Yamaha HS8I Active Studio Monitor, White - Box Opened

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  • New Installation Design with Flexible M8 Mounting Points
  • Bi-Amplified Design with 120W Total Output
  • 8'' Low-Frequency Driver and 1'' High-Frequency Tweeter
  • Room Control and High Trim Response Controls
  • XLR and TRS Inputs for Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Sources

Yamaha HS8I Active Studio Monitor, White - Box Opened


The Yamaha HS8I Active Studio Monitor features the iconic white woofer and signature sound that have become the preferred choice for countless professional audio engineers around the world. The HS8I utilises a bi-amplified design with an 8'' low-frequency driver and 1'' high-frequency dome to deliver an extended frequency range, along with astonishingly smooth responses and seamless, natural sonic transitions. The new HS8I monitor is also compatible with three optional mounting brackets, offering the flexibility needed to meet the demands of professional audio environments.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a two year warranty.

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''Our primary goal with the HS-I models was to respond to our customers' feedback and requests. Since the debut of the HS Series, we have received many requests for rigging options, and it has always been a priority for us to pay close attention to the market and needs of our users and provide solutions as quickly and effectively as possible. HS Speakers are trusted by countless audio professionals worldwide for studio monitoring applications. With the addition of very flexible mounting options, users can adapt these new models to commercial and professional spaces where superior sound quality and cost efficiency is a priority.'' - Yoshi Tsugawa, director, Pro Audio Business Unit, Yamaha Corporation.

Highly Efficient Transducers

The HS8I studio monitors feature newly developed transducers that achieve incredibly smooth responses over a wide frequency range. The highly efficient 1'' dome tweeter further extends the usable frequency range while the 8'' cone utilises high-quality magnets to deliver well-defined low frequencies at any output level, with exceptionally low distortion.

Low Resonance Enclosure Design

The bass-reflex enclosure is constructed from a very dense and resilient MDF with a damped acoustic response that's perfectly suited for reference monitors. Drawing from over 100 years of piano design experience, Yamaha's HSI series engineers also utilised a traditional three-way mitered-joint technique. Common to architectural design, this construction method firmly anchors the corners of the enclosure and ensures superior durability while also helping to eliminate unwanted resonance that can influence overall sound.

Controls and Connectivity

All HSI series full-range monitors feature two response controls with detailed settings, allowing you to adapt the monitor's performance depending on the surface acoustics of your own studio or production room. Room Control is ideal for attenuating the unnatural, exaggerated low-end that can often occur when speakers are placed next to walls, while High Trim provides flexible control of high-frequency responses. With XLR and TRS input connections, the HSI studio monitors can accommodate a wide range of both balanced and unbalanced sources such as mixers, keyboards, audio interfaces and more.


  • 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 8" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter
  • Extended frequency response
  • Bi-amplified, 2-way speaker design
  • ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Mounting points on 4 surfaces
  • Highly efficient transducers
  • Low resonance enclosure design
  • Ideal for mixing & mastering, broadcast and other applications


  • System Type: Bi-Amplified 2-Way Active Monitor
  • Overall Frequency Response: 47Hz - 24kHz, -3dB
    • 38Hz - 30kHz, -10dB
  • Crossover Frequency: 2kHz
  • Low-Frequency Driver: 8'' Cone
  • High-Frequency Driver: 1'' Dome
  • Output Power: 120W Total (Dynamic Power)
    • LF: 75W, 4?
    • HF: 45W, 8?
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance: -10dBu/10k?
  • Input Connectors (Parallel):
    • XLR-3-31 Type (Balanced)
    • PHONE (Balanced)
  • Controls:
    • Level Control (+4dB, Center Click)
    • High Trim Switch (±2dB at HF)
    • Room Control Switch (0/-2/-4dB Under 500Hz
  • Power Indicator: White LED
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Enclosure: Bass-Reflex
  • Enclosure Material: MDF
  • Mounting Points: Four Surfaces x 2 x M8 (120mm Pitch)
  • Dimensions: 250mm x 390mm x 334mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 10.7kg (23.6lbs)
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