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The 12 Best Bass Drum Pedals


Bass drum pedals are the backbone of a full drum kit and they can make or break for your performance! If you’re looking to upgrade your bass drum pedal or want to know more before you buy your very first, you’ve come to the right place.

With a versatile range available on the market today, we’ve put together a list of the best bass drum pedals that stand out for their unique designs, reputations, innovative constructions, and customisable options.

We’ll also run you through everything that makes up a bass drum pedal, how to set yours up correctly, and what to look for when buying your own.

In a hurry?

Here are our top three bass drum pedals and why we like them:

Pearl Demonator Double Kick PedalInfinitely adjustable beater angle guarantees the best sound for you.Check the current price
Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4musicThe compact, foldable design makes it great to travel with.Check the current price
Sonor Perfect Balance Standard PedalLow mass belt system gives a lightning response.Check the current price

The Best Bass Drum Pedals

1. Pearl Demonator Double Kick Pedal

Pearl Demonator Double Kick PedalKey features

  • Single-chain drive system
  • Infinitely adjustable beater angle
  • Demon-style PowerShifter long footboard


  • Enhanced control and speed
  • Durable build quality
  • Versatile beater adjustments


  • May be a complex pedal for beginners

The Pearl Demonator Double Kick Pedal is a testament to Pearl’s commitment to quality and innovation in drum hardware. This pedal incorporates a Demonator longboard footboard, designed to offer enhanced control and faster response, making it ideal for various playing styles. Its robust single-chain drive system provides a reliable feel and consistent performance.

This pedal features a round cam disk, which allows for smooth operation and precise control over your drumming dynamics. The solid base plate adds stability, ensuring the pedal stays anchored during intense playing sessions. Plus, the DuoBeat beater can be adjusted to your preferred angle – up to a maximum axis length of 55cm – allowing you to customise the pedal to your exact demands.

With high-quality materials that withstand rigorous use, the Demonator is favoured by metal drummers. It’s a pedal ready for speed, agility, and power – three of the main boxes that need ticking for metal drummers. It’s well suited to intermediate and advanced players who want the ability to fine-tune and customise the pedal to match their playing style.

2. Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4music

Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4musicKey features

  • Steel pedal
  • Adjustable dual-spring mechanism
  • Includes drum key for adjustments


  • Highly durable steel construction
  • Versatile for various drum kits
  • Compact design for easy storage


  • Footboard and beater angle aren’t adjustable

The Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4music is crafted from robust steel, ensuring it can endure the demands of stage performances and studio sessions. Its felt beater, combined with a single chain and a uniquely adjustable dual-spring mechanism, allows for a solid and durable playing experience. The pedal is designed to connect seamlessly with nearly all kick drum setups.

Its modular design not only supports the standard Quad Bass Drum Pedal Beater but also allows for the attachment of various other beaters, tailoring it to your personal style and needs. The drum key then facilitates on-the-fly adjustments, making it incredibly practical for all your rehearsals and performances.

This Gear4music kick drum pedal is particularly ideal for drummers on the road as it folds up effortlessly to fit into any pedal bag or case. In addition, the two spring mechanisms are fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor the rebound and feedback to your liking.

3. Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal

Sonor Perfect Balance Standard PedalKey features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Low-mass belt drive system
  • Slightly elongated pedalboard


  • Designed by Jojo Mayer
  • Superbly balanced and responsive
  • Includes nylon carry bag


  • Flat footboard may not provide sufficient foot grip

Third on our list is the mighty Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal. It was designed by notorious Nerve drummer Jojo Mayer; his vision was to make the pedal perfectly balanced and as simple as possible. The lightweight design and low mass belt drive system ensure a superb response and precise control, making it ideal for nuanced kick drum playing.

Dating back to 1875, Sonor have long been synonymous with quality and innovation in drum manufacturing. The Perfect Balance Standard Pedal reflects this heritage along with Jojo’s personal touch, providing a simplified yet highly effective design.

This pedal is a direct descendant of the Perfect Balance Signature model, maintaining the same cam and ballistic fibre belt drive system but without the complex folding mechanism and lacquered footboard, offering a more straightforward, raw aesthetic that is very pleasing to the eye.

In essence, the Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal is ideal if you appreciate a minimalist design paired with top-tier functionality. It also comes with a handy nylon carry bag.

4. Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal with Case

Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal with CaseKey features

  • Power Glide LiteSprocket
  • Cobra Coil steel spring return
  • Para-Clamp II Pro


  • Includes hardshell carrying case
  • Long footboard for advanced techniques
  • Quick-Hook function for easy setup


  • Only available in one design

If you’re an advanced drummer, you’ll have heard of this next pedal – the renowned Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal. To start with, the pedal features the innovative Power Glide LiteSproket which offers a lighter, yet powerful stroke, making it ideal if you demand speed and heavy-hitting action.

Plus, the long footboard not only allows for rapid beater acceleration but also provides plenty of space for exploring different foot techniques (maybe even coming up with one unique to you).

Tama’s commitment to quality and functional design is paramount with this double pedal, with one of its other key features being the Cobra Coil; a steel spring that ensures the footboard quickly returns to its original position – one of the best responses to ever come from a pedal.

The pedal’s flexibility is further supported by the Vari-Pitch beater holder, which allows you to adjust the beater angle independently of the footboard position, catering to your personal playing style.

The Iron Cobra comes with a convenient carry case, providing both protection and easy transport. Setup and tear down are streamlined thanks to the Quick-Hook and the Para-Clamp II Pro, which can grip a wide variety of bass drum hoops quickly and securely, reducing setup time and hassle.

5. Pearl Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl Demon Drive Double Bass Drum PedalKey features

  • Duo-Deck convertible footboard
  • Two-position Direct Link Adjustment
  • Control Core Beaters


  • Highly adaptable for any playing style
  • Includes carry case for protection
  • Ninja Bearings for smooth operation


  • Adjustments may be complex for beginners

Up next on our list is the Pearl Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal – another sought-after pedal desired by professionals. The first thing that stands out with the pedal is its direct drive system which, combined with the Click Lock Spring Tension, lets you play with immense speed and agility.

A second fantastic feature of the pedal is the innovative Duo-Deck, which is among the first convertible footboards in the world. It allows you to switch from a traditional shortboard to a longboard in a matter of seconds, tailoring the playing experience exactly to your liking.

The two-position Beater Stroke Adjustment and Direct Link Adjustment allow you to customise the pedal to your playing style. These adjustments can drastically alter the pedal’s response to match your desired heaviness or lightness in play.

If all this wasn’t enough, the pedal also features an adjustable traction plate which lets you modify the amount of grip on the footboard and a click lock spring tension mechanism that maintains tension settings securely even during the most vigorous performances. Pearl’s exclusive Ninja Bearings are integrated for a seamless, noise-free operation to ensure every stroke is as smooth as it is powerful.

As a double-pedal setup, all these features come in clutch for fast-paced, intricate drumming that can be found over multiple genres. With a sturdy carry case included with the pedal, it is well-protected in between shows, rehearsals and studio sessions.

6. Ludwig Speed King Pedal

Ludwig Speed King PedalKey features

  • Improved cam bearings for smooth linkage
  • Traditional speed sizing for power
  • Attached drum key for adjustments


  • Ideal for fast rock and metal playing
  • Durable and strengthened footboard
  • Anti-slip cam enhances stability


  • Spring tension non-adjustable

The Ludwig Speed King Pedal has been revamped to better meet your demands if you play faster music styles, like rock and metal. This new and improved version maintains the pedigree of its predecessor whilst incorporating modern enhancements for superior performance.

The pedal’s traditional speed sizing is designed to provide faster and more powerful contact with the drum, essential for achieving those impactful bass drum sounds we all know and love.

One of the main improvements is the upgraded cam bearings that ensure a smoother, more reliable direct-drive linkage. This direct drive system provides a precise and quick response, great for styles that require swift and intense drumming.

Additionally, the pedal includes an attached drum key, making it convenient to make fine adjustments on the fly, ensuring your pedal is always dialled into your personal playing style.

As for the footboard, it has been reinforced for added durability, capable of withstanding the rigorous use it may encounter during live performances. What’s more, the improved toe clamp provides a secure grip while minimising potential damage to the drum hoop – a common concern amongst drummers.

With the anti-slip cam, the single pedal’s beater rebound and overall stability are enhanced, preventing slippage and movement during extended use.

7. DW 5000 Series AD4 Accelerator Single Kick Drum Pedal

DW 5000 Series AD4 Accelerator Single Kick Drum PedalKey features

  • Accelerator Drive System
  • Tri-Pivot toe clamp
  • Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker


  • Memory function locks in adjustments
  • Anti-slip rubber floor plate enhances stability
  • Includes convenient clip and DW drum key


  • May require time to adjust to features

The powerful DW 5000 Series AD4 Accelerator Single Kick Drum Pedal honours the legacy of DW’s original designs. This pedal is engineered for the drummers who demand speed and sensitivity in their playing.

With an accelerator drive system specifically designed to provide increased velocity, the pedal allows for quicker strokes that can help you with fast-paced and precise drumming. It’s made from sturdy steel, meaning it’s incredibly durable. Plus, with its unique black and red design, it certainly stands out amongst other plainly finished pedals.

The dual-bearing spring rocker enhances the smooth operation of the pedal, ensuring each stroke is stable and responsive without any unwanted friction. Another solid feature is the Tri-Pivot toe clamp, which provides a strong connection to virtually any bass drum hoop. Combined with the grippy base plate, the pedal stays firmly in place regardless of how heavy you’re playing.

Overall, the DW 5000 Series AD4 Accelerator Single Kick Drum Pedal combines classic design elements with modern enhancements to meet the needs of today’s drummers. It’s particularly targeted to those who are after a reliable, fast-responding pedal capable of handling the demands of all studio recordings, rehearsals, and live performances.

8. Yamaha FP9C Chain Drive Single Pedal

Yamaha FP9C Chain Drive Single PedalKey features

  • Axle stabilising bearing chamber
  • Independent beater/footboard angle adjustment
  • Weight adjustable beater


  • Spikes on pedal heel for enhanced stability
  • Easy access auto-lock spring adjustment
  • Includes carry case and drum key


  • Polished footplate may hinder grip

The Yamaha FP9C Chain Drive Single Pedal is designed to provide exceptional stability and smooth performance, making it ideal for drummers who require precision and adaptability. This pedal features an axle stabilising bearing chamber, which ensures smooth rotation by aligning the frame and bearing cover with the central axis of the shaft and ball bearings.

The beater is weight-adjustable, which allows you to shift the beaters’ weight around for a custom response and feedback. Combined with the ability to easily attach and remove the beater, this sets the pedal apart from the rest. With its chain-driven mechanism, the accuracy and feedback are great, allowing you to hit exactly every note with emphasis and power.

For more customisation, the pedal also boasts an easy-access auto-lock spring adjustment which simplifies the process of getting the right tension as well as securely locking it in place. Additionally, the beater and footboard can be independently adjusted to be at just the right angles you prefer.

All in all, the Yamaha FP9C Chain Drive Single Pedal is ideal for all kinds of drumming from heavy to intricate and everything in between.

9. Yamaha FP9 Direct Drive Double Pedal

Yamaha FP9 Direct Drive Double PedalKey features

  • Direct drive
  • Independent beater/footboard angle adjustment
  • Low-profile stabilising hinges


  • Weight adjustable beaters for a tailored feel
  • Equipped with spikes for stable performance
  • Includes carrying case and all bearing universal joint


  • Direct drive may feel too rigid for some players

Sticking with Yamaha, the Yamaha FP9 Direct Drive Double Pedal is renowned for its rapid response courtesy of a direct drive system.

Stability is key with this model, with low-profile stabilising hinges that enhance the smoothness of performance. The axle stabilising bearing chamber, a critical component, is designed to ensure the frame and bearing cover are perfectly aligned with the central axis of the shaft and ball bearings, facilitating a fluid, uninterrupted rotation.

Fitted with large footplates, the double pedal is comfortable to use and easy to control. What’s more, its beefier connecting rod and ball-bearing attachments at either end allow you to let loose with speed and precision.

A staple of Yamaha’s kick pedals is the weight adjustable beaters, which allow you to customise the feel and sound output of your pedal to suit your individual style. In addition to this, both footplates are fitted with spikes to keep them planted to the floor even during the most vigorous playing styles.

For convenience, the pedal comes with an easy-access auto-lock spring adjustment feature. This system locks the spring adjustment knob at a 90-degree angle to prevent any accidental loosening – a common issue us drummers are always wary of.

10. Gibraltar 4000 Series Double Pedal, Strap Drive

Gibraltar 4000 Series Double Pedal, Strap DriveKey features

  • Strap drive
  • Fast touch pedalboard
  • Dual surface weighted beater


  • Ideal for beginners and heavy music styles
  • Provides increased control and power
  • Affordable and durable construction


  • Strap drive may be less reliable compared to chains or direct drive

A well-known name in the kick pedal industry is Gibraltar and their 4000 Series Double Pedal. It’s arguably one of their top-tier pedals available on the market.

If you’re just getting into the double-pedal game, the 4000 series double pedal is ideal thanks to its simple construction, easy-to-set-up connecting rod, and minimalistic spring tensioner.

Its fast-touch pedalboard is designed to enhance speed and comfort, allowing for a quicker response with less effort. This is great for enduring performances and reducing fatigue. Plus, the dual beater, which comes with both rubber and felt options, offers the versatility to experiment with different sounds and dynamics, suiting various playing styles and preferences.

As for its looks, the chrome finish gives the pedal a professional and stylish aesthetic and also blends in visually with any setup. The strap drive system is quick and responsive – great for heavier playing styles as well as being easy to replace should you need to.

11. Rogers Dyno-Matic Single Pedal

Rogers Dyno-Matic Single PedalKey features

  • Top-mounted spring adjuster
  • Height adjustable axle
  • Quick-Flip dual surface beater


  • Quick-release hoop clamp for a fast setup
  • Includes deluxe carry bag for protection
  • Adaptable to a wide range of drum sizes


  • Multiple adjustment options may not suit beginner drummers

Rogers is a prestigious name in the drumming industry, so there’s no doubt that their Dyno-Matic Single Pedal is one of the very best single pedals ever created. Ideal for drummers who value flexibility and efficiency, this pedal offers a top-mounted spring adjuster arm, allowing for straightforward adjustments to spring tension – a feature that simplifies finding your perfect pedal feel.

This pedal’s versatility is further enhanced by its height-adjustable axle assembly, which can accommodate bass drums ranging from 18 to 30 inches. Whether you play in small jazz combos or large rock bands, this feature ensures that your pedal setup is always optimal.

Additionally, the Quick-Flip dual surface beater allows drummers to easily switch between different sounds, catering to a variety of musical styles and preferences.

If that wasn’t enough bang for your buck, the lever-action quick-release hoop clamp is another fantastic feature, enabling rapid and secure pedal attachment and detachment. This is a life-saver during gigs where setup and tear down time are limited. Each pedal also comes with a deluxe carry bag, offering top-level protection.

12. Mapex Tornado Single Pedal

Mapex Tornado Single PedalKey features

  • Single chain drive
  • Fully adjustable spring tension
  • Non-marring hoop clamp


  • Hard felt beater ensures an accurate response
  • Compact design suitable for smaller setups
  • Easy to adjust for personal comfort


  • Radius rods may not provide the best stability for fast drumming

The Mapex Tornado Single Pedal takes away any complexities with its single chain, cam-less drive system, and radius rods. But don’t be fooled, this pedal still packs the punch and response favoured by many drummers of all levels.

A prominent feature of this pedal is its fully adjustable spring tension. This allows you to fine-tune the pedal’s resistance to match your playing style, offering a level of customisation usually found in more expensive pedals. Additionally, the hard-felt beater contributes to a more precise and articulate drum sound, making it easier to achieve the desired response from your bass drum.

The pedal’s non-marring hoop clamp is another significant advantage, ensuring that any bass drum hoop remains undamaged no matter how vigorously you play. In addition to this, the chain drive system is easy to maintain  – another key feature that appeals to beginner drummers who are just learning the ropes of a drum kit setup.

Overall, the Mapex Tornado Single Pedal is an excellent choice for emerging drummers or those looking for a functional, no-frills pedal. It’s particularly well-suited to smaller drum kits or practice setups where there isn’t much space.

The components of a kick drum pedal

The drive system

There are three main types of drive systems: chain, belt, and direct drives. Chain drives, connected by a metal chain, provide a smooth, reliable action and are widely used. Belt drives use a typically fabric belt instead of a chain and offer a quieter, more fluid feel. Direct drives connect the footboard directly to the beater, delivering maximum control and immediate response, which is great for precision and speed.

The cam

The cam shapes the pedal’s action and speed. Cams can be round or eccentric; the latter changes the drive speed during a stroke for more power or speed, depending on the pedal setup.

The footboard

The footboard, where you place your foot, varies in length and width, affecting your comfort and technique. Longer boards are favoured by players who use heel-toe techniques. Some footboards come with a grippy surface which is favourable for accuracy in every stroke.

The springs

Springs in the pedal adjust tension allow you to customise the pedal’s resistance and rebound to your playing style. These are often adjusted by hand with a simple nut and thread mechanism.

The beater

Different types of beaters, like felt, wood, or plastic, affect the sound and feel of the drum hit. Felt beaters are softer and ideal for a warmer sound, while wood and plastic offer a sharper attack. Most kick pedals accept any type of beater and make it a simple process to swap out.

The base

The base typically comes in two designs: a plate design or a radius rod design. Plate designs allow for more grip on the floor as well as a sturdier connection to the hoop, however, they’re often bulky and can be difficult to transport. On the other hand, the radius rod design collapses the pedal, making the pedal easily portable, however, this design may not offer as much floor grip as the plate style does.

Gear4music Kick Drum Pedal construction

What to consider when buying a bass drum pedal

Single or double bass drum pedal?

Choosing between a single and a double bass pedal depends largely on your musical needs. A single pedal is sufficient for most music styles, offering simplicity and ease of use. If you play genres that require rapid, repetitive beats, such as metal or progressive rock, a double pedal allows you to play fast bass drum patterns more easily. Consider your genre and playing style to determine which type will enhance your drumming.

Pedal construction

The construction of a bass drum pedal affects its performance and feel. Different drives – chain, belt, or direct – offer distinct experiences, from smooth to fast and direct responses. Spring tension is crucial for pedal speed and feel, while cam shape influences the pedal power and speed throughout a stroke.

Lastly, the beater material impacts the sound, with options like felt for a softer tone and plastic for more attack. You should consider these features and which ones will give you your preferred sound and response.


Like with everything, it’s important to have a budget in mind when it comes to buying any bass drum pedal.

Lower-priced pedals, often under £100, are typically basic but reliable for beginners. Mid-range pedals between £100 and £300 offer better durability, adjustability, and more features for seasoned players. High-end pedals, costing over £300, might feature advanced materials and engineering for optimal performance and customisation.

Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4music attached to a kick drum

How to set up your bass drum pedal correctly

So, you have your bass drum pedal; how do you set it up?

Start with the hoop clamp, the component that attaches the pedal to the bass drum. Ensure it’s tightened just enough to hold the pedal firmly against the drum, but not so tight that it risks damaging the hoop.

Next, adjust the spring tension to suit your playing style. A tighter spring offers a faster rebound, which is great for quick, aggressive playing, while a looser setting allows for a smoother feel. It’s worth noting that not all pedals come with an adjustable spring so if you are looking for a custom feel, make sure the spring is adjustable before you buy.

For double bass pedals, the connecting rod length is key. To use the pedal at its very best, you need to be sitting comfortably at the kit. Ensure the second pedal is placed between the snare stand’s feet and your hi-hat pedal.

Once you have the pedal positioned, secure it by tightening the spurs or spikes. These dig into the floor to prevent the pedal from sliding during play. Make sure they’re firmly in place on a carpet or soft surface to maintain stability and maximum grip.

Finally, adjust the beater. It should strike the centre of the bass drum head for optimal sound. Secure the beater in place once it’s properly aligned. This not only ensures a consistent strike point but also protects the drum head from uneven wear.

Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4music on carpet


What is a good bass drum pedal?

A good bass drum pedal is the Kick Drum Pedal by Gear4music as it provides smooth action and sturdy construction. However, the right choice for you depends on your playing style and budget. Professional drummers often prefer models with adjustable features and robust mechanics that can withstand intense playing as well as provide that custom feel.

How do I choose a bass drum pedal?

To choose a bass drum pedal, think about your drumming style and skill level. Beginners might opt for simpler, more affordable pedals, while experienced players may need advanced features like double pedals or adjustable cams and beaters for better control and speed.

What is the bass drum pedal called?

The bass drum pedal is also known as a kick pedal. It strikes the bass drum using a foot-operated mechanism, and it’s a crucial component for controlling the bass drum’s impact and sound in various music genres.

Final thoughts

We hope our list of the best bass drum pedals has helped you find the right one to fit your setup. Remember that each pedal has its unique features and benefits, designed to cater to different styles and preferences.

Have we missed any pedals off our list? Do you have some advice for budding drummers? Let us know in the comments!


Joe is an enthusiastic drummer who has been drumming for 12 years. He plays Heavy Metal and Djent on drums and also plays some electric guitar in his spare time.



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