and unique samples, the VISIONPAD-6 ensures you can get stuck in and creative. The headphone input allows for quiet practice, while the 1.5″ stereo speakers let you show of your newfound skills.

Better still, the velocity sensor of the pads adds a layer of realism, providing immediate feedback on playing intensity and enabling you to get to grips with dynamics.

Compact, lightweight, and versatile, this electronic drum pad can go wherever you go. Powered by either an adapter or AA batteries, it offers the flexibility to practise, learn, and have fun.

VISIONDRUM+ Electronic Drum Kit with Stool and Headphones

VISIONDRUM+ Electronic Drum Kit with Stool and HeadphonesKey Features:

  • 12 realistic drum sounds, spanning various genres
  • Mesh kick drum trigger for an authentic playing experience
  • Comes with two full-sized hi-hat and kick pedals, drumsticks, headphones, a stool, and more

The VISIONDRUM+ Electronic Drum Kit takes drumming to the next level with its enhanced features and forward-thinking design.

The adjustable rack, extending from 77cm to 85cm, caters to both adult beginners and younger players and lets you set the kit to your comfortable height. Its flexible design also ensures the kit can adapt to any space, making it ideal for temporary setups and easy storage.

With a mesh kick drum trigger, it’s possible to practise advanced techniques like heel-toe with a full-size kick pedal. All pads feature mesh construction, providing a realistic feel akin to traditional drum heads.

The drum module offers 12 handpicked kits from the DD500 series, covering genres from funk to rock. There are also 10 preset songs, 68 voices, and DSP effects like EQ and Pan. Plus, the rubber cymbals provide a 360-degree trigger response, ensuring sound production at any striking point.

The wide range of connection points, including USB for computer connectivity and L/Mono for drum amplifiers, makes this kit versatile for various setups.

This complete bundle includes essential accessories like hi-hat and kick pedals, drumsticks, a drum key, a power adapter, headphones, and a drum stool.

ViSIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit Amp Pack

VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit Amp PackKey Features:

  • 9-piece mesh compact kit
  • 72 realistic drum sounds
  • Includes the VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier

The VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit Amp Pack comes with enhanced features and is part of an all-in-one bundle for a complete drumming experience.

The adjustable rack, extendable to 85cm, ensures the kit is comfortable for both kids and adults.

Going a step further than the original VISIONDRUM kit, there is an 8” snare drum, floor tom pads, and an extra 10” ride cymbal pad, providing a more authentic playing experience and aesthetic. The mesh kick drum trigger then allows for advanced techniques. All pads feature mesh construction for a realistic feel.

On the drum module, you’ll find 72 handpicked drum kits that allow you to choose between different styles of music. There’s also a wide range of connection points, including USB, L/Mono, Aux, Phone, and Bluetooth.

The complete bundle includes all the essential accessories: hi-hat and kick pedals, drumsticks, drum key, power adapter, headphones, drum stool, an additional cymbal pad, and a VISIONAMP Drum/Keyboard Amplifier. This amp offers a streamlined interface, integrated 5.0 Bluetooth, and lightweight yet powerful performance.


What instrument should I learn to play first?

The piano is a great instrument to learn to play first. It’s one of the easiest instruments to practise scales as all the notes are laid out in front of you. However, guitars and drums are also popular instruments for beginners.

Can I teach myself an instrument?

You can teach yourself an instrument. As well as getting a feel for the instrument and training your ear yourself, you can find plenty of online resources that will help you learn. When it comes to more advanced techniques, though, you may find that you need a tutor to guide you.

How do I find the right instrument for me?

We recommend considering these things when choosing your perfect instrument:

  1. What music do you listen to?
  2. What instrument does your favourite artist/musician play?
  3. Do you want to perform in a group or solo?
  4. Will you perform at gigs or concerts?
  5. How much time will you be able to dedicate to practice sessions?
  6. What is your budget?

Final thoughts

It’s safe to say we think VISION really is the perfect starting point for budding musicians. If you’re looking for your first instrument, we hope our guide has helped you!

VISION offer a lot more than just these instruments we’ve chosen, however. Why not take a look for yourself?


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