Denon DN-506 S 6'' Active 3-Way Reference Monitor, Single

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  • Tri-Amplified Design with 160 Watts RMS Power Output
  • 6.5'' Woven Kevlar LF Driver and a 5.25'' Woven Kevlar MF Driver
  • 1'' Silk Dome Tweeter with Integrated Wave Guide
  • Versatile Three-Band EQ and Three-Position Proximity Control
  • Specialized Output Current Limiting and Muting On/Off Circuitry

Denon DN-506 S 6'' Active 3-Way Reference Monitor, Single


The Denon DN-506S Active 3-Way Monitor is a compact 3-way tri-amplified speaker that's capable of exceptionally high performance, featuring studio-grade acoustics with luxurious aesthetics and innovative proximity controls for flexible placement options. Designed for situations where no-compromise acoustic performance is needed, but where complicated setups and elaborate equipment is neither feasible nor possible. The Kevlar curved cone drivers are combined with a 1'' silk dome tweeter and individual amplifiers to deliver clear and dynamic sound with a wide frequency response, the DN-506S is perfect for a variety of roles.

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Professional-Quality Components and Design

The DN-506S combines a 1'' silk dome tweeter, a 5'' woven Kevlar midrange driver and a 6.5'' woven Kevlar low frequency driver. This combination of professional-quality drivers and tweeter produce a dynamic, wide-range frequency response and exceeds the performance of most speakers found in world-class recording studios.

The midrange driver is custom made and designed specifically to cover the critical middle frequencies. Most of the everyday sounds we hear - voices, instruments such as guitar and saxophone and naturally-occurring sounds such as handclaps and footsteps - are midrange frequencies. By having a custom driver dedicated to this range, the DN-506S maximize clarity and detail, perfect for situations requiring exceptional speech intelligibility.

Both the midrange driver and tweeter are mounted in line with each other (the tweeter is mounted at the apex of the midrange driver) at precisely the same point. This unique design provides the DN-506S with the ability to integrate the sound from both of the drivers seamlessly, without the audibly-distracting time/arrival distortion.

The 1'' silk dome tweeter boasts a concave waveguide that helps to precisely focus and direct the treble energy into the listening field. By doing so, this ensures a solid and stable sonic image while minimizing the random acoustic ''scatter'' that often causes the sound to be unfocused and indistinct. Additionally, the tweeter utilizes Ferro-fluid voice coil cooling for added reliability at high power inputs, while the woven-silk diaphragm imparts virtually no hardness or ''listening fatigue'' as is often the case with less sophisticated tweeters.

High-Powered Amplification

Three individual Class A/B amplifiers provide power to each of the three separate speaker elements. These amplifiers have been specially tailored to the drivers that they are paired with, guaranteeing seamless operation and system synergy that is virtually impossible to equal using the equivalent expensive outboard amplifiers and passive speakers.

Delivering 160 watts total power output (RMS), the DN-506S has more than ample headroom for even the most demanding situations. The carefully selected crossover points divide the frequency spectrum into precise bands so that each individual driver only handles the exact frequency range where it's most accurate.

The amplifiers are complete with specialized output current limiting circuitry that protects against both distortion and overheating, as well as a muting on/off circuit to prevent speaker transient on-off ''pops''. Also included is a subsonic filter and an external mains fuse, all of which combines together to ensure ideal amplifier behavior without any unpleasant noises or distractions.

Comprehensive Control and Adjustment

The versatile three-band EQ provides you with flexibility that allows you to shape the sound to match your listening environment, without the need for expensive external equalization. The switchable low-cut filter LF cutoff switch is perfect for tailoring the speaker's bass response when using the DN-506S with an external subwoofer.

A three-position proximity control adapts each speaker's bass response for placement next to or away from walls, ensuring the sound is always clear and well-balanced regardless of the position within the room. Balanced XLR and 1/4'' (6.3mm) inputs make connecting to common audio sources quick and simple. Complete with standard VESA mounting holes on the bottom panel of the cabinet, the DN-506S can be placed anywhere from tabletops and shelves to walls and ceilings.


  • Co-axial mid/high drivers for vocal clarity
  • 6.5'' woven Kevlar low frequency driver
  • 5.25'' woven Kevlar mid frequency driver
  • 1'' silk-dome tweeter
  • Versatile 3-band EQ
  • Class A/B tri-amplification: 160 watts RMS power output
  • 4 VESA mounting points on the bottom and M10 rigging port


  • Type: Compact 3-Way Tri-Amplified Studio Reference Monitors
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • LF Driver: 6.5'' Kevlar Curved Cone
    • High Temperature Voice Coil
    • Damped Rubber Surround
    • Magnetically Shielded
  • MF Driver: 5.25'' Kevlar Curved Cone
    • High Temperature Voice Coil
    • Damped Rubber Surround
    • Magnetically Shielded
  • HF Driver: 1'' Silk Dome Tweeter
    • Integrated Wave Guide
  • Crossover Frequency:
    • Low-Mid: 400Hz
    • Mid-High: 4kHz
  • Amplifier Power Output: 160 Watts RMS
    • Low-Frequency Amplifier Power: 110 Watts
    • Mid-Frequency Amplifier Power: 30 Watts
    • High-Frequency Amplifier Power: 20 Watts
    • LF Cutoff Switch: Flat, 80Hz, 100Hz
  • Equalizer Controls:
    • LF: ± 6dB Boost/Cut at 100Hz
    • MD: ± 6dB Boost/Cut at 1kHz
    • HF: ± 6dB Boost/Cut at 10kHz
    • Bypass Switch:
  • Input Impedance: 20 KOhms Balanced, 10 KOhms Unbalanced
  • Cabinet: Vinyl-Laminated High-Acoustic Efficiency MDF with Metal Grille and Plastic Front Baffle
  • Mounting Options: 4 VESA Mounts, M10 Rigging Port
  • Dimensions: 268mm x 391mm x 285mm (10.6'' x 15.4'' x 11.2'')
  • Weight: 10.6kg (23.4lbs)
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