Yamaha MSP5 Studio Active Monitor (Pair), with Stands

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  • Includes pair of adjustable studio monitors tands
  • 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter
  • Ideal for home and project studios
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced jack inputs

Yamaha MSP5 Studio Active Monitor (Pair), with Stands

Take your music making to the next stage. The Yamaha MSP5 Active Studio Monitors are compact speakers, ideal for project studios and home recording. The Yamaha MSP5 provides reference-grade audio fidelity thanks to its wide frequency range and two-way bass reflex design.

It features an integrated power amp for optimised audio performance, providing natural and transparent sound. The front of the monitor features low and high control knobs designed for adjusting the bass and treble response. Additionally, Gear4music have included a pair of adjustable speaker stands for improving the audio performance of your monitors and minimising low-end distortion.

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Yamaha MSP5 Studio Active Monitors

Bi-Amplified 5-Inch Studio Monitor

The Yamaha MSP5 Studio Active Monitor, Single is a bi-amplified 5-inch studio monitor designed for project studios and computer-based production. The bi-amplified design features a 5-inch cone woofer with a 40-watt amplifier and a 1-inch dome tweeter with a 27-watt amplifier. Bi-amplified designs help to provide high-end audio performance, with the low and high frequency bands driven by different drivers. Its bands are divided by a carefully select crossover, with steep roll-off curves for minimises inter-modulation between bands. The result is an extended frequency response and premium-grade audio fidelity, ideal for mixing and mastering applications.

Exceptional Sound Reproduction

The extended frequency response spans between 50Hz and 40kHz, providing incredible sonic detail with precision sound reproduction. The 5-inch cone woofer helps to provide the powerful low-end response that drives the bass, resulting in a powerful and deep bass response. The 1-inch titanium dome tweeter provides the high-end range, providing sparkling highs that are rich yet accurate in tone. The tweeter features an innovative magnetic circuit designed to provide an ultra-fast response, resulting in crisp and smooth transients. The exceptional sonic accuracy and transparent audio makes the MSP5 ideal for mixing and mastering applications, capturing every nuance of your source audio. The affordable price and compact design makes the MSP5 perfect for home studios, project studios, schools and more.

Magnetic Shielding

One of the things that sets the Yamaha MSP5 apart from conventional studio monitors is the specialised magnetic shielding. Magnetic shielding is essential for electronic-heavy environments where other equipment such as video displays are found. This helps to ensure that the studio monitor’s sound is affected by outside forces. Standard magnetic shielding can sometimes distort the magnetic flux of the magnetic circuit resulting in decreased audio fidelity and distortion. To combat this, Yamaha have employed an advanced magnetic structure, providing effecting shielding whilst ensuring your magnetic circuit stays protected. This results in improved reliability and overall audio performance.

One-Piece Moulded Enclosure

The custom one-piece moulded enclosure features rounded baffle corners, helping to minimise diffraction. Some conventional studio monitors feature wooden enclosures which can have glued joints that can have a negative impact and audio performance. The one-piece moulding allows for large-radius rounded baffle corners to provide a natural wavefront and a uniformed polar response.

Connectors & Controls

The MSP5 features integrated controls for refining your sound and attenuating to varying acoustic spaces. The rear of the speaker features trim switches for easy room matching, comprised of four-position low and three-position high trim switches. This allows you to optimise the monitor’s response for different environments. The rear of the unit also features a balanced XLR type input for use with external equipment such as audio interfaces. Also included is an unbalanced 1/4-inch phone jack connector for added flexibility.

Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, Pair

Optimise Your Monitors Performance

These Isolated Studio Monitor and Surround Sound Speaker Stands by Gear4music are firm and durable support stands for correctly positioning speakers and monitors. The stands have a triangular base to offer stability along with rubber pads to stop any slippages. They are sleekly coated in a matte black finish.

These speaker stands have telescopic columns for easy height adjustment so you can position your speakers at exactly the level you need. The heavy duty bases are layered with non-slip rubber pads to keep the stands firmly in place.


Yamaha MSP5 Studio Active Monitors

  • Bi-amplified 5-inch active nearfield studio monitor
  • Provides reference-grade audio, ideal for mixing and mastering applications
  • 5-inch cone woofer
  • 1-inch titanium dome tweeter
  • Integrated magnetic shielding ideal for optimised durability and audio performance
  • Meticulously tuned crossover curves
  • One-piece moulded enclosure minimises diffraction
  • Rear attenuation controls for catering to different acoustic spaces

Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, Pair

  • Heavy duty bases for stability
  • Optimises your studio monitors audio performance by minimising unwanted distortion
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • Height adjustable for precise positioning
  • Maximum load of 40lbs
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