Phonic AM105FX Analog Mixer

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  • Multi-Delay EFX Processor
  • 2 Balanced Mic/Line and 4 Stereo Channel Inputs
  • Low-Noise Output
  • Stereo AUX/EFX Send Cue
  • Compact and Versatile

Phonic AM105FX Analog Mixer


The Phonic AM105FX Analog Mixer is a compact and versatile mixer with 2 balanced mic/line and 4 stereo channel inputs. This FX version of the AM105 features a multi-delay EFX processor for easy and versatile application. The pre-amps feature ultra low noise technology to ensure a professional and quality sound when used for recording. Mono channels have low-cut filters to eliminate any unwanted sounds such as stage rumble, sibilance, wind noise and any background noise you may encounter. With its multi-band EQ on mono channels, dual multi-segment LED level meters and high volume headphone outputs; the AM105FX makes monitoring and controlling a mix even easier. With its versatile function and affordable price tag, this is ideal for anyone looking to add to their home studio.

For more information on the AM series please refer to the PDF below.

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Full Description

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  • 2 balanced mic/line inputs with 3-band EQ and low cut
  • 4 stereo inputs with +4/-10 select button
  • Post-fader AUX send on every input
  • Global +48V Phantom Power
  • CTRL RM and headphones outputs
  • Peak indicators on each mono input channel
  • Multi-delay EFX processor with parameter control for easy and flexible applications
  • Stereo AUX/EFX send cue for better monitoring individual channel
  • 1/4" TS stereo master output


  • Total Channels: 10
  • Balanced Mono Mic / Line Channel: 2
  • Balanced Stereo Line Channel: 4
  • 2T Input: Stereo RCA
  • Main L/R Stero Output: 2 x 1/4'' TRS, Bal.
  • Rec Out: Stereo RCA
  • CTRL RM L/R: 2 x 1/4'' TS
  • Phones: 1
  • Channel Strips: 6
  • Aux Send Strips: 1
  • Pan/Balance Control: Yes
  • Digital Effects Processor: 1 Digital EFX with one Variation control
  • Volume Controls: Rotary
  • Phones Level Control: Yes
  • Faders: Main L/R
  • Number Of Metering Channels: 2
  • Segments: 4
  • Phantom Power Supply: +48V DC
  • Switches: Master
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