Behringer Eurolive B110D 10'' Active PA Speaker

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  • 300-Watt, 2-Way Speaker Designed For Live Sound & Playback
  • Class-D Amplifier Technology Delivers Incredible Sound Reproduction
  • 10'' Driver Provides Deep Bass Tones & Acoustic Power
  • 1'' Compression Driver Emits Exceptional Highs
  • Integrated 2-Band EQ Offers Excellent System Control

Behringer Eurolive B110D 10'' Active PA Speaker

The Behringer Eurolive B110D is an active 300-watt, 2-way 10'' PA speaker system with wireless connectivity. This compact yet powerful 2-way PA system features Class-D Amplifier technology, delivering exceptional performance value and extraordinary power. This lightweight speaker system has an impressive power-to-weight ratio meaning it packs all the power of a larger system in a compact and portable system. Featuring low-noise Mic/Line inputs with individual volume control and Clip LED, ensuring minimal background noise and the highest integrity signal possible. The state-of-the-art 1'' phenolic compression driver provides clarity and power for the high-end frequency spectrum, while the powerful 10'' long-excursion drivers provides depth and power for the low-end spectrum. With its myriad of professional-grade components and powerful performance value, the B110D is the ideal PA system for a range of live applications.

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Class-D Amplifier Technology

The exceptional power and sonic performance from the B110D is down to the Class-D amplifier technology incorporated into the unit. The revolutionary technology is designed to provide powerful performance whilst not compromising on sound quality and overall clarity. The technology itself delivers optimal energy efficiency, which in-turn means there is no need for big power supplies and large heat sinks. This technology delivers the B110D s exceptional performance value with an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Professional-Grade Components

On top of the Class-D amplifier technology built-in to this unit, The B110D includes a a powerful 10'' long-excursion low-frequency driver for exceptional bass response. The 1.35'' aluminium-diaphragm compression driver delivers the premium quality high-frequency response, maintaining the natural sonic qualities whilst delivering the exceptional clarity associated with a good speaker. These speakers components were hand-picked and incorporated to compliment the Class-D Amplifier, ensuring optimal audio quality.

Versatile, Portable Design

The B110D has been designed to be as versatile as possible, the actual construction itself has been created with a trapezoidal shape, giving you expansive mounting and positioning options. The trapezoidal shape is ideal for a range of applications from mounting on speaker poles, to being laid on their side for use as monitor wedges. Setting up is simple, only requiring a single XLR or 1/4'' cable connected to your mixer console and power supply. The XLR Link Output jack also gives you the option of linking multiple active monitors together to create an even more powerful system.

Create an Affordable Wireless Microphone System

Another unique and innovative feature of the B110D is the wireless-ready design. This allows you to easily connect the speaker to Behringer's digital wireless microphones (not included). The USB connector on the rear panel is designed to accommodate the 2.4GHz wireless receiver dongle that comes supplied with Behringer's ULTRALINK wireless microphones.

Eliminate the need for excess cables. Simply purchase the ULM300USB or ULM202USB and create the perfect single or dual wireless handheld microphone system for an affordable price.


  • High-power 300-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
  • "Wireless-ready" for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included)
  • Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED
  • Dedicated 2-band EQ plus integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection
  • Additional Line output allows linking of additional speaker systems
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • Extremely powerful 10'' long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
  • State-of-the-art 1'' phenolic compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction
  • Ultra-wide dispersion, large-format exponential horn
  • Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning: - Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket - Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup


  • Output Power: 300 Watts
  • Configuration: Bi-Amped
  • Type: Class D
  • Speaker Size: 1 x 10 Inch Woofer, 1 x 1 Inch Phenolic
  • Inputs: XLR, 1/4" TRS
  • Input Sensitivity: -34 dBu to 0 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 30 k Ohms (Balanced) / 15 K Ohms (Unbalanced)
  • Input Level (Max): +22 dBu
  • Frequency Response: 45 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.8 kHz
  • Height: 11.8” / 299 mm
  • Width: 9.9” / 252mm
  • Depth: 19” / 483 mm
  • Weight: 8.1 Kg
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