Yamaha DSR118W 18" Active Subwoofer

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  • 510W RMS / 1020W Peak Output
  • Powered Subwoofer With Excellent 132dB SPL
  • Extensive DSP Protection Ensures Reliable Operation
  • D-Contour Control Balances Dynamic Sound With Consistent Clarity
  • Line-X Coating Offers High Damage Resistance

Yamaha DSR118W 18" Active Subwoofer

The Yamaha DSR118W 18" Active Subwoofer is engineered for high definition, sound reproduction within a portable cabinet. The DSR subwoofer includes integral digital tuning, intelligent dynamic control, powerful digital drive and extensive DSP protection. These four technologies combine to deliver outstanding, highly refined sound reproduction. With a peak output of 1020-watts and an excellent 132dB SPL, the DSR118W promises suitability for a wide array of portable PA and installation applications. The Yamaha subwoofer is fully protected with a front steel grille and LINE-X coating for fantastic damage resistance.

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Leading Technology

The unmatched experience Yamaha has gained throughout its time within the professional audio industry allows the manufacturer to choose the most refined and cutting edge technologies to deliver a superior sound performance. The group of intuitive technology includes integral digital tuning, intelligent dynamic control, powerful digital drive, and extensive DSP protection.

Integral Digital Tuning

The integral digital tuning combines precise 48-bit digital sound processing, advanced electronic and acoustic technology to provide a full, high definition sound. The FIR-X tuning optmises frequency and phase response whilst altering the time alignment between the high and low frequency transducers, resulting in a sound purer than found with typical crossovers. A high performance processor ensures optimal sound quality through the precise 48-bit internal processing. The DSR118W has an approximate increase of 3dB in S/N thanks to precise AD and DA converters, excellent S/N ratio and dynamic range.

Intelligent Dynamic Control

Featuring a dynamic-CONTOUR processor, the DSR118W provides an ideal balance of dynamic sound and consistent clarity at any output level. The multi-band processor consistently monitors the output of multiple frequency bands and sending the data back into the sensing system. After calculating the best EQ adjustments under each frequency band, the processor presents the maximum sound pressure level while maintaining musicality. The inclusion of this dynamic control allows continuous, natural sound reproduction irrespective of volume and output. The D-CONTOUR may also be turned off depending on the acoustic environment and type of sound wanted.

Powerful Digital Drive

The Yamaha DSR118W offers up to 1020W of peak power due to the high quality, Class-D amplifiers. The amp delivers precision damping for a tight sound whilst the combination of transducers and DSP, the DSR series provides the highest levels of power within their class. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is engineered to harmonise the phases of the load current and power supply voltage for ensure reliable operation under stressful conditions. A full resonance switching method uses voltage resonance and current resonance for a clean power supply waveform. This results in minimal high frequency noise and an efficient power supply to ensure a full performance every time.

The entire internal structure of the DSR118W is designed to prevent heat buildup and as a result, increases the products components lifecycle. Not only is the internal structure engineered for protection but also maximises the quality of sound reproduced. One example is how the DSP is shielded from the rest of the components to protect itself from creating noise interference.

Extensive DSP Protection

As previously mentioned, the DSP unit is shielded from the rest of the components and this is just one example of how the DSP-controlled protection ensure reliable operation. Each component, transducer, power amplifier and power supplies are also protect with an analog circuit protection system.

Users can monitor the status of the DSR118W through a white LED that sits behind the front grille. When operating, the LED illuminates and indicates the onset of system limiting. Its brightness varies dependence on the amount of limiting and makes it easier to ensure optimial mixing levels.

Some of the components within the DSR series are the premium grade, custom transducers. The low-distortion units provide an extremely flat frequency response, wide dynamic range, and high power handling. These transducers offer powerful deep bass tones, a rich mid-range and accurate high frequencies up to 20kHz. Within the Yamaha DSR series, a 2" titanium diaphragm neodymium compression driver produces transparent highs and an overall powerful sound with minimal distortion even at high outputs. The low frequency driver features strong neodymium magnets and has a 3" voice coil. The light magnets ensure lightweight housing with the DSR118W yet emits a warm, deep bass response.

Another vital component of the Yamaha DSR118W subwoofer is the waveguide horn which provides excellent coverage without irregularities. The wide dispersion horn ensures a rectangular sound pattern whilst ensuring a 90° x 60° vertical coverage. The waveguide horn means that sound is uniformly balanced across the listening space.

Reliable & Robust Housing

Each speaker within the DSR series is engineered for excellent reliability both physically and electronically. The deep pocket handles are comfortable to use and allow for easy transportation of the speaker. Heavy-duty steel grilles deliver protection to internal components against the testing conditions of road travel whilst the LINE-X coating provides extremely high damage resistance.


  • Integral digital tuning
  • Intelligent dynamic control
  • Extensive DSP protection
  • Xtreme D-Powered by leading-edge technology
  • FIR-X tuning
  • High performance digital signal processor
  • Dynamic CONTOUR
  • Powerful digital drive
  • High sound quality Class-D amplifiers
  • Full-resonance switching-mode power supply
  • Custom designed transducers
  • Exclusive wide dispersion CD waveguide horn
  • Versatile application & installation


  • Speaker Type: 18" Powered Subwoofer, Bass-Reflex Type
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz - 130Hz
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 110Hz
  • Components (LF): 18" Cone
  • Output Power: 1020W
  • Maximum Output Level: 132dB SPL
  • Connectors
    • Input: XLR-3-31 x 2 (Balanced)
    • Output: XLR3-32 x 2 (Balanced), Parallel Connection With Input
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Pole Socket: 35 mm (Bottom Board)
  • Weight: 42.0 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 638 mm
    • Width: 520 mm
    • Depth: 584 mm
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