DISC Zaor Miza Stand MKII, Black Cherry (Pair)

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  • Free-Standing, Premium-Grade Studio Monitor Stand
  • Designed For Nearfield Monitors
  • Adjustable Height For Optimal Positioning
  • AERSTOP Isolation Pads Optimises Audio Performance
  • Plywood Base Minimises Resonance

DISC Zaor Miza Stand MKII, Black Cherry (Pair)

The Zaor Miza Stand MKII, Black Cherry (Pair) are premium-grade studio monitor stands designed to accommodate nearfield monitors. The Miza Stand MKII is a free-standing column, constructed from solid wood for optimal stability and audio performance. The AERSTOP pad features on the top of the stand helps to reduce unwanted resonance you can incur from studio monitors when placed on various surfaces. This ensures optimal audio fidelity and a full frequency response for exceptional sound reproduction. The versatile design also allows you to adjust the height for added flexibility, this allows you to easily find the best position for your monitors to achieve your sweet spot with ease.

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Standalone Studio Monitor Stands

The Miza Stand MKII is designed for mixing and mastering applications, improving your overall audio performance of your nearfield monitors. The stands themselves are constructed from solid wood with a plywood speaker base for minimised resonance. The AERSTOP isolation pad features on the top of the stand helps to eliminate problematic resonance for improved audio fidelity and performance. This ensures your low frequency response is optimised to provide a natural sound. This maximises the accuracy of your monitors, making them stands ideal for mixing and mastering applications.

Height-Adjustable Design

In addition to the isolation pad and plywood base, the Miza Stand MK2 also provides a height-adjustable design. The adjustable height ranges from 33.7-inches to 47.5-inches, allowing you to achieve the best possible position for your monitors. This can also aid in finding the sweet spot, resulting in optimised audio performance. The robust and sturdy construction not only provides stability, but look sleek in any setting.


  • Premium-grade studio monitor stands
  • Designed for nearfield monitors
  • AERSTOP isolation pads minimises unwanted resonance for optimised accuracy
  • Solid-wood construction provides stability
  • Plywood speaker base optimises audio performance
  • Adjustable height for finding the best positioning
  • Standalone design


  • Design: Floor-standing
  • Height Range: 33.7-inches – 47.5-inches
  • Maximum Load: Up to 25kg
  • Top/Bottom Dimensions: 230 x 214mm / 332 x 284mm
  • Finish: Black Cherry