A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Cello


Gear4music’s beginner cellos are ideal for budding cellists that are serious about mastering the art of playing. They’re also good for parents who’d prefer their child to own a cello rather than rent one.

In this article, we’ll explore a few of the common questions that can arise when picking your first cello. Hopefully, you’ll feel confident and well-informed about making the purchase. We’ll also give you our top picks of Gear4music’s exciting cellos, so you’ll have the best start possible.

Which cello size is right for me?

Child playing a Gear4music cello A common misconception amongst beginner cellists is that the bigger the cello, the greater the surface space, and, therefore, the larger the sound. However, this isn’t true.

The best sound happens when the cello is properly fitted to the cellist and the player has solid bowing technique.

So, who is each cello size for?

1/4 – Players aged 5-7

Our top 1/4 cello pick: Student 1/4 Size Cello with Case by Gear4music, also in purple and blue

1/2 – Players aged 8-11

Our top 1/2 cello pick: Student 1/2 Size Cello with Case by Gear4music, also in blue, purple, black, and white

3/4 – Players aged 11-14

Our top 3/4 cello pick: Student 3/4 Size Cello with Case by Gear4music, also in blue, purple, and antique fade

4/4 – Players aged 14+

Our top 4/4 cello pick: Student Full Size Cello with Case by Gear4music, also in black, white, blue, purple, and antique fade

What colours do Gear4music cellos come in?

Whilst we offer a number of cellos that sport traditional, natural finishes, we also offer cellos in a variety of colours such as black, blue, purple, and white.

These are perfect for players who wish to make a statement and parents who want to keep their child engaged.

Does a higher cost equate to a better-sounding cello?

Man sat on the sofa playing cello whilst reading sheet music Not necessarily.

Very few beginner players have had the benefit of learning to play on a Stradivarius!

It’s easy to get caught up reading the opinions of forum users (whose credentials and experience may not be readily available!), but try not to take everything they say as fact.

No matter what they may suggest, one thing’s for certain: every great cellist and teacher will be able to coax an incredible tone out of any cello, regardless of its price.

Getting to that level of playing means taking the time to learn and understand the instrument.



What accessories are good to accompany a Gear4music cello?

Gear4music beginner cello pack with cello, stand, cloth, string set, endpin stop, chromatic tuner, and caseFiguring out what you need when you’re a beginner can be a pricey and daunting endeavour.

Some of the most common accessories that cellists need are bags and cases, strings, bows, rosin, and stands.

All our cellos come complete with a bow and rosin, as well as a case for easy transportation.

However, if you prefer the convenience of an all-inclusive package, we have a variety of bundles available. They’re designed to take all stress of that first purchase away.

From the Student 1/4 Size Cello + Beginner Pack to the Full Size Cello Beginner Pack, the wide range includes the perfect set-up for every budding cellist – adult or child.


Find out more

If you’re a parent who has more questions about your child’s first cello or you’re interested in learning and would like to know more, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, why not check out our full range of cellos?



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