SoundLab 6 Way Pod Light

$38.10 (excluding VAT)

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  • 6-Way Pod Light
  • 60W Spot Lamps
  • Speed & Sound Sensitivity Controls
  • Detach Pods to Form Alternative Arrangements

SoundLab 6 Way Pod Light


6 pod light with sound to light control.

Product Ref: 30740

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Full Description

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Six coloured 60W spot lamps are included in this 6-pod light, with built-in sound to light control in the central pod. The pod formation can be rearranged to suit your stage needs. Great value, also featuring speed control and on/off switch.


  • Casing Colour: Black
  • Dimensions (mm): 200 x 360 x 360
  • Weight (kg): 3
  • Power Input: 230 V AC at 50 Hz
  • Control Style: Sound Activation
  • Bulb Type: R080 ES 60 W ES/E27

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